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The night was cold. It was darker than any other nights. The wind blew stronger and stronger by the hour. Some of the trees even submitted themselves to the wind. Leaves were left on the ground. Patches of mud were formed without notice. No one wandered Klensburg. The lamps were not working. Only a few twitched with heat and light. The homes lacked people to stay. Rats rushed through the streets, striving for garbage to feast upon. Klensburg was abandoned. No one was here but one person.
A traveler came from East, the city of revolution. Rose was a girl of fifteen. She was raised by the royal family. She opposed her father who was against her travelling to the Darkness region. She snapped back at her father with anger and rebelliously left his father's office, leaving the father dazed. She packed equipment, gadgets and food, and left through the window in her room.
Rose's footsteps echoed throughout Klensburg. It was rumoured that Klensburg never experienced day, but only night. The ground was not fertile enough to grow wheat and plants. The Darkness region was dry. Clouds were scarce and rain came rarely. Even if water droplets appear from the sky, it would only last a minute.
She walked, foot by foot, cautious to her surroundings. Owls hooted and crows flapped their wings as Rose got closer to them. They shocked Rose once, but not twice.
She accidentally stepped on a puddle, but moved on without complaining. Rose was the daughter of the mayor in the city. She was energetic, ambitious and outgoing. She wanted an adventure she would never forget. After finding out about the Darkness region in her History class, she talked to her friends about it, but she was ignored. Days went by with anxiety and curiosity growing inside her. Everyone shunted her that day, but she had her maids to talk to. She was oblivious to the maids pretending to care for her, though. For the past few months, she had been searching for the Darkness region through her father's telescope, but no fruits bore. Every other week, she asked her father if she could go there, but every time she asked, he refused. With every week, she grew more courageous and rebellious with her father. The fateful day they had the argument was the day she escaped. She was wearing a brown leather shirt with brown leather pants. She wore leather boots to fit with her clothes. On her face was a mask worn over. It only allowed her to see through her right eye. But she cared less about it than her journey to and in the Darkness region.
She laid her hand on a wooden door and pushed it open. The door creaked and whined. She sneaked her head into the door of the gap and jumped. She jerked back and the door broke down. She stepped back and a beast was revealed. Concrete was flying all over the place. Dust scattered and splinters lay on the ground. A head was revealed when the dust floated down to the ground. The rest was slowly revealed. Its head had teeth sharper than any grinder in East. It had ears and a nose as black as the night.
It growled at Rose's face.

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Chapter 68

Avus saw Henry break into tears. Before, Henry was staring into the darkness beyond. His face looked as though his brain was suddenly stolen or it disappeared from inside his head a few moments after he had asked Avus who that âmaniacâ was.
What in the world is going on?
Slowly, he brought Rose and Henry together, who was crying in a loud voice. The beast behind didnât seem to care. He wrapped his arms around the both of them in a tight hug, and hoped that it would stop. Though, it stopped in a minute. Henry was back to sobbing, hiccuping every few seconds.
Henry, your face looks like ****. Too bad thereâs no place here for you to wash up.
The beasts suddenly rose and touched the group (hug) and Avus found himself back in the inn.
Avus was on the ground, just an armâs length away from the innkeeperâs blast gun. He felt groggy, and his eyes couldnât open to the bright light in this lobby. He grabbed the blast gun, stood up and looked around. He noticed the unconscious innkeeper and smiled.
Just a trip and youâre unconscious. How about that?
He then heard Clarissaâs voice coming from upstairs. He turned back towards the innkeeper and aimed the blast gun at his fat belly. Before he could pull the trigger, he heard a gasp that stopped him.
What is it now?
Clarissa shouted, asking him to drop the gun. Avus shook his head, and said that it was for protection. Then she asked what type of protection he, or both of them, needed. Avus mentioned the worm-like monster of death before, and Clarissa shut up.
Avus turned to the innkeeper and blasted his stomach open.
I guess thatâs why people want to hunt me down. Funny thing is I planned to knock him out, not kill him. Why?
He never answered the question.
Blood flew and splashed on the blast gun and his body. Guts flew along, and next came Clarissaâs scream. Avus beckoned her to follow her as he walked over to the door. She asked him why he had to do this.
But he still didnât answer the question. He opened the door and entered the land of death once again.
Arms suddenly wrapped around Avus as he looked into the far distance. He heard her sobbing and he turned around, looking at her, and weirdly enough, feeling sympathy for her.
Yeah, but I did it to her.
It was a bit ironic that he felt more sympathy for someone he knew less than his wife when she died. And now, when he thought about it, it made him feel guilty. He remembered his wife on her deathbed, his hand holding hers, and them looking at each other. His wife was barely breathing, her chest only rising a lot less than usual.
When his wife opened her mouth, a voice didnât come out, because he didnât remember what she said. Her mouth and throat were moving, but he didnât reply. He was looking past her wifeâs face and into the pillow. His mind had wandered somewhere else. Then he couldnât feel her grip on his hand anymore.
Itâs funny. I can remember details, but not someoneâs last words.
He did call the doctors for help. Five minutes later, of course.
He snapped back into reality when Clarissa released him. He asked her if she wanted to go. Clarissa asked him to wait, and she went back into the inn. So Avus waited for a few minutes before he impatiently went inside to check on her.
Apparently, Clarissa was rummaging through the counter and what was at the back of it. It was quite narrow, but when he moved closer, he saw a pile of items stacked up messily. There were torn cereal boxes, broken CDs, empty plastic bottles and tissue boxes, plastic bags with a variety of colours and empty shotgun shells. Well, I guess this guy loves shotguns. A lot. He saw her pushing things out of the way. Some of them slid to the side. One was a cereal box which had the name âSuper Wabbiâ with a rabbit smiling at Avus. He looked away from the box, squatted beside her and looked at what she gripped in her hands.
A shovel?
It wasnât a typical shovel. Its end was sharp enough to penetrate through dirt and it had a curve like a spoon, as a normal shovel would have. It had a wooden handle, but what made it distinguishable was that the blade of it was purple in colour.
Clarissa said that she found it when Avus and the innkeeper were talking. It shone like a star in the sky when she saw it, and fell in love with its colour. Avus smiled as Clarissa went on, giving reason after reason of why she loved it.
At least itâll be a weapon for you.
As if Clarissa read his mind, she said that she wouldnât use it to fight. Avus frowned and looked at her. He shook his head and grabbed her by her hand. He dragged her outside and kept on doing so, since Clarissa didnât protest. They walked through the desert of a place until they found a new village, which was only a few minutes away from the inn. Avus wasnât even surprised, but Clarissa was, with her gasps of shock.
Itâs probably a village. Thereâs a house, for sure.
When the both of them got the full picture, it wasnât actually a village. It looked more like a hamlet, consisting of only four houses and a stone well with wooden planks built into it.
There also seems to be..

In fact, there were worms of death. Avus turned towards Clarissa and told her to kill one of them. She didnât reply. She seemed to be in shock. Her mouth was hanging open, and her shovel dropped at her side.
Then Avus swore that every worm turned to look at both of them.
Oh, no, he mouthed.

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Sorry I posted late. It's homework week!


Chapter 69

Rose woke up on the same building that had that weird hole in the middle. She looked around for Kogh. It was the first thing she thought. But she couldnât find him. Then a migraine struck her at the side of her head.
Rose grunted and pressed her thumb against that spot and rubbed it. It was as though force was drilling against her head and popping her brains out. It made her shut her eyes a lot, but she could still detect what was around her. Then she sensed a ball coming right at her.
Even with her migraine, she moved to the side and the ball went past her. Her hair flew up and landed on her shoulders. Just the touch of a multitude of strands of hair made Rose clench her fist. Forgetting her migraine, she messily tied her hair up with condensed force as a band before thinking.
Why donât I just cut it?!
She never did. She was more worried about the ball, now that it was coming back. When she looked at it, it wasnât a ball. It was a monster of darkness shaped like a ball. She conjured her blade and threw it. The blade spun and sliced through the ball. Blue blood spurted out from the ball, but from those halves came two fully new balls of death.
Regenerative, huh? Weird.
She thought up of a new design of a weapon, other than the one she was using.
Letâs see.. A malletâs good.
She conjured the weapon, but she made it too small. It was only as long as her arm, and it felt lighter than what a mallet should have weighed. The two balls neared towards her as she tried to think up of the weight of the mallet. She broke her chain of thoughts and dodged one of them, but the other one crashed into Roseâs chest. She was knocked back, but the ball kept moving forward, trying to drive her into the building, which had that peculiar hole, but now didnât.
She could have pushed the ball away with force, but that would be inefficient, now would it? Instead, she put fire into the test. She made force surround the ball, and she placed her hands between the ball and jerked her hands away from the monster. Two spouts of flame appeared out of thin air and melted the ball. She was quick enough to get its liquefied entrails off her chest before the other ball slammed against the back of her head.
This time, she made a force cushion in front of her, and landed in..
I donât even know what itâs call. Liquid? Solid? Soliquid?
As soon as she landed face flat, she got up with her feet and swung her right hand across, sending a force wave that slapped the monster away.
Okay, Iâm clear.
The ball flew away, and then stopped in its track.
That disgusting thing has no eyes, but it still could see where I am, but how..?
Then she realised and moved to the side. A force wave went past her, but it sliced part of her fingers off.
That migraine came back. That migraine came back.
She screamed, grunted, screamed and gasped consecutively. Blood was dripping down the stubs of her fingers and her hand was tensing up. She slowly turned her head and looked at her fingers for a few moments, then puke rose and out came from her mouth. It was brown, probably from the monsters of darkness she had eaten.
Why did I vomit? Iâve seen a hell lot worse!
The ball came charging at her again. By instinct, she swung her right hand, and blood danced through the air, red droplets shining for some reason. Halfway through the swing, she vomited again, at the same spot. The force wave she sent was weaker, and it didnât stop the ball at all.
She tried to swallow her saliva repeatedly to stop the vomiting impulse from coming back. She couldnât think anymore. She was dazed, looking at the brownish colour of her own puke. She noticed air bubbles at random spots. Only then she noticed that her fingers were starting to heal, and it felt good. Really good.
Dust started clumping onto the stubs of her fingers, and like magic (she was certain it was magic), the dust slowly became flesh. The dust also clotted the blood that was leaking out, at a faster rate than usual. Slowly, her fingers formed back to normal. Plus, her fingernails were clean cut.
When she looked up, the ball smashed into her face.
From one *****ing mess up to another one.
Her nose was throbbing when she fell back on the force cushion. She felt blood leak towards her lips, and when her tongue came up to lick it away, it tasted like copper. Instead of more puking, she was angry at that son of a *****!
She roughly wiped the blood away with the back of her fully healed hand, and then tensed her hand, gathering all the force she could before she could faint. She condensed it into a ball of fire and turned around to find that the monster was still charging towards her.
Now youâre not charging me anymore. Youâre charging towards hell!
She threw the fire ball, but it missed.
Oh, sh*t.
Wait, I can redirect it.
She waved her hand around horizontally and the fire ball came back like a boomerang, but instead of returning to her, it headed for the monster. When it hit, the fire ball exploded in a tiny radius, but with a shockwave that would put nuclear bombs to shame, and rip through Roseâs body, if she hadnât covered herself in a force field.
Hah. A *****ing nuclear bomb within ten metres of range. All those people Iâve killed in the city, all for a ball that, at the very most, bruise me to severe injury in a few hours. I hope no one had to suffer..
The shockwave knocked her out after that. But she was already giving up on travelling anyway.

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Chapter 70

The beast woke up back in its own room; its favourite room, Jeyneâs reading room. Everything was upside down when it clicked its tongue. Or that it was lying on its back.
It turned back up and got up, then remembered that Jeyne was kidnapped. It released a wordless shout and ran towards the door. When it was close to it, the door moved and smacked the beast in the face. It recoiled backwards and clicked its tongue and sniffed. It was General Exen. He apologised and helped the beast up after closing the door. He walked in, stood in front and looked at the shelf of books of fiction and non-fiction.
He asked what type of books the beast like, and it said fiction. So, he placed a finger on a book, possibly a fantasy one, and pulled it out. He took it, walked backwards and sat on Jeyneâs chair. He held the book by one hand and the other was used to flip through the pages between the book. When the beast heard multiple page flipping, it asked whether Exen could start in the beginning-
Wait, no. Whereâs Jeyne?!
So, it asked where Jeyne was. General Exen didnât reply. He kept flipping through the pages as though the beast hadnât opened its mouth yet. And it asked again. This time, he only grunted. It could sense his eyes quickly swiping at the bookâs printed words. He finally looked away from the book and said that Jeyne was still being located. He explained that monsters of corruption could always hide from detection, even with strong equipment like what this headquarters had. Even one of his most observant scouts couldnât track her.
Before the beast could say it, Exen explained that a hideout of corruption was usually enshrouded, never allowing light to pass through them. They could only be seen within five metres. The general wouldnât give an explanation on how and why they were like this.
Maybe he couldnât.
Then the beast thought again.
What about that guy? Avus!
Then the beast mentioned Avus to Exen when he was explaining about monsters of corruption. He suddenly stopped talking, and faced the beast melodramatically. His face was blank when he looked at the beast.
Looks like heâs going to flip.
He stood up and headed over to the bookshelf. The book held with his index finger and thumb, he used the rest of his fingers and his left hand to move the books and give space for the book. He quickly slid the book back in and turned towards the beast. It could sense his hair twirling around as he did so. It kept its laughter back.
The beast gave a brief introduction on Avus to let Exen know what it knew about him. The beast told Exen about how Avus revolutionised the city, and that he made a clone. And freakinâ lived in it! Then it sensed Exen frowning at the clone part. He asked about how Avus could do that. The beast said that it didnât know, and it shrugged, though it doubted that it was noticeable. Exen sat back down, and the beast heard a little squeaking sound when he sat. Then he locked his fingers together in the middle of his stomach and sat there, silent as ever.
Then the beast got up and said that they should get Jeyne back, and that they should make sure she was actually not dead.
Iâd be angry when that happens.
Without waiting for Exen to reply, the beast reached for the doorknob and twisted it slightly before barging out of the room. After one month of sensing Jeyne do that, it slightly knew about human technology.
It started to run, then sprint towards the end of the hallway. It heard Exenâs voice behind it, but it was getting softer by the time it reached the canteen. It turned and headed for the yard outside, in which it headed straight for the exit, when General Exen shouted at it to halt. It didnât, but it did stop when it clicked its tongue. There was that stick-like gun again, pointing at it. General Exen was in his aiming stance, his back slanted, his right leg slightly forward to stabilise his body, his shoulder touching the butt of the weapon and his head slanted towards the weapon as though he had an affection for it.
Why am I focusing on how he stands?! Hell, I should be running!
When it started off, Exen fired a warning shot. The shot was so loud that it swore that its eardrums broke. It gave up, and stopped.
Hey. Iâll wait for him to come, then pounce on him!
Exen walked closer to it, his weapon still facing its way. When he got considerably close, he brought out something. Something electrifying, literally. He still had his weapon on it by the time he got within armâs length.
Then the beast bounced off the ground. It was close to biting Exenâs hand off (although it didnât mean to do it), but Exen smacked it on its head with the gun. It didnât give the beast much of a headache, but it did sting. It landed, then swiped with its right paw, careful not to injure, but only to trip him.
In fantasies, this would have connected. In real life, no way in hell.
Luckily, this time, it was a fantasy.
Exen fell on his left side, then let out a grunt as his arm smashed onto the ground. His grip on the weapon was more than before. He quickly aimed, but missed a shot as the beast jumped over him. Exen got up halfway, but the beast quickly slapped the weapon away and instead, sent it into the air. It jumped and caught the weapon in its teeth. Plus, when Exen brought the electrifying item towards it, he couldnât. It was already too far away, when it ran off with the weapon to the hideout of corruption.
All this seems like a fantasy, too. Then it lightened up at the thought of Jeyne reading the rest of LaFist Light to it.

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Chapter 71

Henry woke up back in the interrogation room, just in front of the âDO NOT OPENâ door. He laughed, remembering himself opening the door, even though his conscious was telling him not to.
What IS behind that door?
When he placed his hand on the doorknob and twisted it, the doorknob jammed.
Locked, huh?
He let go and turned towards the exit. He didnât know what time it was, but he assumed it was a few hours, though no one came in to check on him. Weird. He left the room and walked across the hallway to his room. He realised it was locked, so he rummaged through his pockets, found his key, stuck it in, turned it and opened the door.
Heh, stuck it in, Henry chuckled a little.
The state of his room was as before; the blue comforter on his bed was out of place and wrinkled, the lights were off and his wooden clock broken into pieces on the floor.
I ought to clean that up. Heck, I need to get a new clock. I donât even know what time it is.
He didnât. He went past it to his closet and opened it. There was only one blue T-shirt available. He took it off the closet, and the T-shirt was totally blue, with no imprints anywhere. He took off his own shirt and put on the blue one. There was also a pair of pants lying below where the T-shirt was, but he didnât bother changing. He loved his beige khaki pants.
He marched to his bed, and when he was about to take a nap, there was a knock on the door. He sighed, frustration radiating from his face.
Thereâs always a *****ing knock on the door just as I sleep.
He stayed on his bed for a while before sliding off the bed. He stood up and walked over, opening the door.
It was General Exen. His cheeks were flushed, and his breathing was rapid and intense. Henry smiled.
A watermelon popsicle.
Then Henry stopped smiling when he saw Exen holding a blast gun in his right hand. In a brusquely manner, Henry asked why Exen was here. His eyes were as though they were carrying weights, and they were losing.
Exen needed Henry to help find the monster of darkness. Apparently, it ran off in search for Jeyne. Then Henry asked what happened to her.
Abducted? By monsters of corruption? Easy. Letâs just hope Jeyne doesnât get eaten before we get there.
Henry just asked Exen to give him a blast gun, and everything would be dealt with in a day. Exen raised his left hand and shook his head in protest. He needed Henry to find the monster before it did something stupid. It already did something stupid.
Oh, câmon, Exen. Youâre smarter than this. Youâre already as much of an *sshole than me.
But Henry agreed to this, though reluctantly. Exen briefed Henry on the mission. He already had the location of the darkness monster, but he needed someone to accompany and protect him there. Someone with an expertise on guns.
Exen was especially good with guns, but he wasnât as good as Henry, as far as he knew. Exen was more of a tactical commander. Piss on his tactics. What about mine?
Exen mentioned Myke, and about how he would have picked him instead of Henry but you know, beggars canât be choosers.. Henry didnât want to think about him. After all, he didnât want to break down in front of the *sshole.
So, we go out and get the beast. Got it. Then what? Wait for some other bloody idiot to find Jeyne? And get himself killed?
They went to the canteen, then to the back of the counter that held actual edible food. No one was manning the counter, since it probably wasnât lunchtime or dinnertime. Two doors stood beside the counter, blocking anyone without a key to those doors. Exen wasnât one of those people.
He brought out a jungle of keys. Henryâs eyes widened as he saw it. How the hell are we going to finish this mission in time? He was proven wrong, when Exen took out the second key he waded through. He unlocked the door and went in, leaving Henry outside. A second later, from the darkness came Exen with another blast gun. He handed it to Henry before moving out.
When they were outside, Henry saw a jeep waiting for them. No one was inside. They headed towards it, then Exen took out his keys again. This time, it was the first key he took and unlocked the door.
This jeep is old, huh? No button press or anything?
As Exen went in and started the engine, the doors were unlocked, and up went Henry into the jeep.
When he sat there, he realised he was wrong. Someone else was here. It was Ebonos sitting next to Exen. Henry frowned.
How did he get in here?
He shrugged and let that question fade away. Henry put the blast gun on his lap, making sure the safety switch was on when the jeep moved. Throughout the whole journey, no one talked, not even Ebonos.
In a few minutes of looking at buildings blurrily passing by, Henry was jerked forward to a stop. He looked at his blast gun, grabbed it, flicked the safety switch off and got out of the jeep.
This part of Klensburg looked darker than usual. Instead of the ground and buildings being desert yellow, it was dark blue in colour, like the blood of monsters of corruption, except that the colour was pulsing with life; as though the colour was alive with corruption and emitted a vile aura. He could see aquamarine veins travelling from a source somewhere in the middle of it all. They were slightly jutting out from the surface, rising and dropping every few ticks or so.
Itâs like a blood vessel..
Then one vein popped open five metres away from Henry. Blue blood gushed out and monsters of corruption were born. Well, he could only see one; a quadruped wolf with fur as black as coal. It couldnât even growl before Henry brought out his blast gun and shredded the beastâs face.
Then more veins popped, and more beasts of various shapes and sizes, though nothing bigger or taller than Henry.
Henry smiled. Been a long time. Finally, some action.

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Chapter 72

Rose woke up to the sounds of worms crawling and squirming all over her. They were squishy and sticky sounds. She panicked, gasped and shook herself awake. She saw a few red worms being flung out. Then she looked over to a few more and saw that the worms had teeth that could grind through steel and that they looked very bulky and resistant to whatever the hell nature threw at them. And they were crawling all over her.
She screamed and violently shook herself as she got up from the ground. She got up to her feet and realised that the worms were all monsters of death, but they werenât quickly munching away at her at all. They were pooling around Rose, as if she was their leader. Then a few seconds later, she noticed the worms moving around, making Rose an axis of the circle.
Holy sh*t! I am their leader! And itâs night..
She walked in front, stepping on a few worms, but they survived the relatively immense weight. The worms followed Rose as she walked more.
She finally looked around and saw four houses that were partially damaged and a stone well that was slightly eaten up. It looked as though the worms devoured them. She turned and looked into the distance of the land and saw a couple running from the village.
Or something smaller than a village.
She rose from the ground and the worms stacked up against one another and made something like an anthill, trying to touch her. She didnât bother. She flew away from them and to the couple, which consisted of a woman and man. The woman was carrying a shovel that produced tiny glints from its blade. The man was holding the womanâs hand as they ran away. She boosted towards them and descended to the ground a few metres in front of them. The couple abruptly stopped; the woman gasped while the man tried to scrutinise her face. Rose also tried to scrutinise the manâs face in the dark.
She couldnât see his face that well, so she put her hands together and conjured force in between. She pulled it slightly apart and made a fireball. It floated between her palms, its flames raging and dancing viciously. Then she saw his face.
Avus gasped this time, though with a lower voice. He called her name as she walked towards them. She saw the woman holding up her shovel, as though she could kill Rose with it. Then Avus shook the woman and said that the worms of death were coming, then looked back.
Rose tried to explain, but Avus barged towards Rose and pushed her. Her small fireball went out as the three of them escaped (or tried to). In an attempt to explain to them the loyalty of those worms, she tried to stop them with her hands. It didnât work, so she used a sliver of force, then finally explaining why they were approaching.
Avus frowned, then asked how and why they were following her. She was already floating and moving towards the horde of worms by then. As she landed in the middle of the horde, the worms danced around Rose, celebrating her very recent return. She faced Avus and splayed her arms apart. She giggled as she did so.
The woman shouted at Avus to stop as he moved closer, clearly fascinated at her powers, not her. The worms never seemed to bother Avus at all. He came closer and squatted down in front of them, leaned closer and looked at them. All of them were either looking in the direction of the moving circle or Rose, as if Rose was a monster of death herself.
Avus asked her how she got her powers. She said that she didnât remember. The faintest thing she could remember, even after two months, was that she was in a dream where she had to chase a beast down, using force. Avus looked as though the word force was a foreign word to him. Then she explained that she woke up with the powers and almost killed a scientist.
Avus asked where she was at the time.
She said that it was Wonderland.
Her father craned his head forward in a jerk, and said that he recognised the city. It was one of the thousands of cities here in the Darkness region.
At the sound of thousand cities, her desire to explore was rekindled, then extinguished as she remembered the city bombing.
The woman was at Avusâ side now, looking at Rose like an alien. Avus asked if she knew the way. She shook her head, but she proposed that they could fly up to the sky and see if the city was somewhere there. Avus nodded eagerly.
Then the woman gently pulled at Avusâs sleeve, trying to dissuade him not to go. Avus asked Rose to wait for them as they tried to decide. They walked a few metres away, then after a few minutes, came back to tell Rose yes. The worms of death below her were still in the ritual of worshipping her.
As though she was imagining it, her lips curled into a smile as Avus asked her how she was going to send them up into the sky. She just beckoned to the both of them with her index finger. When they were in hugging range, she wrapped her arms over her dad and the mysterious woman and made an invisible force platform below them, and made it ascend into the heavens!
The woman was afraid; she was shaking all over as she looked down, then jerking her head up and closing her eyes. Rose could hear her praying to..
Whatever the hell she believes in.
Avus was completely fine, though. He was more excited than anxious and scared. His head was constantly turning around him, looking for a new city.
Now that Rose noticed, she was slightly taller than her dad, which was funny because she was shorter than him two months ago, but of course, this is his new âbodyâ.
She saw him moving his lips, mouthing some words she couldnât pick up.
Avus shouted, almost bursting Roseâs and the womanâs eardrums. He pointed to the right and they saw a city.
But I donât want to go..

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Ok dude this is like legit. You should seriously print and pattent this. Try to get it published.

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There are two problems.
I don�t know how to self-publish. I know I can find a publisher or a company to do that, but I don�t know how to find one.
I�m not sure if people would want to buy my book if they find out about it on this forum. After all, it�s free, but my book�s not.
But thanks for commenting.

Chapter 73

The beast looked at the veins surrounding it, directly opposite of where Henry was, though it couldn�t detect him. It couldn�t look for sure, but it could feel the presence of a mother of corruption in the midst of the nest. The lair�s veins were thumping towards it, as though they were beckoning towards the beast to come and step on it.
Come. Closer.
It shook its head, ignoring the voices in its head.
Or is it really the corruption here?
It was careful not to tread on the veins. It swallowed whatever liquids it had in its mouth, its legs shifting and dancing away from the veins. When it got tired, it stayed where it was. It wanted to roar for the sun to return, but its throat felt dry when it tried to go louder than talking volume. It was that feeling when you wanted to do something out of your comfort zone, but when you tried, you slowly changed your mind and stopped.
It moved on, stepping on the spaces and getting closer. The spaces were decreasing in number, as more veins were littered on the floor. It could hear the blood flowing through those things already. In fact, within the sound of blood flowing, it heard pleading whispers, asking for help. It was close to empathising with the souls when it accidentally slammed its paw on one of the veins. The vein popped from the sides and a monster of corruption slipped from the beast�s paw. It looked like itself.
Then the monster attacked it, lunging at it with claws longer than the beast�s. It moved to the side, stepping on more veins. Some popped with more blood, and some with less. Those popped with more out came larger monsters; those popped with less out came smaller ones.
It knew it couldn�t kill them all at once, so it turned back and sprinted out, unintentionally summoning more monsters of corruption. One monster in particular was blocking the beast�s path. So it leapt through quickly enough not to let the monster react. It landed on more veins, more blood bursting out. The beast was covered in blue by the time it got out. It clicked its tongue, and sensed a detached fang shot towards it. It ducked and the fang flew by and stuck itself onto a wall.
A memory struck the beast as it heard the fang strike the wall.
An axe hit a wall before. What in the world? An axe.. Seems really familiar.
It clicked its tongue again, and sensed a monster launched at it with unusually long claws at it. The beast turned around and moved away from the monster. As the monster landed on the ground, the beast jumped, and upon landing, stuck its claws into the monster, and heard its shriek as its spine and back broke and got ripped apart, respectively.
The beast aimed for the next monster.
That ball-shaped monster. Again!
It launched itself from the dead monster below it and aimed its claws at the ball of corruption. It moved to the side, and instead, its claws dug deep into a quadruped monster that was bigger than the beast. It grunted, but didn�t die. It rotated its body and the beast fell. The beast landed on its back, and sensed the large monster turn and sent its teeth at it. It rolled to the side and heard its teeth sink into the ground.
Then the beast was pushed off the ground, by no one in particular.
That ball!
It tried to get up, but the ball of corruption kept sending force at the beast, toppling the beast over when it actually could get up.
It shouted out, but not louder than a roar, and finally remembered the axe.
It was purple. Wait.. Who threw the axe?
Other monsters were already charging towards it. The beast still couldn�t stand up. Now it tried to roar. And the sound cut through the place so sharply that it could break a window.
I guess you could call that a shriek. Whatever. Sun�s up.
The earth began to move, twist and turn ever so slightly, and the sun rose, returning to shine its majestic light on the beast.
The beast�s muscles began to expand, its wounds (slight scratches) healed, and it could use force. The monsters of corruption weren�t paying attention to the sun. They were going to kill the beast.
Then it smiled, showing its teeth.
As if it had a lot of experience using it, it sent force all around it, pushing away even the largest of the monsters. One was sent fifty metres down the road.
I guess it was the ball.
The beast finally got up, and felt rejuvenated thanks to the sun. It formed straight blades of force and sent them to each one of the monsters, oh, especially that ball.
It heard arrhythmic sounds of blades piercing through flesh. It would close its eyes and listen to the music if it had eyes. It clicked its tongue. The largest one survived the blade and was coming after the beast, bleeding across the side of its abdomen and leaving trails of blue behind.
The beast summoned two blades and kept them by its side. It waited for the monster to get closer, then jumped to the side, the blades following it, and making two slashes at the monster. One cut across its face and one slit across its neck.
The beast heard blood gushing out of the monster�s neck. Then it made the blades dissipate into the air.
Then it heard a scream from the corrupted lair. It clicked its tongue.
The mother corruptor.
It stood around ten metres tall and three metres wide. It had six limbs like that of a praying mantis stuck in its abdomen, which took up two thirds of its body. It had two extra limbs just below its head. It stood with four limbs below, each about 1 metre in height. Then it opened its eyes, glowing bright green at the beast.
It summoned six blades by its side, and charged.

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Chapter 74

Henry heard a roar a few twenty metres away, but it didnât matter to him. He was focusing on the fight, not on something that couldnât harm him. In fact, it helped him. The sun was coming up; it was bright enough for the whole team to see those monsters of corruption. They were so invisible that even with a torchlight shone at them, they could barely be seen.
Henry shot at a monster of corruption that lunged at him with his blast gun. The energy pellets shredded through the monster. Henry moved to the side as the carcass smashed into the ground. Ebonos was swinging his blast gun everywhere. Every time he stopped, he let out a shot before beginning to swing it like a sword again.
General Exen wasnât swinging the blast gun around unlike Ebonos. He was spinning along with it. Every shot was a sure kill; blood would scatter across the small battlefield. The whole place was coloured with blue blood a few seconds after the spawns of corruption appeared. Henry himself was covered in blue blood as well.
Henry gripped the blast gun by the handle and swung it like a bat at a ball-like monster of corruption. The barrel of the gun smacked the monster across its face. He heard a loud crack sound as the barrel met the monster. It crashed into the ground with a broken rounded skull.
General Exen killed a monster before calling out to the both of them to follow him. Henry looked at Ebonos before moving towards Exen. As he moved, Henry aimed left and shot a monster down. He aimed right and shot another one down, as though it were a walk in the park.
It IS a walk in the park, actually.
Ebonos went alongside Henry as they followed Exen to the heart of the corruption. Then Henry noticed that the monsters of corruption had finally stopped spawning from the large veins. He lightly elbowed Ebonos on the arm and told him that. He just looked at him and nodded with a smile and went back to looking at the void that was the corruption lair.
As they moved closer, Henry noticed something. There was a silhouette erected from the lair. Henry had to bend his neck to look at the height of that thing. Then Henry noticed Exen making a fist in the air, asking them to stop. He placed his blast gun at his shoulder and moved with his fist still in the air. The more he strode into the lair, the less Henry could see him. He looked at Ebonos, who had been sweating since following Exen, obviously anxious about what was going to happen. He looked back and couldnât see any trace of Exen anymore.
They stood there and waited. Henry turned around and guarded their backs. As if it were a hallucination, he heard the words âhelpâ, âpleaseâ and âhereâ coming out of the veins. These three words were repeated the most, but there were other words as well.
He looked at Ebonos and saw him sweating all over his face. He was still intact and stable. Henry asked him if he heard those voices. Ebonos shook his head and kept watching the darkness in front of him.
Then Henry heard Exenâs voice from his back, so he turned around, but still couldnât see anything, besides the void.
Screw this!
He moved forward, expecting Ebonos to stop him, but he didnât. He stood there like a tree and never moved. His arms never seem to tire out as they were carrying the blast gun.
As the edge of darkness, Henry looked back again, but he could barely see Ebonos. So he took a breath and entered the lair.
He felt material as light and thin as spider web when he entered it. Then he saw a dome, with cocoons all over the place, even the ceiling. He accidentally stepped on one, and it cracked open. It revealed a human husk beneath. Its head was firm, with a skull supporting its skin. There were eye sockets, and Henry could see past it to the back of its head; its brain was gone.
He looked ahead and saw the beast battling with a hulk of a monster of corruption. In all of his life, he had never seen a monster of corruption so huge and aggressive.
Oh my *****ing God.
But luckily it seemed as though the monster didnât notice Henry. It was focused at the talking beast. The monster, or queen I should say, was getting hits every second, even if the beast hadnât move. It did, but barely.
Henry looked for a spot to hide in, and took shelter just behind another cocoon on the ground. He looked at his blast gun and nodded. He jumped up and shot the queen. The pellets drove into the queen and it shrieked its lungs out. Henry had to stand back just a bit before getting ready for the queen to charge at him. He quickly scanned the ground, and there were too many cocoons to quickly slip by.
Aah, *****.
The queen turned around very slowly towards him and screamed again, at him this time. Then it really charged at it. Despite the cocoon-riddled ground, Henry moved to the left and began to spam his shots. The queen ignored the shots, even though some of the pellets went deeper in. At the final second before the queen could get him, he launched himself further away from the queen. The queen noticed him, but it was too late for it to turn around. Instead, the queen crashed into the dome, tearing the darkness that was enshrouding it. Then cocoons rained on the queen, and more important, Henry.
He sprinted towards the exit, not caring about the beast at all. One fell and landed in front of him. He broke the cocoon and stomped on the human husk. He never cared. He just kept on moving. His boot was now sticky with human flesh, but no blood.
Then as if it were magic, the cocoons were suddenly lifted. Henry slowed to a halt and looked back at the beast. It was shaking, and its legs were ****ed halfway. Henry could see its veins now.
It turned towards Henry and mouthed to go. Henry frowned at the beast before turning back and running past the queen.
The queen!
It stood there, motionless. He could see holes he had made with his blast gun. He was expecting to see more blue blood spilling from the holes, but he was disappointed. He made sure that he got out of the cocoonsâ range of crushing before the beast relaxed. Then it was raining cocoons again. A few of them crashed into the queen as if it had been affected with osteoporosis and that its shell was its bone. No blood came out, but the cocoons shattered almost every piece of the queen. Then Henry noticed the darkness and the veins were fading along with the queen of corruption.

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Chapter 75

The beast woke up, and felt big things smothering and crushing it. When it tried to move and push the things away, it noticed a bruise on its back. It came back to rest and lied there, buried in the nest of coffins. It tried to use force, but it couldnât. All it felt were muscles (and even those werenât much at the time) popping up a little bit. It did hear something, and someone. That someone was calling out to the beast, while it heard fragile things broken, probably by that someone, Henry.
The beast shouted out, calling Henry by his name. He replied back with a wordless shout and came with every step breaking those cocoons. When he was close, weight started to burden the beast less. Sunlight crept past the openings of the cocoons and hands, particularly two, appeared and jerked back and forth to free the beast. Then it felt rejuvenated, and pushed the rest of the cocoons using the force. Henry gasped and stepped back as the beast broke out. It looked at Henry, as though the beast had captured an image of him in its mind.
Henry looked at the beast as it stood up from the rubble. Then it remembered something.
It sent a tiny force wave that couldnât harm anyone around the area, and tried to detect anyone that seemed familiar to it, other than Henry. So far, it could pick up rough images of cocoons keeping dead humans inside, but none that felt like Jeyne to it.
Hold on. How did I do that?
It sent another small force wave and the images started to solidified; they were getting clearer each time it sent a new wave. Henry was constantly washed over it, though he wouldnât realise it since the wave couldnât be felt easily.
Still like clicking my tongue though.
But it still had no sign of where Jeyne was. It could sense someone breathing who was buried within the cocoons and someone just standing too straight. It turned towards Henry and said that someone was alive and breathing somewhere here. Henryâs head jerked forward and called out to Exen as he rummaged through the mess to find him. The beast already knew where he was, so it lifted the exact cocoons, or shells. I like shells better, away from Exen. It heard a loud and explosive gasp of air as he suddenly jolted out from his resting spot. He was holding a blast gun in his hands.
Henry went over to Exen and put a hand around his shoulder and walked him back, ignoring the beast. Even with repeated force waves, it still couldnât locate Jeyne. It panicked for a while before heading off in the opposite direction of Henry. It sent more waves as it did so, picking new images and matching them together in its head. Then out of nowhere, it heard a very soft whimper, coming from a few hundred metres away. Its head jerked towards that direction and sprinted.
Wait, I know how to use this.
Instead of sprinting, it jumped and made a force platform just big enough for it to land on. It boosted, and zoomed past the desert-coloured buildings, faster than sprinting could ever achieve.
It reached the approximate location, but it needed another whimper to truly find that voice. It didnât even know if the voice was Jeyneâs or not. It called out her name, and another whimper was heard. It was somewhere in one of the buildings.
It turned in that direction, respective to where it faced before, and headed for the building it had looked at. The building had no windows, with was peculiar. All the other buildings had windows, just not this one.
It levitated up to the roof of the building and conjured a scythe-like weapon. It swung its head down and the weapon moved along with its head, then making a crack in the middle. It used the weapon to hit it again, and the roof collapsed.
Almost immediately, it, along with the debris, was carried with a force net just below. It grabbed the debris with force and threw it away. The beast clicked its tongue and recognised Jeyne. She was lying on the floor, leaning against the wall. Her chest heaved and dropped, and her face was blankly looking at the beast. Her fingers were lightly clawing the floor.
The beast ran over to her and asked what happened around here. She never spoke a word, though the beast could tell she was moving her lips and trying to spit words out. The beast shook its head and encased Jeyne in a bubble of force. It took her along, summoning a bigger platform than before and placing Jeyne down while she was lying down.
Donât worry. Youâll be home safe.
It boosted past the now-destroyed nest of corruption. It noticed a vehicle when Henry was. He was trying to comfort Exen from the apparent shock he received. The other guy was now standing in front of the vehicle.
Like Henry, the beast ignored him as well. In a minute, they were already back in the headquarters. There was no one on guard, as it remembered clearly. So it went to the yard, then placed Jeyne outside the building. It used force to place her onto its back before entering.
It went to the medical room. Is that what itâs called? The beast tried to use force, but it realised that it wasnât affected by sunlight anymore. It clicked its tongue instead, and noticed that this room was empty. Okay.. Carefully, it jumped up to the bed and placed Jeyne down on it and left the room.
I need to rest. Man..
Seems like No-one Day, it thought as it clicked its tongue when walking past the empty canteen and into the hallway. In the rooms of the hallway, there were people. Half of them were sleeping, and the other half were doing something I donât know what.
It just went back to its own room, or Jeyneâs room, and took a nap in the usual spot.

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Chapter 76

Rose took advantage of the sunlight that abruptly came up and moved the force platform towards the newly-spotted city. Avus and Clarissa were sleeping next to each other on the platform. Rose needed to head over to the city as quickly as she could, so she didnât have time to look at them sleep. She had imagined it was cute, but she shrugged it off later on. She was surprised that the whole time that she was travelling, she was the least tired of them all, considering that using force took quite some stamina.
Moving a platform like this was like riding a bicycle, but with up and down to consider, aside from left and right. Just in case, she made three curved ramps, two facing each other and another meeting the both of them to prevent the couple from falling off. When she reached the city, she found out that the ramps were unnecessary; the couple moved no more than an inch.
Just a bit of sliding..
She made the platform land on a flat roof of the nearest building she could find. She stepped off of the platform, went to the edge and sat on it. The city looked like East.
As every city does, Rose thought, her eyes rolling about.
The tallest building (the first one she saw) pierced the sky and ripped dark and white clouds all the same, like a menacing spearman. Other buildings bowed down before it, and called it its master, and that they would do anything for the spearman. They bowed to the tallest building, The Spearman, and probably would continue to do that forever.
Heh, and Iâm one of its worshippers.
The sunlight was a rarity and a sight to see. Clouds looked a little lighter than before, though dark clouds still stayed dark. Or is it just me? She couldnât directly look into the sun, thatâs ****inâ crazy, but the glass windows and panes that reflected the sunlight contrasted with cities she saw in the darkness but with enough lighting to help people get by their days.
She remembered sitting at the edge of a building. It was barely two months, but it felt like she was on the edge of a building eight months or so. Was it two or eight? Her memories were jumbled up. Was it when I was a monster of death, or was it when I could fly with the purple axe?
The memories seemed to float around in her head like jellyfishes; when she tried to reminisce, the jellyfishes that were the memories would sting her. It hurt trying to remember. She grimaced at the pain in her head.
In an attempt to let go of those ****inâ memories, she made a stream of fire for practice and distraction. When she splayed her arms, the horizontal pillar of fire she created was filled with life, yet trapped, like slavery. She flicked her wrists away from her and the fire was released into the air.
Like a free man.
She jumped along with her heart when she heard Avus yawned, very loudly. He made more humming noises when he stretched, twisted and turned. She turned her head to see him, and they made eye contact.
During that awkward moment of silence, she suddenly felt an attraction towards Avus.
She shivered and cringed, turned around and (intently) fell off the building. She heard Avusâ shout as she felt wind pushing against her. She faced the sky and saw Avusâs (attractive) face popping out from the building. She shook her head violently and shut her eyes until her head hurt for a while. She rotated and saw the ground enlarging fast. She started to slow her descent, then finally ascending up the building. Her temples hurt like hell, but at least she could still focus on getting back up there.
Then Avus shouted again, this time, telling her to watch her back. She turned and saw a flying monster of darkness headed for her. She immediately sent a force wave, pushing the monster back by metres. She made a platform for herself, and readied herself for the next strike. The flying monster charged at her again.
It was the usual quadruped monster, but with wings protruding out of its back. Its wings made sounds like that of an eagle when it was flying.
Sometimes itâs nice to hear it. Sometimes itâs heavenly with the waves of the ocean, though I doubt they would be present at the same time. But now, this is freakinâ annoying.
She summoned a blade and flung it at the monster. It dodged, moving to the side, but Rose pulled it back. The blade pierced into the monsterâs butt, then its guts, then out of its mouth. She made the blade dissipate into the air as the monster fell, trying to squeal but only let out a wheezing sound that Rose never heard. She went up to the edge of the building and saw Avus and Clarissa backing up from a team of monsters of darkness; six of the same monster she had dealt with before.
She shook her head. Why do I have to deal with this-
There was a sudden gunshot. She saw the energy bullets rip the monster at the leftmost side. Its wings had holes in between and one of its eyes were now bleeding blue.
The one in the middle roared and charged forward, before Avus gave the monster another faceful of energy pellets. Rose already had summoned two blades and threw the both of them (with force) at the two monsters which were already lunging. The two blades pushed both of them back; the blades were in their throats.
Satan Almighty only knows how I keep doing this.
She heard a familiar squeal from behind, and she turned around. She saw the same monster of darkness she had killed before. I still didnât kill it, though. Avus released more gunshots while Clarissa was standing behind Avus, jumping ever so slightly every time he fired his blast gun. By the time she pulled one blade from the previous monster and got it by her side, the revived monster was already near her, and its teeth dug into her neck.
She felt intense and sharp paralysing pain at her neck. As blue blood spurted from her neck like a geyser, she looked at the sun, disobeying what she thought before. She saw it move backwards instead of forward. Or west instead of east. That dark monster. She felt adrenaline pump through her whole body, and used her remaining stamina to force the blade up the dark monsterâs neck, decapitating it. Its abdomen, and whatever was there, dropped, hitting the edge of the building and spreading more blue blood before falling off. Its head stayed with Rose before a whole chunk of part of her neck got ripped apart with it. There, she was smiling.
Smashy, smashy. Picky, picky. Crunchy, crunchy. Eat-y, eat-y, she consciously thought.

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This is a great story.Nice effort.Still didn't have time to read it fully.

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Thanks for the encouraging comment.
And, the grammatical mistakes at the end were intentional.

Chapter 77

The minotaur of death within her was released from its dormant sleep.
Death Rose sounds good. Maybe Iâll go with Death Rose. She nodded. Yes, Death Rose.
Death Rose looked back at the wave of dark monsters, their wounds healing too quickly for Avusâs blast gun to slay. She turned around and thrust her hand forward, sending a force wave much stronger than Rose at the monsters. The feeling of it made Death Rose shudder with excitement.
Oh my God! Whatâs this?!
She sent more force waves, shuddering more to the point of a muscle spasm, then she stopped. She noticed one monsterâs jaw was dislocated to a severe degree; like it had the size of the mouth of a snake when it swallows a goat whole. Others had their eyes and mouths bleeding. But they recovered more quickly than getting injured. The one with its jaws dislocated snapped back into place, but the monster didnât flinch at all. Rather, Death Rose swore that it smiled at her.
She sent force wave after force wave, distracting them at the least. She shouted at Avus to shoot. As her voice shot out of her mouth, she was shocked. Her voice had gone deeper, more monster-like. Figures. She repeated herself to Avus, then finally heard gunshots produced.
She summoned blades and sent them at the monsters, chopping them up into pieces. Every time a leg was severed, a new one grew in five seconds.
Then her head snapped back up. She had an idea.
Smashy, smashy. Picky, picky. Crunchy, crunchy. Eat-y, eat-y.
She rose into the air and boosted past Avus to the monsters. She snatched one like an eagle and crushed it into a ball. There was an addition of a nice crunchy sound (bones breaking and flesh compressed) that made her ooze with pleasure. Rose wouldnât have enjoyed this kind of violence, even though she had gone through an excessive amount of it. Actually, she never did enjoy it. She had to do it. Death Rose, on the other hand, would and would kill to kill things.
Death Rose opened her mouth and stuffed the flesh ball into her mouth. She understood that, being a monster of death, she never needed to eat. But screw that!
She crunched at the flesh ball with her teeth and drank the juices (blood, intestinal juice, squished brain juice).
Try recovering from that!
Death Rose turned to the other monsters. One was already in the air, and its paws dug into her eyes. She screamed in a low voice and swiped at the monster with her right claw, tearing the monster into halves. She then took the two halves of the body and crushed them together, then ate it. Eating didnât have any healing properties, but at least two down, four to go.
She pulled her right hand backwards and brought the nearest monster, crushed it into a ball and tasted the juices and felt pleasure. She shivered as she drank more blood.
Death Rose hadnât heard any gunshots since the first monster she had ate. She looked at Avus and saw that he was breathing heavily, his blast gun close to his moving chest. Clarissa was even more terrified than his dad. And now, she suddenly felt distressed.
Death Rose has no time to feel like this. Câmon, you have three more pricks to take care of-
She jerked her right hand up, lifting the next victim, then slamming it down onto the floor. She heard a satisfying crunch, then she shaped the monster into a ball and sent it into her mouth.
CRUNCH. Easy. In fact, a little too easy. Oh well..
Now, letâs see..
Next, she made a force cage for the two of the monsters. One escaped it before she could form everything. But Death Rose shrugged. She clenched her fist and made another flesh ball. She tore the ball into tiny bits before stuffing them into her mouth.
The monster was now trying to escape; it slammed against the cage with its head, it kicked at it with its midget-like legs, it slapped its wings against the cage. All these didnât work. It soon ended up in her mouth instead.
Well, it technically broke free, when the cage became smaller, and smaller, and smaller..
She didnât remember how and when, but she was already sitting on the floor, naked and exposed in the sunlight. She was already looking up, and she saw that the sun was moving east now [or that Earth was moving west (for you scientific people)].
She was sweating all over. Wind suddenly decided to blow at her, cooling her by a large degree. She instinctively wrapped herself up with her hands, shivering a little. She sensed Avus coming closer with something like a coat, she couldnât tell, but told him that she didnât need clothes. She stopped hearing footsteps as well.
She made a cloth out of thin air and covered herself with it. It was the most opaque item she had ever made.
This is definitely convenient.
And now that she wasnât Death Rose, she finally felt distressed. Her heart sank at the realisation that they saw her do something explicitly grisly, and that both of them saw her naked.
She heard Clarissa run over to Rose, and felt her warm embrace. She noticed Clarissaâs brown hair lightly touched hers, and she felt ticklish all over just from one light touch. Rose returned the embrace, and they never talked for a few minutes. Avus was standing there with his hands folded beneath his chest.
They both stood and released the hug.
God, that was so warm.
Then something started to churn in her stomach.
Perhaps a little too warm.
Then she felt claws digging from inside her stomach. Her hands went to press her stomach back, trying to relieve the pain.
Then let me help you.
We arenât in hell, are we?
The pain became more intense, and more acute. At this point, sound didnât register in her brain.
Câmon. You know you liked it.
She felt a sharp tip pressing at her right palm. At this point, touch didnât register in her brain.
If you die, I die. Letâs go. Let me out. Iâll take care of you, donât worry.
Now she felt a whole paw touching her palm. At this point, she fell unconscious, but could still think, as if she was in a lucid dream.
In that lucid dream, Rose saw Death Rose, a very dark minotaur with eyes abhorrently similar to her own. Her nose and mouth were no different. But when the minotaur opened its mouth, she stepped back, trying to avoid looking at the almost-rotten but horribly sharp teeth.
Iâll help you.
Rose looked around, but she couldnât move her head; she could only face Death Rose.
She clenched her fists.
Câmon, weâre both dying here.

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Oops. Thereâs a slight contradiction in the previous chapter. If you can find it, good for you.

Chapter 78

Avus saw her daughterâs stomach getting ripped apart, while she transformed back into the horrid monster that ate six (alive) dark monsters. Even in Avusâ sick mind, he admitted that his minotaur of a daughter was disgusting. He would have added that it was more horrifying than the tests heâd done.
But what choice does she have?
He looked up and saw that the sun was just at the start, like morning.
This isnât looking so good.
He dragged Clarissa back as Rose transformed into Death Rose. She was in shock and horror, as expected, as she was dragged away. He left her there and brought his blast gun out, ready for the monsters again. The first monsterâs claws ripped through Death Roseâs stomach the size of a beach ball, which was almost up to her now-hairy chest. It ripped its way out and dropped onto the floor as a crushed ball as before.
Avus went to it and jerked the muzzle of his blast gun at the monster and pulled the trigger three times, shredding the monster with energy pellets like a butcher with multiple hands and held butcher knives would to a chunk of meat. He fired one more time to make sure. He stood back and saw a gaping hole at where he shot. He aimed and shot again, the pellets sending the monster a few feet away.
He heard Clarissa scream, then felt something digging into his right calf. He bit his lower lip and looked behind. The second one came out as a crushed ball but with two limbs protruding out of it. One was inside him. He fired at the monster before seeing the third monster escape from Death Roseâs belly. The shot sent the monster away a few feet, dragging and ripping part of his calf. This time, he screamed in a high pitched voice.
Whatever was left of the calf was soaked in red, but he could see a little bit of his TIBIA OR FIBULA, I DONâT BLOODY KNOW!
He was willing to bet his fourth life that Clarissa was trying to keep laughter down in her throat.
He suddenly felt a rush of drowsiness sweep all over his body as he lost blood each second. He fell on his butt and saw the fourth or fifth monster dropping and rolling on the floor all bloody happy to me.
Clarissa put her hands on Avusâ shoulders and tried to calm him down.
Thing is, woman, Iâm already too calm for this bloody ****..
He couldnât say it aloud. He was forced to lie down completely helpless and motionless and also forced to watch his daughter whom Avus had given a **** about her the moment they met (in the interconnected dream that almost seemed useless to me, actually).
And now, Avus was in another useless dream. He saw Rose on his left, running with him on a semi-obscure path to..
To what the blood hell is that?
He couldnât recognise the figure. It was a square silhouette with two barely noticeable triangles at the top two corners of it. As they got closer, the silhouette became clearer and finer. This time, the triangles and square became a bit more elongated. A few hundred metres later, the triangles slowly became arms while the square was stretched to become a torso. Then it turned around, revealing a pair of horns.
Yes, Iâm bloody sure theyâre horns. Itâs clear enough, Avus thought, talking to his own bloody head!
It now leaned back slowly. Avus turned to look at Rose, but noticed her flying towards the figure. Irrational fear struck Avusâs heart like an executioner smashing his axe on the victim. He sprinted after Rose, trying to get her to pull her down. By the time he reached her horizontally, he couldnât reach her vertically.
He tried to shout to warn her, but no sound produced from his non-existent throat.
He felt something stirring in his stomach. He looked down and froze in terror as his intestines leaked out of his bellybutton. In the not-giving-a-**** part of his mind, that doesnât look like intestines. Looks like-
He was silently grunting, and the leaked intestines stopped leaking and instead, went back in, for some reason. Wings ripped his back open for them to freely roam about, attached to his back. He felt a stabbing pain from both points where the wings rudely barged out from. He turned his head, but could only see one small part of his wings. He didnât know how to use them, but he tried; he moved his shoulder blades back and forth, and they moved.
Well, bloody hell, that was super easy.
He ran and jumped, flapping his wings like crazy. Like a bloody fairy, you mean? He actually lifted off, and was approaching Rose when he noticed the gigantic figure become Death Rose. She moved her hairy arms to slap Avus away, but he worked on his wings and accelerated upwards, dodging the ginormous palm. It was about to slam into Rose, and when it did, Rose merged into the hand and disappeared.
He tensed his right arm and a blade made out of bone erected from his wrist. It extended over his hand an extra foot. He tried to move forward with his wings, but all he could do was move upwards. Then Death Roseâs hand moved in to slap Avus. This time, he tried to stay. When her palm was about to hit him, he jerked his right hand into the palm and he merged into the hand.
He wake up, and realised his calf was fully recovered. It was as though his calf was never eaten before. Clarissa was standing beside Avus, holding her purple shovel like a talisman that would protect her from harm.
Spoiler alert, it doesnât do anything.
Figuring that what he could do in his dream could be done in real life, he tensed his right arm, then felt a slight pain throughout his forearm before seeing an arced blade emerge from his wrist and extending one foot after his knuckles. It looked obvious to Avus that this blade was only meant for slashing, so he followed his own advice; slash and only slash.
He got up and saw Death Rose flying in the air, just avoiding the six monstersâ attacks. All of them looked like they werenât damaged by the energy pellets before.
He tensed his shoulders and the same magnitude of pain from before shot through his back, and wings made out of tough flesh of his own emerged like in his dream. He flew up and swung his blade at the first monster he could hit; the blade pierced into its back, specifically its spine. Avus placed a hand at the back and pulled the blade away, sending the monster to crash onto the building.
And the fight goes on, at least until night-time, Avus thought, as he awkwardly moved towards the next monster.

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Man, I wish Armor Games wouldnât censor vulgar words. Oh, well, still an awesome forum, though.

Chapter 79

Myke held on to his blast gun as he was getting sucked into a monster of death. He screamed a high-pitched scream as he turned and swung the blast gun, aiming it at its gigantic head, its gaping mouth at least five feet in diameter. He saw the uvula, and fired at it. It exploded in a blue explosion, the cut bulb of it swallowed by the monster. The monster made a choking sound and the sucking stopped.
Myke was breathing heavily. He aimed his blast gun again at shot its left eye. As he moved on to fire at the right eye, his fellow soldiers started to pull him back, advising him not to go any further. One said it wasnât part of Henryâs plan.
He tried to shake himself free, but their grip was too strong. So he threatened them, his blast gun moving to face the one on his right.
Screw his plan! Best defence is a good offence!
He didnât shout it out. He waited for them to release their grip. His right arm was released, then his left. He got up, only to find the colossus of a monster of death already moved, closing the gap between him and the two soldiers.
He couldnât locate anything to fire at, so he went trigger happy at the monster.
Some shots went into its forehead; some went into the side of its cheeks, and one in particularly went into one of its teeth. It made a small hole in the tooth, and the monster of death stopped moving.
Okay, Myke thought to himself. Weâre outside East, fighting a war against monsters of death. All kinds of âem; worms, dogs, humans, bees, birds, the freakinâ thing I just killed, pegasuses or pegasi, many more of âem. Funny thing is, we have cannons, and theyâre not using them, at all. I donât get this bull****. All these rocks here blocking and tripping me, that sucks balls, man. But, hey, good exercise for blast gun-ing my way through. Iâm pretty sure we wonât see them for the next century or something.
He would be wrong about the latter a few years later.
Sounds like Iâm helping a narrator or something.
He looked at his nearest enemy; a human, apparently with sharp bone replacing his legs. He found it unbelievable that something like it could balance on two points. This time, he placed the blast gun back into his sheath on his back, and pulled out his range rifle. He kneeled and aimed, and shot twice, the next interval moving slightly to the left.
Looks like you have no point to live anymore. He giggled before ending its life with a shot to its neck, decapitating it.
A scorpion of death thrust its stinger at him from a few metres away, but he moved to the side and amputated its tail with his range rifle. He didnât like using his range rifle for close-ranged work, but he couldnât pull out his blast gun in time. Improvise, improvise..
The scorpion let out a shriek and desperately attempted to claw at Mykeâs face with its remaining limbs. He jabbed the blast gun onto the scorpionâs abdomen and blasted away. Its back was ripped open and its guts flew in the opposite direction of the gun. The scorpion died before its limbs could reached Myke. He placed the blast gun over the hole he made and pushed the carcass away from him, grunting as he did so. He looked to his left and saw a blade glint in the moonlight. He gave out a little scream before letting himself into the scorpionâs hole. The blade bounced off the scorpionâs exoskeleton.
Myke quickly pushed the carcass out of the way before looking at the same type of human with sharp bones. This time, it can launch its bones.
He went behind the scorpion and took cover. He heard a scratch against the scorpion armour, then he jumped out of cover and fired with his range rifle again blindly before hiding back in his cover. My freakinâ organic cover, eh?
He heard another blade scratching off the side of the exoskeleton.
Is this monster a dip****?
He aimed down his scope and fired, the bullet shredding through its arm. It didnât shout, or react. It only aimed its never-ending regenerative bones at Myke. Myke went back to his cover, and saw two other humans of death walking towards him, with more bones to spare.
Ah, ****ing ****!
Then he saw one of their heads popped with a bullet. He didnât care who shot it. He just dropped his range rifle and pulled out his blast gun, firing as soon as he laid his finger on the trigger. The other oneâs torso was riddled with holes, but not scattered enough to make one big hole. He heard another blade scratch the side of the scorpionâs armour.
It really is a dip****.
He got up and saw three more humans of death firing bones at him. One missed, and one sliced Mykeâs left cheek slightly. Blood started to flow from there.
He frowned, stood up quickly and brought up his range rifle, never bothering with the scope, and fired it at his hip. Two heads exploded and one dropped to the floor, one of its legs abruptly removed with a bullet. Then its head explodes.
He breathed in and out with a relief, then saw more monsters of death, bigger ones, in fact, in front of him. Then he looked back at East, and wondered why the cannons werenât working. Then the cannons fired. Myke smiled as he turned and saw one gigantic worm of death getting crushed in a ball of metal before meeting an explosion that separated almost every inch of flesh.
Myke nodded, and saw someone who was holding a range rifle on the wall nodding back at him. Then his hand went back to commanding the ones operating the cannons.

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Yay! Chapter 80!
Oh, Iâm sorry for posting one day late, or two days late. I was with my friend during the previous Sunday and Monday. Yeah, I know, Iâm a lazy sh*t. Dead Space 3 can take a LOT of your time too.

Chapter 80

Wake up. Wake up. Wake up. Wake up.
The beast shifted around on its sleeping spot.
My lovely sleeping spot, indeed.
It moved its head slowly from the left to the right, and vice versa. It felt like its head was oscillating from hanging onto a strip of rope. It felt groggy, and tired.
How do you gauge how tired someone without eyes is? But then again..
It willed itself awake, and jumped out of its lovely sleeping spot and clicked its tongue. No one was here. It walked to the door and jumped, then opened the door with its paw. The doorknob turned, but it didnât move the door, so the doorknob went back into position. The beast waited for a moment before realising the door wasnât open. It jumped and twisted the doorknob again, but adding a pull motion this time. The doorknob went back into place before the beast pulled it. The door budged, but it wasnât open.
Frustrated, the beast would twist the doorknob with force, then swing it open and walk out to see Jeyne.
I donât remember being this short. Too bad I canât use force right now.
It tried, but nothing sparked up. It was like forcing your sh*t out, but you couldnât; you had constipation.
The beast tried again, and again, and again, until someone helped, holding the door knob in its twisted position and pushing it. The beast stood back and hoped it was Jeyne. It was only General Exenâs voice. Mushroom.
The beast stepped back as Exen entered. It clicked its tongue and sensed another person coming in. It wasnât Jeyne. It was Henry.
As the door closed, Henry kneeled down in front of the beast. Exen went over to Jeyneâs seat and plopped down on the chair. The beast looked at Henry, while he stared at its mouth, since it had no eyes to stare at. They enjoyed each otherâs company for more than a few minutes before Exen stood up and asked Henry to hurry up. Henry gently wrapped his arms around the beast, rubbed its head with his palm before standing up and leaving the room with Exen.
Whatâs that about, leaving me and all?
It followed Henry a few metres away from him. It looked like they were going to the yard.
The beast called out to Henry and asked why they were leaving. Henry stopped and turned around, then looked back at Exen, who reluctantly nodded. Henry looked back at the beast and said that they were going over to a new city. Henry added that since the corrupted motherâs death, there had been no reports of monsters of corruption wandering around anymore. Instead, this place is slowly being taken over by monsters of darkness. He guessed that there were mothers of the three; only darkness and death left. He said that he was willing to take out the other two mothers. And he said that he wanted the beast to come, but Exen said the beast needed to stay here.
The beast shook its head and continued following Henry to the yard, then eventually a jeep. It sensed someone oddly familiar, the One who Stood Too Straight; he was now leaning on the side of the jeep, half-snoozing and wholly daydreaming. The One who Stood Too Straight woke up at the sound of their footsteps and opened the driverâs door, then entered the jeep. The One who Stood Too Straight impatiently called Henry and Exen to hurry; he didnât have time for two able-bodied men to walk instead of running. Exen shushed him, no, not really shushing him, more like shouting at his face with spittle flying towards him, and he never spoke afterwards. Henry got into the jeep, but Exen stayed out of it.
The beast tried to get inside, but Exen placed a hand on its face and gave a harsh push. Before the beast could fight back, the jeep was already moving. Henry looked sympathetic towards the beast as his face was replaced by air and a desert-cream coloured building.
Why canât I go?
The beast growled at Exen before turning back to the headquarters. It had planned to see Jeyne, but Exen stopped the beast with a shout.
He said that if the beast wanted to go, it had to promise NEVER to roar for the sun. When it was time for the mother of death, then Exen would allow the beast to go. Then the beast understood, though it could never keep the promise.
The sun is my strength, my power, my all, no, my most-of-everything-in-combat. I canât survive without it. But then again.. (again)
It turned around, saying that it could be more powerful than normal dark monsters. It explained about its force usage, and how it could overpower them. It told Exen about how it defeated the monsters of corruption using force.
Exen shook his head. He said that dark monsters were different, no, vastly different from corrupt monsters. He had seen the difference and had a hard time experiencing it. He saw the war between the monsters of corruption and darkness. He admitted that the war was shorter than his hair.
What? What the hell?
The beast nodded to show him that it understood, though it definitely didnât understand the hair part. It turned around and headed back into the headquarters. It visited Jeyne.
It sensed a woman in the room, sitting by a wall and appeared to be writing on a piece of paper with a pen. It imagined she wore white, with a small hat to compliment the clothes. Other than that, it didnât bother about her; the beast went to Jeyne, finding that she was still unconscious. The woman suddenly spoke, making the beast jump. Its heart (though unnecessary according to it) pounded like a jackhammer. The woman said that Jeyne was estimated to remain unconscious for a few days or so. She told it not to worry; Jeyne was in a good condition.
The beast was actually more surprised that the woman didnât get a heart attack seeing a monster of darkness.
Well, okay. Guess Iâll go back and sleep.
The beast thanked the woman and left the room. It returned to its own room and found Exen sitting on the chair, reading a book.
How did you-? Never mind.
The beast asked if Exen could read LaFist Light to it. There was a split silence before he closed the book and said yes.

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