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The night was cold. It was darker than any other nights. The wind blew stronger and stronger by the hour. Some of the trees even submitted themselves to the wind. Leaves were left on the ground. Patches of mud were formed without notice. No one wandered Klensburg. The lamps were not working. Only a few twitched with heat and light. The homes lacked people to stay. Rats rushed through the streets, striving for garbage to feast upon. Klensburg was abandoned. No one was here but one person.
A traveler came from East, the city of revolution. Rose was a girl of fifteen. She was raised by the royal family. She opposed her father who was against her travelling to the Darkness region. She snapped back at her father with anger and rebelliously left his father's office, leaving the father dazed. She packed equipment, gadgets and food, and left through the window in her room.
Rose's footsteps echoed throughout Klensburg. It was rumoured that Klensburg never experienced day, but only night. The ground was not fertile enough to grow wheat and plants. The Darkness region was dry. Clouds were scarce and rain came rarely. Even if water droplets appear from the sky, it would only last a minute.
She walked, foot by foot, cautious to her surroundings. Owls hooted and crows flapped their wings as Rose got closer to them. They shocked Rose once, but not twice.
She accidentally stepped on a puddle, but moved on without complaining. Rose was the daughter of the mayor in the city. She was energetic, ambitious and outgoing. She wanted an adventure she would never forget. After finding out about the Darkness region in her History class, she talked to her friends about it, but she was ignored. Days went by with anxiety and curiosity growing inside her. Everyone shunted her that day, but she had her maids to talk to. She was oblivious to the maids pretending to care for her, though. For the past few months, she had been searching for the Darkness region through her father's telescope, but no fruits bore. Every other week, she asked her father if she could go there, but every time she asked, he refused. With every week, she grew more courageous and rebellious with her father. The fateful day they had the argument was the day she escaped. She was wearing a brown leather shirt with brown leather pants. She wore leather boots to fit with her clothes. On her face was a mask worn over. It only allowed her to see through her right eye. But she cared less about it than her journey to and in the Darkness region.
She laid her hand on a wooden door and pushed it open. The door creaked and whined. She sneaked her head into the door of the gap and jumped. She jerked back and the door broke down. She stepped back and a beast was revealed. Concrete was flying all over the place. Dust scattered and splinters lay on the ground. A head was revealed when the dust floated down to the ground. The rest was slowly revealed. Its head had teeth sharper than any grinder in East. It had ears and a nose as black as the night.
It growled at Rose's face.

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Sorry I delayed the next chapter. I was having exams the whole week.


Chapter 14

The boy broke off in a sprint for cover. The scorpion ran as fast as him, but it was surprising that even a gigantic scorpion with six legs still could not catch him. The boy increased his speed with force behind his back. He had released the grip on himself as the scorpion grabbed him by using a condensed invisible sword and cutting it off. As he had fell, he also had softened the landing by pushing against himself.
As he ran, he condensed force into daggers and threw them at the beast, accurately. The knives stabbed through the skin and it angered it. He made another sword before the scorpion jumped on him.
He thanked the beast that it made a sound when it jumped. He looked back and saw the two little eyeballs staying in its owner's eye sockets. He made another sword to make sure it could be killed.
He slowed his pace and positioned his arms up into the sky and the scorpion's eyes landed right on the blade, then being pierced, deeply. The boy was squished by the weight of it, but he withstood his bone structure and kept his organs intact. It was like a body that refused to be smashed.
He sent a force in front of him and the body was launched away with a single blast. He stood and brushed the dirt off his jeans. The dead scorpion was motionless as it flew in the air. It looked black in the night sky as the moon just came up.
Only now he realised the ground turned from brown dirt to grass green. There was grass too and it was definitely peculiar. In his head, he could remember that no sun had ever risen from the horizon in this region. His mind could play tricks on him though.
He backed up for a little and launched in the air with an extended height thanks to the force he sent. It was the same as always, brown concrete buildings carpeted Klensburg, lumps of grass randomly growing here and there and the sound of the wind against his ears as he travelled. He frowned as he noticed the town was getting bigger and bigger by the moment. It wasn't noticeable, but without a doubt, a building formed every few hours in the boy's eyes.
He started to wonder why he existed in the first place. He admitted to himself that he had a short-term memory because he couldn't even remember his mother or father, although he still couldn't forget the scorpion fight.
His torso only had a blue spot at the middle, the area where the scorpion grabbed him using the pincers of the tail. It still hurt when he touched him, but not as much anymore.
He landed on his feet, sliding on the ceiling with a leg bending in front of the other. His hand was used to slow down the speed. He glanced up at the sky. It was a sky where stars decided to gather and brag to other stars that they were brighter than the others. It was mesmerising to the boy's sight. It was something he never saw before.
The floor felt rough with small concrete pebbles scattered along the sides of the border, like someone sprayed these pebbles and send a force in the middle, pushing them to the corners.
He walked to no objectives, as his feet produced the sound of scratching concrete against concrete with the pebbles. He didn't know his purpose in life for him. He wandered the town like a ghost.
He lifted his head like a dog lifts its head as it heard a sound. He heard crying and sobbing, a girl's voice. He looked left, then right, then towards the source of the voice. It sounded familiar to him, so he went off flying. He squinted his eyes and saw another town. He craned his neck and immediately found his eyes could change shape. He could see a sign that said, 'Welcome to Fisher Village'. A few more houses stood behind the signs, still and dull.
He smiled and went there, hoping his life would change.

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Chapter 15

In an office of glass, Henry sat on his deluxe office chair, leaning on the table provided. Henry was a man of bravery. He had commanded the army on the walls of East to defend against a wave of monsters of death. A scout had clarified the monster by just looking at them and he was promoted to be a general. The defense mission was successful. The cannons East had made had done the job. No monsters were even a few hundred metres from the walls.
He sighed, his eyes drooping and begging for slumber. He rested on his forearm for a nap. On his table, pieces of paper were scattered along with writing equipment. There was also a monitor that let Henry keep an eye out of East. It came along with a keyboard and a mouse.
His heart raced as he woke from his light sleep. He was used to this, but he didn't like it one bit.
He grabbed his pen and went back to paperwork, writing a report for the most recent mission he went through. It was a reconnaissance mission. He had to scout further into the Darkness region. All he had was a blast gun and some food and water. The report said that he saw a horde of monsters of darkness gathering at a certain town miles from East. He had never seen anything like that.
He put the tip of the pen at the end of the sentence and retracted his pen. The report was in blue as he submitted it to his commander, the father of Rose.
Henry was raised in a small home, with parents and a sister. He had no problem living. He was happy he had a family like his. One day, he went out to play with his other friends in the town. He was sweating by the time he came back home but only to find it bloodied with his family's blood. He caught a glimpse of something red and black before it left his view. No bodies were found. Only a rapier was not coated. He had taken it up as revenge for the monster who did it. So, he joined the forces in East eight years later. It was tough living alone. The story he told, no one believed. He had to make up what was left of the house before scavenging in the dark alleys and streets. Homeless people either ignored him or beat him to a pulp. He went to his friends for help but they were reluctant to help him. Soon, he had to scavenge garbage cans for half-eaten food or getting water from broken pipes.
Until Rose's father had found him with his rapier sleeping on the streets.
He reached the office in time and slid the report onto the table. His boss turned around and smiled faintly as he saw the report. He nodded as he looked through. Henry also nodded and left the room.
In the next area, he was in a vast hall with extravagant curtains and sturdy glass with its wooden borders in a T-shape. The floor was wooden, as Rose's father wanted it to be. The hall hadn't changed in a few years. This hall was usually used for parties and rarely a place for soldiers to pass through. But his boss had let him, since it was the shortest way back to Henry's office. They were like father and son and they still were even after Rose was born. Henry had never known about Rose, but he heard she was gorgeous, but egotistic.
He picked up his pace. The door in front of him was vast, yet again, and fancily carved, most definitely by a talented person at that. Patterns of deer and tigers intertwined, decorated with gold. They were small, so the effort would have been wasted if something broke the door down.
He brushed his hand against the door to feel its wooden surface and felt comfort in its extra-smooth surface. He pressed his palm against it and opened it. It took some of his strength to do it, but he did this almost every day, so he didn't feel anything.
Upon his arrival, he found a message on his monitor. From the general, it asked Henry to move to the canteen. Something was happening.
He didn't react with his face; he reacted with his body. He shifted his body and sprinted towards the canteen. The hallway outside was curved and he somewhat hated it. It was making him dizzy if he stayed here long enough. He burst through the canteen entrance and saw tiny monsters of death eating off of his fellow colleagues.

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Chapter 16

It growled. The sound echoed throughout the cave. It looked left and right but saw nothing. It had a nose and it smelled something metallic in front. It instinctively moved back in fear of dying from it. It sensed itself in a room very complicating to figure out. It had four legs with no eyes. Its nose could smell from a mile away. It brushed its tongue at the roof of its mouth and clicked against it. There was a wall next to it as it realised. The beast did it again and it got information of its surroundings. Experimentally, it moved its four legs back and forth, side to side and got used to it.
The room was a maze of white walls, it assumed. It kept on clicking its tongue and more information was collected. Thanks to its ears, it knew where the end was. From walking, it picked up its pace. It galloped like a horse by the time it reached the end.
It sensed a wall, but was too late to stop immediately. It crashed through the wall and tripped over a rock. Its face crashed on the ground, blood smeared across its face. It somehow felt it before. It remembered. It got up and stuck its tongue out. It never remembered it was a few feet long, though. It spread its tongue across its face, cleaning the splatter off. It tasted metallic, just like what it smelled before.
It jumped as it realised, but only to smash through the roof out into the open. It clicked its tongue once it landed safely. It wasn't a clean land, though. It sensed a boy, but he was too far from it.
A large stone came falling down, crashing the beast's back. It roared as the pain seeped into it. Its spine broke, but somehow was recovered as quick as it sensed the pain. It tilted its body to the left, but the stone wouldn't move. Its legs couldn't support the stone. It clicked its tongue once more.
The stone was jagged at the top, shaped almost like a triangle. The stone was almost as big as the beast, but five times heavier. The impact left the beast with no energy to carry it.
It whimpered as it laid there, sounding for help. Helpless as it was, no one would want to save a monster of darkness. Not something as grotesque as this beast. Under the rock, it updated its newly-found radar (clicking its tongue), desperate for more information and anxious for something to happen.
Light started to enter, even though it didn't feel it. It felt faint heat instead. The sun rose. The light seeped into the beast's tough skin and its muscles tensed. It grew bigger and stronger. It became so strong that it simply tossed the boulder into the air. It went a few feet before it crashed the floor. The building was still standing, surprisingly.
Its radar was updated. It sensed a group of men two hundred metres away. They were wielding something with a trigger. It was sure that danger was coming this way. With its strengthened legs, it ran faster than before, towards the sun without knowing.

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Chapter 17

Henry put his right hand on the handle of the butcher knife and turned. Those hideous tiny monsters were gaining up on him. He slammed the knife down and chopped up a group, one after another.
The canteen outside was bloody as a torture chamber. Men and women were injured, with flesh scattered and some were eaten inside out. Guts spilled and crimson liquid flew. That was what Henry saw.
With each hit, he cursed at the monsters for killing his colleagues. He was frustrated that no armed men came in yet and that he himself wasn't armed before barging in. The pests looked like beetles with sharp horns as teeth. Now he could see how they could penetrate skin.
He heard a shout, apart from the whimpering of hurt people. Then there were gunshots filling the room. Henry was almost overwhelmed when a fire extinguisher popped and exploded with carbon dioxide. It forced the monsters away and Henry stood back in relief. He looked behind and saw a troop of soldiers rushing in to solve the problem. Henry shouted at them to give them at least something to protect himself, but no one cared.
He cursed at the soldiers and ran past the entrance, exiting the canteen. The same curved hallways didn't make him dizzy this time. Instead of running straight, he turned to a corner, then went down the elaborate stairs.
There was another door, plain and grey. He kicked it open and snatched a blast gun from the gun counter. The room was a weapon depot. Thousands of weapons sat still in their counters, ready to be picked up and be used. There were blast guns, rifles, laser knives, whips, stun guns, range rifles, acid sprays and many more constructed. Blast guns were popular because of the spray of the shot. It was definitely good in handling monsters of corruption, darkness and death, big and small, but not in long range. Usually, they go up close and pull the trigger.
He recalled the first time he tried out a blast gun. He simply aimed and shot. The bullets pushed at the wall and penetrated, but failed after a few millimetres. He was fifteen that time and he was punished for something that stupid. But he began to love using the blast gun after that. His mastery with the blast gun was commendable, but not as skilled as his friend, the scout who became the general, Myke.
He met Myke on the defense of monsters. He had the command that time, so he had ordered Myke to look through the binoculars or even get out of East to see what was happening. He had obeyed and his findings had made him a general. But it was Henry that had planned it all out.
Myke was nowhere to be seen. He wasn't even in the armory. It was his favourite place to loiter in.
Henry turned and saw those same little creatures crawling through the top of the door. They scattered into the armory, hungry for flesh. He immediately pulled out his blast gun and fired, those beetle-like creatures falling to the ground, dead before landing. Luckily for him, the blast gun didn't need to be reloaded. There weren't any clips to be put in, no slots for ammo. It was an infinite amount of bullets.
The troop from before charged in and fired, killing everything except Henry. It took five men to do the dirty work. Monsters fell and died, all at once. But one of them pointed his blast gun at Henry.
He was armoured and black from top to bottom, with a tinted visor covering his face and a solid helmet with a body suit of unknown material to him. He saw, but didn't note the ammo pouches it contained.
The soldier shouted at Henry, accusing him of releasing those monsters. Henry retaliated with words, but was put down by two other soldiers dressed the same as the other man. They locked Henry's arms and knocked him down and cuffed his wrists together. His blast gun dropped to the floor in front of him.
This wasn't right. He realised someone wanted to dispose him as soon as he was cuffed or that they misunderstood.
In a surprise, Henry jumped and headbutted both of the soldiers sideways. He knew it couldn't work but it was worth a try.
Both of the soldiers staggered back, holding their heads where Henry had hit them. He quickly scooped his blast gun up and with a quick aim, he fired. The soldier who had accused him was blasted back with a force so hard it could push half a ton of metal. The energy bullets pierced through his armour like a woodpecker bit through wood, though not as much. The man was nowhere to be seen in the armory.
Since ammo was infinite, he took the chance and rolled to the other two soldiers and shot one man down. Blood splattered behind him as he was smacked against the weapons in the armory, then later on a wall.
While confusion filled the room, he grabbed another soldier near him and used him as a human shield. The force took him by surprise. He went out of the armory, along with the body. Instead, his head slammed against the edge of the banister and fortunately for him, he didn't die from the impact, though he went out cold from the concussion that impact had caused him.

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Chapter 18

Myke, with a group of soldiers, walked through the ground of Klensburg. He had already checked his blast gun, laser knife and range rifle before carrying out this mission. His skill of the blast gun was well-known in East. Almost every soldier looked up to him like an idol, excited until they piss themselves the moment they knew he was on a mission with them. Myke was oblivious to this, though. His accuracy with the range rifle was legendary, scoring hits on heads of running monsters. Range rifles were only used for specially trained soldiers, and Myke was one, since his speed of adapting was exceedingly quick.
He was like a person born to be perfect. He was also intelligent, to a degree. He didn't have any taste for science, but when tactic and strategy came, he was second only to Henry.
Henry was the best friend he could ever have. Myke was a more outgoing person that Henry was. They were quite the opposites. Henry was calm, but had anger management issues. Myke was active; hyperactive more like. But any problems should arise, together they would solve it.
There was a sound, something crushing something, then a roar. Myke picked it up first and looked towards the direction of the noise. He commanded his squad to move there, but they wouldn't listen, for some reason.
He was too focused to see the sun rising. Only now did he notice. In every mind of the residents of East, no sun should ever come up in the Darkness region. Perhaps evolution was taking place at a fast pace.
He looked at an erect ledge and took out his whip. The whip was a leather grip with flexible nylon strings tied up together. He struck and the whip lashed out and wrapped itself around the ledge. He pulled and swung, leading him up to a different building beside the one with the ledge.
In his eyes, he saw something move nimbly, but couldn't specify what that was, thanks to the buildings preventing the sun from shedding light on that thing.
Even with his range rifle, he looked through the scope attached and still he couldn't identify. His range rifle was built like the other range rifles. In the armoury where he always hung out there, the range rifles were almost never touched. Only highly ranked soldiers got to use them. It had a scope that zoomed in a hundred metres away. The butt stock, for some reason, should be put over the shoulder. It didn't make sense to Myke, but he did it anyway. Like normal, the range rifle was made out of alloys that could reduce the recoil of the weapon.
He shook his head like that thing he saw was an imagination. He never liked seeing something that didn't exist. Some would, he knew.
He turned back and saw his men getting eaten by monsters of corruption. He widened his eyes in shock, but then realised he would be better off without them. Monsters of corruption were the weakest type of all and he would be ****ed if he would trust those men to cover him while he was doing something.
He shook his head once more, but in disbelief this time, and tilted his head towards the scope. He held his breath and shot. One of them died, taking a chunk of flesh along with it. He did it again, with another down, its one eye gone.
He didn't want to waste his bullets anymore. He took his laser knife out. It was just like a simple knife in the kitchen, just with lasers as replacement of the steel blade. He threw it simply and it caught the last monster in the head. He jumped down the building and saw both blue and red blood flowing towards him. He put his right gloved hand over his face in disappointment as he walked over to his dead comrades.
He looked one of them in the still eye. He shrugged his own shoulders, then move to ransack the soldiers' items they carried.
A few clips for the range rifle, another laser knife and a laser pistol with a few clips as well.
Using the same way to climb up, he used it again, but on a higher building, perhaps even the tallest building in the town. The view was amazing from here, with the sun shining down at the buildings, the wind blowing from the left. He saw something move, yet again, but it was a larger activity from afar. He used his range rifle to peek further. It was another town, probably Fisher Town, according to Henry. There was a big lake nearby for fishing.
A small bright purple light from that area shocked him. He also saw a dark silhouette in the purple light, flying along with another figure without anything to support it.
He staggered backwards as he caught a glimpse of a horde of monsters. It could be monsters of darkness or death, he wasn't sure. But he was sure that he needed to report this back to Henry before anything bad happened.
He glanced through the town for something else to hold onto. He found a platform and jumped. In the air, he swung his whip like he smacked a volleyball with his hand and the nylon strings wrapped around that platform. It couldn't hold out for long, though. It fell through when Myke pulled the whip. From a long distance, he fell down some 10 metres and broke his right foot.
He didn't shout, but grimaced because he thought monsters could trace sound from a mile away.
There was a growl of hunger and violence from his left. Cold sweat drooled down his cheeks as he breathed heavily. No, it couldn't be. There weren't any monsters in Klensburg, no way. He didn't look. He took out his range rifle, equipped it and put the stock over his right shoulder as he sat on the ground.
He turned his head to the left by a few degrees and stretched his pupils to the left as far as he could without getting dizzy. He saw a grey beast, thick with fur and muscles. He had never seen anything like that before.
Dust flew as the monster charged at him.

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Myke was a more outgoing person that Henry was.

This is the mistake. Instead of than, I put that. Biggest mistake in this story. I know there's more, but this one is worse.


Chapter 19

Rose was on her axe, flying through the exit of Fisher Village. Kogh was beside her, constantly pushing against his own back with force. There was a horde of monsters of darkness after them. For some reason, the sun had risen although none of the monsters roared. Maybe another monster of darkness roared far away. For that, she was glad and also annoyed about it. She was glad for the extra melting element in the axe, but she had trouble steering the axe, since she couldn't stand on the purple blade. She had met Kogh when she had stopped crying about her journal. She had accepted her fate and went on. But when she had seen Kogh, it made her realise that the sacrifice of her journal for Kogh was more than enough. She had cried more, with joy instead. Kogh suddenly hugged her and she felt happier after that, even with the monsters chasing her.
The dark ground, shown elaborate by the sun, was rocky with pebbles and had twisted cracks.
She looked at her goat foot. It looked sickening, but it was enough for running, and easily, at Rose's bewilderment. It had been stuck on her for a day. Maybe she should go back to East and-
NO! She hated her father, even if she ran away from home. There was enough food for her (The monsters of the Darkness region) and fresh water was in Klensburg. She would hate herself if she went back to East for help. Feeling helpless wasn't Rose's favourite feeling and she was already an exile.
Her gloved hand, by mistake, moved sideways and the axe rotated sideways. Her feet slipped off the axe and fell.
But a second later, she was in Kogh's arms. She looked up at Kogh's face, with her legs on his right hand and her head on his left hand. He was smiling, for unknown reasons. She appreciated that and replied with the same facial expression. Until they hit the same bee creature that had killed Kogh before.
By that time, Rose had had her axe in her hand already. She positioned her axe at her feet and started flying. She pulled Kogh by the hand and moved away from the creature. Kogh sent an invisible blade through the creature. The black armour it had was pierced through. Blue blood flowed outwards from the hole he made and it fell, with a heart that stopped beating.
She was extremely confused. Before, Kogh wasn't strong enough to kill any of those things. Somehow, his assumed death had made him stronger.
He snickered as he saw it fell. Automatically, they started flying without each other's help again. The horde was onto them, until they saw a whole host of monsters of corruption spreading from another town. Two places she had visited, one week in Klensburg and a few hours in Fisher Village. She had looked out for more villages and towns to scavenge for more food, but she hadn't seen any, even when it was the first time she had seen the sun. But now, she saw one, thanks to the sun.
From the air, she and Kogh saw a war happening in front of their eyes. A war between monsters of darkness and monsters of corruption. The monsters of corruption consisted of bee creatures, gigantic scorpions, vast wolf-like creatures and more that she couldn't identify. The other had horned, four-legged creatures, dinosaur-like creatures, creatures with aerodynamic wings and more.
When they met and clashed, it was easy to see an effortless win for the monsters of darkness. The sun was their strength support. Maybe the horde would thank the monster that summoned the sun.
The war was over in a few minutes, with monsters of darkness eating every prey alive, wrenching meat from left to right and monsters competing for food, even though there were a few thousands more. They were first lunging and striking, but now, they were resting and had full stomachs. Instead of going back to Fisher Village, they stayed in the middle of the Darkness region, never wanting to move at all. They were like snakes, resting after eating.
Her eyes were wide open, her mouth was hanging low but fortunately, her gloved hand was still moving side to side, keeping her and the axe still.
She had a thought about the new town. Since most of the monsters of corruption were dead, she decided to go to the town she discovered to see what was going on, assuming there was less danger. She went off but jerked to a halt after a while. She turned and beckoned Kogh to come along, with a half grin. He followed without question, to adventure and misadventure.
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Chapter 20

The beast backed up and launched itself forward with its legs. It lunged towards a man with a stick-like weapon with a trigger. He pulled it and the bullet pushed past the beast's right front leg. It grimaced as its body started to crumple from the pain. It missed the man and crashed into the ground beside him, sending dust flying everywhere. In fact, the dust messed up its radar. It couldn't click its tongue because of it. The taste of dust was horrifying.
Blindly, it galloped past the disturbance into the open. It moved its tongue, creating that click sound again. The stick-like weapon was pointed at its head. Instinctively, it moved its head sideways and it heard the loud crackling noise that came the second time. The bullet missed. With its injured right leg, it couldn't move it one bit. It moved its left front leg instead and it pushed itself forward. It rammed into the man and landed on top of him. He shouted, but it couldn't understand what he meant.
It felt heat receding from it. The sun was almost setting. It didn't know why, but it had a feeling of fleeing, even when it could eat the man. Its stomach could last for an eternity so it didn't really need to eat it. But if it leaves the man alive, he might come back to kill it. It didn't care. It was either die here, with its strength lost or retaliate the next time they met with the risen sun.
It turned the other way and ran. It immediately stopped in its tracks, trying to realise something. It slid on the terrain and saw that its right leg was healed tremendously.
It would smile if it would know how to. It continued running from that spot and tested its right leg once more. The air hit against the beast as it ran, its grey fur slanting towards the direction of the air. The beast twisted and turned as buildings blocked its path. Eventually, it escaped Klensburg. It had nowhere to go from here. But it was clear that it couldn't go back to Klensburg.
It picked up movement from far away, but only a little. Something was on the ground, dormant and still. With its super-sharp ears, it picked up a soft sigh from that direction too. It was left to go there, since it had no other options.
It trekked slowly on the uneven, cracked ground as dusk settled in. It felt its extra strength disappear gradually and its size decreased dramatically. Its senses of touch, hearing and detecting (with the radar) weren't gone, fortunately. Only the wind was blowing at it. Nothing was coming here.
There was a gunshot it heard. It came from Klensburg and it was off the ground. Perhaps somewhere slightly higher than normal.
There was another and a small item pierced through its back. The bullet penetrated through its spine. The beast couldn't feel anything now. It was hard to move and harder to run. It fell to the ground, losing blood on the way.
It moaned every few seconds, withstanding the pain as hard as it could. It breathed with difficulty as blood flowed from its back. It wanted to roar, but it couldn't. Its throat was sore from the roar when the rock had smashed its back. Its head tilted back upright, then another gunshot was heard and this time, the bullet smashed its head inwards.
It fell to the ground, lifeless and regretted not ravaging, but sparing that person's insides before.

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Chapter 21

Henry woke up and heard water dripping down to a puddle of water. In front of him, he saw a concrete wall and realised it was the ceiling. He rose from the bed too fast and felt a horrible ache in his back. The bed was almost as hard as the floor. He was in a cell. He could tell by the iron bars that blocked his way to freedom. He got up and walked towards the iron bars, looking across from his cell.
He saw two guards clad in bulletproof vests and military trousers with stripes of green as camouflage. They sat on plain plastic chairs with arms and a table set them apart. They were having toast and some coffee while laughing off to some jokes he wouldn't bother listening to.
One guard suddenly stopped laughing. His eyes met Henry and his mouth closed immediately. He pushed the chair behind with his legs and walked towards Henry. He looked Henry in the eyes.
He fumbled with his pockets as he continuously eyed him and brought forth a key. He opened the cell door, but Henry didn't do anything. Instead, the guard sent a fist at Henry's face. Henry's eyes widened and moved away from the fist as quick as any fistfighters could. He grabbed the guard's arm with both his hands and brought it down on his knee. It made a cracking sound as the arm twisted inward. The guard shouted in regret and pain as he fell, tears forming in his eyes.
The other guard went up against Henry, sending a kick to Henry's belly. Henry moved aside, but the guard anticipated it and sent a hook punch to his right cheekbone and it became numb from pain. Henry was sent to the floor from the punch. He took a last glimpse of the guard as he sent a straight punch at Henry's nose and knocked him out.
Iced water was splashed on his face. His mind went into alert mode immediately and scanned the place he was in.
He was bound to a wooden chair with straps wrapping his wrists so tightly that he couldn't feel his hands. There was a man in a T-shirt and a pair of blue jeans. Henry couldn't see the man's face but he was sure that the man held a bucket with remains of ice cubes. The room was small to be qualified as claustrophobic. The room was completely white, save for the light bulb hanging above Henry and the man. His heart was racing as he was startled.
The man started with a question regarding the monsters of death and their whereabouts. Henry didn't answer. The interrogator asked another question, about how Henry released the monsters of death. Henry didn't answer, either.
The man threw the bucket down and it slammed onto the floor with an ear-piercing clanging sound. He cursed at Henry and slapped his face with the back of his right hand.
Henry fell along with the chair and the man gripped Henry's collar with both his hands and punched his face. But still, he wouldn't reply. He didn't know the answers, but he knew it would be of no use even with excuses that were legit. In the end, excuses were useless to Henry. The monster of corruption had killed his family and excuses still wouldn't help him solve that.
Henry felt the straps getting looser every time he got punched. He took this chance and ripped the straps out. They flew away from the chair and landed on the floor like a dead fish. He frowned and swung his arm at the man's face. His fist hit the man's face and blood was spewed from his mouth.
He turned the man behind and elbowed the back of his head. He fell to the floor, unconscious almost immediately.
He searched his pockets and found a piece of paper. He unfolded it and read the message inside his head.
Remember this, you good-for-nothing b*****d. Your mayor wants your a** back in the cells. Mayor commanded you to kill him. You know who.
His eyes lowered slightly, like he was suddenly gloomy. But instead, he was taking his time processing this in his brains. Only now did he notice his clothes. He wore black-and-white striped clothings like everyone in jail did. He had two pockets in his pants. He folded the note and inserted it into one of his pockets.
East wanted him dead, fast. That, he realised. But why?
The door in front of him was white as well, except for the doorknob which was grey as steel. He fumbled the pockets of the man again and found a key the colour of steel as well. He hurriedly walked to the knob and unlocked it.
He turned the knob and pushed the door open, peeking out.
No one was there at that time. Of course, they never patrolled through the hallway of the interrogation rooms. He had never been here before, so it was hard for him to figure out where he was. He held the key like a knife. Besides his fists, he only had a key to stab. He stepped out into a fork and took the left side. He ran in the hallway and luckily, it wasn't curved. He hated dizziness. Of course, everyone hated it, but he hated it with a passion.
The hallway connected to a lot of cells here. The cells faced each other parallelly. He was barefooted, so not much noise was made. At the end of the hallway, he saw a sign above the door.
Test Chamber, it said. He opened the door. That was an action he wanted to reverse.
That door led into a gigantic room, filled with giant tubes and in them were monsters of corruption, darkness and death, all drowned in some kind of liquid. Smaller tubes were stuck into them, transferring blood out. The monsters looked dead, but they weren't. Some of them jerked and vibrated. In the middle of it all laid a big tube of blue that stood out from the rest of the experiments. It was a big container of blue blood. Why were they collecting blood? Most of all, why capture the monsters?
So many questions rang in his head as he resisted puking. It would reveal him if he did that.
He came to his senses in a few ten seconds. He was out in the open, but fortunately, no one noticed him one bit. He went to nearest tube and laid his back on it, crouching as he did so.
He looked up and saw speakers hanging from steel bars that supported the frame of this room. The size of the room was approximately two times bigger than a warehouse. To his shock, all speakers boomed throughout the room. It was a familiar voice. A familiar voice that said it was time to take a rest before moving on to the next phase. Phase? He stayed to hear more, but nothing came out afterward.
East wasn't the city he knew, the city whom Rose's father promised to evolve. Because of the monsters here, he felt pity for the Darkness region. East, or rather, the government of East was twisted and sick, torturing the monsters for.. Something.
He decided to see more. Since the scientists were taking a rest, he moved towards the tube full of blue blood quickly. He saw wires at the bottom of the tube and smaller tubes connected to the giant tube, moving blood. He finally saw a computer that controlled all this. He saw buttons that didn't make sense. He had a computer of his own, but the design of this one was unique. He didn't touch it, for God-knows-what might happen if he pressed the wrong key. He turned and saw a hand. A human hand. Are they keeping humans too?
He ran over there and slid as he stopped. It was a boy, roughly fifteen to sixteen. A tube contained him inside. Beside it, there were more clones. Each row had different kinds of people. Abducted people. Henry would have to pay Rose's father a visit.
What were they doing here all this time without Henry knowing?
He shook his head and searched for an exit. Eventually, he found one and headed in that direction. When he was almost there, a soldier appeared from a hiding spot and pointed a pistol at his forehead. He was in a bulletproof vest, yet again, and black military pants. He wore leather boots with laces and a helmet, showing his bare face. He tilted his head backwards and smiled.

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Chapter 22

Myke smiled with his range rifle on the concrete floor. He was leaning on it since his foot was bloody and broken. He had landed on the tallest building in Klensburg twice with just using his whip. This time, platforms to grab onto weren't damaged. He felt lucky.
The beast that attacked him laid still for as long as he was staring at the body. From far away, he could see a slightly viscous liquid flowing from the beast. When he turned away, he wouldn't know, though he was confident it was dead. He looked at the sky and saw that it was dark already. Stars were visible this time. Myke hadn't the chance to see stars in East. Ever.
Myke always went to Henry at the balcony of his office every night, excluding duties that required almost the whole night. They had sat on chairs and had drunk bottles of beer. Henry didn't take too many, but Myke was overloaded with alcohol that Henry had to move him back to his room.
He grinned at the memory. He finally found another platform to hold onto and jumped off the ledge. He took out his whip and lashed out, the nylon strings wrapping around the platform. He swung like a monkey swinging vine to vine, except that Myke was swinging with just one whip.
He landed on the ground and headed towards the direction of East. It was a maze of buildings, but he made it through and returned home.
He was looking at the front gate of East. It was grand and made beautifully, with shining titanium as its material and the way it was curved was professionally done. The titanium bars were in a snake pattern from top to bottom and left to right. Of course, no person would get through unless they climbed the thing, if they could. The gate stood a few hundred feet tall. Definitely a lot of effort and money were into this gate.
The walls were made with effort and money similar to the gate. They were also made of titanium. East was apparently famous for its mass amount of metals.
Myke looked for a button and pressed it. He waited for a few seconds before the gate slowly opened. Even with the massive gate swung open, it felt majestic every time Myke entered the city. He saw ten guards moving with blast guns towards him. He heard clicks from the guns and without warning, was branded an enemy. He placed one foot back. The ten men followed with one step in front. What was the meaning of this?
Myke put his hands up in the air slowly, meaning no harm, although he could kill all of them if he wanted to. He was just caught by surprise. Far into the city, he saw more men with blast guns catching up. The city of revolution was packed with moving vehicles. Buildings were lit in the night sky. Sun hadn't come up yet. He was kind of glad for that.
He shifted his legs to the left, nearing a rock of the Darkness region. The soldiers followed him. Immediately, Myke broke off in a sprint towards the rock, taking cover. The soldiers started to fire, energy bullets moving past him. He slid into the cover and hid there. More shots were fired and the rock was getting destroyed by the second. He had his range rifle and blast gun. His whip wouldn't count as a weapon unless he was in a close quarters combat.
He prepared his blast gun, flicking the safety switch off. He took a deep breath and exhaled deeply. He inhaled once more and he went out of cover.
Instinctively, he brought his blast gun out and shot a man to death with it. The body was filled with red liquid and holes before he went back to cover. The rock was about Myke's size now. He was outnumbered about 20 to 1. He shook his head in madness, when he saw a wave of monsters of darkness far off on the horizon. His eyes widened and turned his head towards the rock. He shouted a warning about the wave but no one believed. He even heard someone laughing in the distance. It was both an advantage and disadvantage. But first, how didn't Myke see the wave coming? The sun wasn't even there to help them, knowing that information was true by the battle between that monster of darkness and him. Well, no time to think about the things that would disbenefit them.
Once, he looked over the entire town of Klensburg, and even the outskirts of the town. But no waves of monsters of darkness were visible. And now, they were.
Myke shouted the same warning again. But no one cared to believe him. This town is in deep s***, he thought. Though they were weak without the sun, it could come up anytime to strengthen them. What happened to the guards? Did they not worship him anymore, even though he was uncomfortable with it?
He sighed. So, he was just going to sit and die there, then? He didn't want that. He wanted to die either legendarily in battle, or when he retired from duty and got married. Hopefully with someone beautiful.
He sat there with the rock shrinking from the energy bullets.

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Chapter 23

Kogh and Rose were nearing the town. In the distance, Kogh could see walls surrounding the town. It turned out that the town was, in fact, a city. A live city. It was filled with people, buildings, technology and automated machine guns.
Wait, automated machine guns. One was turning towards them. He reached for Rose's shirt, whom she was easily in the air, thanks to the axe she was standing on. Kogh pulled her using the force and she was reeled back unwillingly. The gun fired and the bullet missed Rose.
He grabbed hold of Rose's hand and moved her back a few hundred metres away from the city. He let out a deep breath as Rose craned her whole body until she almost lost balance. She didn't fall, though. Kogh was putting his right hand out in the air, sensing even the slightest movement. Rose didn't understand why he had to put his hand out. Instead of replying to her question about that, he hushed her. It was hard to explain, even though Rose knew how he got that power.
Soldiers were stationed on the walls of the city. They were probably on alert by now, wondering what had happened. He discouraged Rose to go there, since it was a more dangerous task to get out once they got in. But she insisted on going.
He also couldn't understand why monsters of corruption spread from this particular city. Were they released from their cages?
He let out a breath. He was fine with Rose's wish, but he warned her that if death came to their doors, he would only be partly at fault. He giggled at that warning, but he was serious after all.
He flew up, asking Rose to sit still, or rather float still. Up a few hundred metres, he moved forward and saw the city again. The buildings were of almost the same design as East, as he remembered it to be. The cars that were traversing the buildings were similar to the cars in East. They were powered by electricity. The whole city was like a replica of East, except one thing. It was dark as the night here. Almost no light was visible.
He easily slipped past the defenses of the city and descended himself. The tallest thing he saw was a radio tower. He put his foot on the tip and used the force to balance himself. Below, there were a few cars parked just nearby the tower. Right now, he didn't know what to do, whether to jump down or to just stay here and watch.
He heard sirens from a police car but never saw any lights. He jerked his head up a little as he realised. Rose.
He blasted up into the air and raced against the police to the entrance of the city. Then, sadly, he saw it. Rose was surrounded by soldiers with guns different from what East was using. Her hands were up in the air with her axe. Kogh hoped for the sun to appear but it wouldn't. At least it would have helped him to see through the darkness in this city.
Almost immediately, Kogh neared one of them from behind and solidified force into a blade. He slit the man's throat and took his gun. The man fell to the floor with blood spraying everywhere. He didn't know how to use that thing, but he was hoping this gun was as any good as the blast gun. The problem was that he hadn't held a gun before.
Never mind. This would do, he thought, as he threw the gun at the nearest soldier. He extended his hand towards the gun and let out a force that pushed the gun through the soldier's heart.
He didn't have time to look at him die as he splayed his right arm wide and sent a ripple of force to knock them away from Rose. She saw that hand movement and ducked under it and for that, Kogh was relieved Rose didn't get caught in it.
He launched himself with force, wielding the blade coated with blood. With the amount of momentum he had, he landed foot first into a soldier's face, crushing his nose, then his face. Dust was sent up as Kogh landed hard with the soldier's face. There was so much force that the face was unrecognisable. He half-grinned as dust flew up. For a few seconds, the battle was his to win. He took that chance and sensed three other soldiers in confusion. He threw his blade and he heard a half-scream and a half-gag from a soldier as his body went motionless.
He flew up, accidentally pushing the dust away from the area, but it didn't matter. The other two soldiers were already in horror. He sent a ball-shaped force down to the man's belly and it opened wide with guts flying.
He was smiling over the kill when he got shot in the belly. The same consequence as the soldier he had killed before.
He fell to the ground, numb from the shot. His ears rang. He could hear Rose shouting, but not what she said.
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Chapter 24

Rose tensed her body up to the point when blue veins started to show. She had him and she lost him, twice. She saw the last soldier with his ****able rifle while readying for an axe throw. The soldier forgot her, which was both laughable and confusing. She wasn't laughing at that time. She went and threw her axe with the maximum amount of force she could apply. The axe buried itself in the soldier's right leg and he let out an agonizing shout as he knelt. She made the axe return and heard him shouted once more. She threw her axe again, but this time, the axe penetrated through that thick skull of his. His screaming stopped with a rough gasp and collapsed onto the ground, with blood pooling around him.
She didn't bother to take the axe with her. She just sprinted to a fallen Kogh and held his limp body up. He was dead again. Even his death was quicker than the one with the bee creatures.
She looked up as clicking sounds were surrounding her. She and Kogh were encircled by new soldiers. The soldiers wore the same uniform as the other dead soldiers, wielding the same kind of rifle. They had visors to shield their faces.
I would chew your faces off if I had to, thought Rose. She looked at one of them with a murderous look.
Kogh coughed out blood and it landed on Rose's left cheek. She stopped that murderous look and saw Kogh opening his eyes. She suddenly rested her shoulders and looked up into the night sky with joy like the time when she met Kogh in Fisher Village. She started giggling, showing her bright teeth in the moonlight.
The soldiers heard her and let out a questioning tone that was wordless simultaneously. In an instant, Kogh pushed his hand down and force waves shoved the soldiers away from the couple. Rose was still looking up and giggling so much that she didn't realise Kogh took her axe. There was a scream of pain, then the axe returned to her hand, with the soldier's blood. She stopped laughing and frowned with confusion, then brought herself back to the world. Kogh was only dead for a short while and she was thankful for that.
Immediately, Rose took off of the ground with her axe under her and flew above one of the soldiers. She saw Kogh threw a ball of force to a downed soldier and ripped through his head, blood gushing and painting the floor. Rose took her axe and quickly threw it down to the soldier below her and it dug through his armor. He stopped moving after that. The axe returned to her feet and she floated again.
Kogh made another force blade and ran towards a soldier that was already up and ready to shoot. Then, there was another gunshot. The bullet hit the blade of the axe and she lost balance. While she was falling, she saw a lot more soldiers coming this way, maybe fifty to sixty. She cursed at them while making the axe retract back to her hand. She was in time to step on her axe and stop herself from getting broken legs. She launched herself up using the axe and took it along with her. She found the soldier who shot her axe and cast it to the soldier.
Surprisingly, the soldier reacted and rolled to the side. The axe rebounded off the floor and it came back to Rose. She saw the rifle from his hands being pointed at her and she jerked sideways. He fired that gun and the bullet went flying into the night sky, missing Rose, thankfully.
This time, she moved in for the kill, literally. She zoomed towards the soldier. Her body was facing the floor when she did this and stopped suddenly when she reached point-blank range. She jumped from the axe and took it with her, again, and in the air, she held the axe with both her hands as she drove the point of it past his helmet, down into his brain. She was sick about it when she was a child. She saw a horror movie with her father. Violence and gore were displayed extensively in that movie and it gave her nightmares when she slept. She didn't get a nightmare after day one, though. Now, she wasn't scared to kill. If she could kill a monster of corruption and darkness without fear, killing a human would be less scary. At least for her.
When she remembered the reinforcements arriving, she shouted to Kogh that they needed to go somewhere else. Kogh nodded as she landed onto the floor. Then, she was hit in the back of her neck so hard that she went unconscious.

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Chapter 25

Its body began to regenerate. Bone started repairing itself, bone cells joining in with the big bone and attaching them to it. Flesh moved in to weave and fill up whatever that tore up the skin. Consciousness seeped back into the beast as its body mended itself. The first thing it sensed was the heat. It came back the second time.
From far away, it heard explosions and sounds that were unfamiliar to it. It clicked its tongue and sensed walls around it. The last time it remembered, the beast had been out in the region when suddenly pain had erupted from its back like a huge sting.
For now, it could only do what was possible, jumping up. It was apparently trapped in an equally square hole. The floor was hard and almost unbreakable. When it felt the floor, there were patterns running along the floor which were greatly irregular. There was a sharp edge at one line of the patterns and it stumbled on it. Its foot bled, but was quickly recovered due to the sun rays.
It leaned on its haunches backwards and when it thought it was ready to launch itself, it did. Its grown muscles should be strong enough for it to reach the top... But it barely reached one third of it.
It landed and crashed through the floor into a chamber. It detected floating humans and something thin around their necks. Those thin things were connected to parts of the roof that didn't collapse. Some humans were on the floor with the same kind of thing around their necks. It just didn't know what it was.
There was something small erected from a part of the wall. Then, it got turned and that particular wall was slid open. A human, full of meat and blood, was standing in front of it.
He shouted at it for some reason. But it recognised what he said. It was being mocked.
It stooped forward while growling at him. He laughed and reached for his side, fumbling for a stick-like weapon. It assumed it was one of those things that could launch something lethal towards its enemy, so it lunged at him almost immediately. Its paws reached him first, tearing his shoulders apart. Its whole body crushed him even before he could attack.
Tempted, it bit off part of his neck and ate the flesh for its enjoyment. Though, it was over when the human stunned it with something shocking, literally.
It swore it had killed him by smashing him. Its thoughts faded as it went out cold.
When it woke up, it was trapped by spikes pierced through its four paws. It tried pulling one of its limbs away but it couldn't budge. It was sure that it was bleeding from it, but it couldn't sense any pain. The sunlight was like a friend to it. Its heat would comfort and strengthen it every time. It would encourage it to fight back and retaliate with bravery. But now, the sunlight was useless against this.
The spikes, unfortunately, were fused into the wall behind it. It sniffed at the air and caught a funny smell. A noxious and funny smell it was. It was like its own piss and anything putrid and rotten combined, added with something toxic. When it updated its radar, it sensed four walls, yet again, but much smaller, like it was just for its size. It couldn't understand why sunlight was shining through.
There was a table at the edge of the opposite wall with some equipment on it. Pieces of paper were scattered through the table. There was no chair, though.
Then, a door opened from the beast's side. From there came the human it had attacked. But it didn't smell blood. He didn't bleed where he stood. His hands held a tray of the source of the funny smell. He stepped closer to it within out of range of its sharp teeth.. And dumped the source at its face.
It resisted the splash, but what happened afterward was torture. Its face was burned and healed at the same time. While this happened, the human laughed so maniacally that it added to the emotional pain. It convulsed, but didn't roar at all. It needed the roar for later.
It shivered as the burning was over. He had burst into tears of laughter and was still laughing to death. It hoped he died from laughing, though.
He shook his head and went over to the table. He sat on it and looked at the beast, its face recovering from the searing. It couldn't hear anything, but it clicked its tongue and read his lips which smiled.
Kogh, you are one funny little boy.

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Chapter 26

How did one escape from enemies cornering him? By accidentally triggering a safety alarm laser located between two rocks. The soldiers of East hadn't enough time to get back to East before Gatling guns started spinning and firing at life, even the soldiers. For some reason, Myke wasn't detected, maybe because the rock, even though deteriorated, shielded him from long range infrared detectors. Behind him, East soared proudly and in front of it were bodies, monsters of darkness and soldiers alike.
When it was over, presumably by the spinning Gatling guns stopping, he looked up. The Gatling guns which were on the walls, started sinking into their original resting places. This system hadn't been used since the war with the monsters of death, where he killed a bunch before this happened.
He still needed to get into the city, not because he needed to report to the mayor (He already gave up doing so when the soldiers had arrested him), but because he needed to find out what had happened.
The furnished front gate was open for investigation, so if he could be stealthy, he could sneak in. But thanks to the sun, it was harder to do so, but he slipped past investigators and felt proud once he squirmed in.
The roads were full of movement; cars twisting left and right, buses stopping at their stations to pick up more customers and bullet trains shooting past buildings that were lit by their own owners. It was an interesting sight to see, had it not been obscured by police cars surrounding the entrance with their blinding red and blue lights.
The reason why people were able to get onto the walls, like last time, was because there were two entrances leading up. He took the one on the right without gathering suspicion and walked up the stairs. In his previous days, the effort taken to climb these monstrous concrete steps would have taken at least a few minutes. But now, it seemed like he reached the top in no time.
There were patrolling guards here as well, some looked unfamiliar, some looked downright stupid for some reason. Myke just thought they looked dumb overall.
He went over to a guard and held his head, then pulled in the opposite directions and snapped his neck. The weapon he held was a blast gun with a steel knife. Steel knives were no longer useful to the monsters out there. He bet the man killed some civilians with this. The knife wasn't sharp, but not dull either.
He dragged the body behind a big package that was abandoned.
Weirdly enough, no one had suspected anything yet, even though the sun revealed him like a black dot on a white background. But there were things like crates, big platforms that could just shield his body if he laid himself on the ground. He did have his whip and laser knife, so he used it for his next kill.
He wasn't sure why he was doing this. He felt the need to. He brought out his whip and laser knife. The knife had a hilt with a button. Press the button and you'd get a laser of a certain distance rising from its power core. The guard was looking over and staring at the Darkness region when Myke sent his whip crackling across and wrapping it around the guard's neck. He dragged the guard with quick succession and jabbed the laser-less hilt into his neck, then pressed the button, sending heat to melt through the vocal cords within a second.
He turned his head left and looked with bafflement. Far off, he saw a gigantic monster of death unleashed to destroy the city.
Okay, this wasn't about the mayor anymore. Maybe it was, but he wasn't the main point. The main point was that where in the world did that thing come from? The humongous beast was red in whole with eyes as dark as Myke's armour. It had an arm attached to its head along with two arms on its side. Its destruction was trying to be stopped by soldiers, tanks, helicopters and all sorts of weaponry, but they couldn't stop it. They only had a matter of time before it destroyed the city.
He believed that the mayor had something to do with this. Or else, something like this wouldn't happen.
What was more confusing than the monster was the figures on top of the monster's head (Not the arm). There were two figures apparently fighting for their lives.

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Chapter 27

Henry brought up his arm and stopped the maniac's fist from reaching his face.
The intense moment where Henry had to duel with a crazy psychopath who had a lot of experience of fighting at close quarters while balancing himself and compensating for the movements of the gigantic monster of death underneath him. This guy was responsible for the laboratories and experiments on humans. And the mayor allowed this! This was so wrong in Henry's eyes. He couldn't just die here, from this petty soul of a human.
The gun the enemy had dropped down a few hundred metres after the monster of death had risen. Luck and skill was his only hope. If he had luck.
The man swoops down and sent a low kick to trip Henry but he jumped and landed on his thigh instead.
The monster below them growled and roared as it knocked building after building. Its extra arm was never used. This was an extreme relief to Henry. The man screamed, no, shrieked more than a girl could as Henry's momentum and weight crushed through his thigh. He lifted his leg away and felt sick from doing that. When he walked towards his opponent, he felt sticky with his foot all bloody and fleshy.
Suddenly, the man shouted his own name.
He fainted from the exceeding trauma. Henry looked at Avus's face with disgust, and pushed his body off the monster with his foot, the clean foot. That was one way to get down, but Henry wouldn't go that way. This monster had fur, but it was too short to be grabbed onto. He didn't have a whip like Myke's, and even if he had a whip, he couldn't even swing from building to building. He had to stay here until an equally tall building was only metres away from its head.
He lay on the ground and dragged himself to the edge and looked.
Smoke instantly smothered him. He jerked his body back and coughed from the horrid smell of it. Then, his heart lifted as helicopters appeared from below. He couldn't identify the pilots but that was okay. He was going to get saved. Or so he thought.
The monster was originated from the main tube back in the laboratory. That insane man had missed and instead opened a hole in the tube and he guessed that the gases in the air might have mutated that thing inside the tube. But how he got onto it, he didn't know either. Everything was such a blur that he couldn't register anything for a short period of time.
One of the helicopters shot a missile and it travelled straight to Henry. Obviously, he moved to the side and it rocketed to the Darkness region, never to be found again. Then, another missile was shot, but from a different helicopter. Henry rolled instead and the missile accidentally collided with the previous helicopter and an explosion happened. It sent the helicopter crashing into a building.
Why were they targeting him but not the monster? Was East not their city, their home, where their families were living? He had never felt loved after his family had died years ago. But he knew he wouldn't feel this way if his family were alive today. This was madness.
A helicopter neared Henry in a fast speed, trying to ram into him. He saw that coming and timed his jump. Well, his calculations were never wrong in his own eyes. He grabbed onto the edge of the helicopter and hung on as it tried to find its target. He climbed into it and saw two people seated with helmets strapped over their heads. The first thing he saw after that was a pistol in its sheath. His hand jabbed in that direction and brought the pistol out. Pistols felt weird to Henry. He had only used it once in his whole life. It was in his naive times. He had joked around with other soldiers, holding a rare pistol and shooting sacks of rice before he got caught by his commander. That pistol was confiscated and never seen again. It was a wonder how he became a general.
He pointed the gun at the pilot and demanded in a loud voice that he wanted this helicopter to land on the nearest possible landing area. Two of them were in shock. They said nothing as the helicopter landed on the nearest rooftop, as demanded. Henry ordered them to leave and they did. Henry proceeded to take control of the helicopter and took off, leaving the two pilots stranded on a building with no stairs leading downwards.
This helicopter wasn't a stealth helicopter, so he had a harder time navigating through, but he still could do it. He went through helicopter training that was pointless. Until now.
He only had experience on a stealth helicopter, but this one was similar, with slight changes. Henry didn't bother about the details. He just wanted to fly and eliminate all confusions, even if it meant killing anyone in his way. (Except Myke, of course).
He marked a helicopter, then quickly locking on to the first victim before firing two missiles. That helicopter was destroyed almost instantly.
The reason why he started with the soldiers first was because he knew they wouldn't attack the beast. They would just act up here and pretend to shoot missile after missile to keep up the act. If they saw one of their helicopters attacking the monster of death, they would target it instead.
While on his seat, Henry grabbed a parachute bag and wore it before continuing to contribute to the turmoil. He slanted the helicopter into moving to the next target. Again with quick succession, he marked and locked on to the helicopter and destroyed it with the same two missiles.
He only had four missiles left. Then he heard beeping sounds. He was being targeted, but he reacted too late and the homing rockets were shot. This was why he needed that parachute.
He got up and shifted his feet, then jumped off through the entrance. He pulled the parachute right after that and heard an explosion behind him. Luckily, no one was stationed to shoot a parachuting man from a building nearby. He landed on the walls of East, apparently. Guards were surrounding him when something crackled. A guard was pulled away and he heard a scream of agony in the darkness. By this time, all the guards were distracted. He took this opportunity and grabbed the soldier's blast gun nearest to him. Henry redirected the blast gun to the man's face and blasted his face off. When everyone turned around, another man was taken away while another man was shot by the blast gun. Henry used the dead man's body as a shield and the bullets shredded the body to pieces.
Finally, he saw Myke jumping out and using his blast gun. Looking at the furthest man, he brought his arms to each side and fired everywhere. Henry thought Myke's mastery and aim with the blast gun was so good that every shot he made didn't miss at all.
By Myke's eighth shot, everyone was dead before they knew it. Henry released the dead body and it slumped lifelessly on the ground. He looked at Myke without any facial expressions whatsoever. He just walked over to Myke and wrapped his arms around his best friend.

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Chapter 28

Rose moved her hands, but they couldn't move freely. Then, she tried her legs, but they couldn't even separate. Instinctively maneuvering around was her first thing she would do when she woke up. She had to move.
She flicked her eyelids open and saw her own traveller clothes, all dirty and dusty, and the grey floor. Concrete, from her knowledge. She looked up and saw a camera looking at her from a few steps away. She even saw her own reflection in the camera lens. She couldn't see anything past her boots. There was just a light bulb above her, hung with just a piece of rope.
In the background, she heard people mumbling like some kind of cult religionists. The words coming out were too scrambled to Rose for her to comprehend. It might be another language. She felt like she was in a movie. The damsel in distress, waiting for her hero to save her. Undoubtedly, that wouldn't happen.
Unlike what usually happened in movies, she didn't have anything around her mouth to seal it, but she felt uneasy with her hair not tied into a ponytail.
She heard footsteps. That was normal. But what wasn't normal was that they boomed excruciatingly loud. It was deafening to her ears. But thank goodness the voice of the person standing in front of her wasn't all that loud. He was rather short and his hands were behind his back for some reason.
She couldn't understand a single word he said. Every time there was a pause, he'd hit her somewhere. Her face was the main target. It became red, eventually.
Then, he brought out the axe and her glove that he was wearing. This instantly made Rose speak out. She spoke in her own language while the interrogator tried to understand what she said. When he couldn't handle it anymore, he held the axe up to her face and pointed to it. Rose kept quiet this time.
He spoke in that unknown language again. Rose tilted her head and frowned.. Before the man swung the axe down.
Rose half-grinned while leaning back with her best effort, tilting the chair backwards and adjusting her legs to where the axe would go. The ropes that tied her legs now were cut. She immediately jerked her left leg up, kicking the man's chin. He accidentally released the axe and by coincidence, Rose's left foot was caught with the hilt of the axe. She flew with the axe, then crashing her foot into the man's palm.
Her foot pushed the button, or at least she assumed it did. The axe fell to the ground, just next to the palm. She slipped her other foot under the axe and brought her foot up, tossing the axe right behind her. She released the button and the axe moved against the chair, pushing it with a moderate force. She used the supposedly stationary axe to cut the bondage around her hands. She pressed her foot down onto the man's palm again. As she heard a groan of pain, she grabbed the axe that was behind her and brought it down and sliced through the man's neck.
She took a long deep breath and exhaled. Then she got up and unstrapped the glove from the man's hand while holding down the button. She slipped it back to her right hand and she felt good about it. She released the button and the axe returned without delay.
But then she realised, the first problem was that she didn't know what lay beyond her. She had an idea, though.
She went to the only light source, the light bulb and stood a few centimetres away from it. She aimed and threw her axe. It cut through the rope that hung the light bulb.
Back then, she knew that the light bulb was powered, not by the rope, but because it just was. There was no telling where the power source was from. Maybe it was the air. Who knows?
She reached her hand out and caught the light bulb by the remaining rope. She held it like a lamp, with her left hand holding the rope at the same level as her face.
The longer she walked, the more anxious she got. It was like an endless room. It felt like hours before she reached the end of the room. There was a door with a sign above it that meant nothing to her because she didn't understand the word.
She just laid her light bulb slowly on the ground and rested her hand on the doorknob before turning it. She pulled the door open and saw the same city. But finally, she knew the name of it from a billboard far above her.

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