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The night was cold. It was darker than any other nights. The wind blew stronger and stronger by the hour. Some of the trees even submitted themselves to the wind. Leaves were left on the ground. Patches of mud were formed without notice. No one wandered Klensburg. The lamps were not working. Only a few twitched with heat and light. The homes lacked people to stay. Rats rushed through the streets, striving for garbage to feast upon. Klensburg was abandoned. No one was here but one person.
A traveler came from East, the city of revolution. Rose was a girl of fifteen. She was raised by the royal family. She opposed her father who was against her travelling to the Darkness region. She snapped back at her father with anger and rebelliously left his father's office, leaving the father dazed. She packed equipment, gadgets and food, and left through the window in her room.
Rose's footsteps echoed throughout Klensburg. It was rumoured that Klensburg never experienced day, but only night. The ground was not fertile enough to grow wheat and plants. The Darkness region was dry. Clouds were scarce and rain came rarely. Even if water droplets appear from the sky, it would only last a minute.
She walked, foot by foot, cautious to her surroundings. Owls hooted and crows flapped their wings as Rose got closer to them. They shocked Rose once, but not twice.
She accidentally stepped on a puddle, but moved on without complaining. Rose was the daughter of the mayor in the city. She was energetic, ambitious and outgoing. She wanted an adventure she would never forget. After finding out about the Darkness region in her History class, she talked to her friends about it, but she was ignored. Days went by with anxiety and curiosity growing inside her. Everyone shunted her that day, but she had her maids to talk to. She was oblivious to the maids pretending to care for her, though. For the past few months, she had been searching for the Darkness region through her father's telescope, but no fruits bore. Every other week, she asked her father if she could go there, but every time she asked, he refused. With every week, she grew more courageous and rebellious with her father. The fateful day they had the argument was the day she escaped. She was wearing a brown leather shirt with brown leather pants. She wore leather boots to fit with her clothes. On her face was a mask worn over. It only allowed her to see through her right eye. But she cared less about it than her journey to and in the Darkness region.
She laid her hand on a wooden door and pushed it open. The door creaked and whined. She sneaked her head into the door of the gap and jumped. She jerked back and the door broke down. She stepped back and a beast was revealed. Concrete was flying all over the place. Dust scattered and splinters lay on the ground. A head was revealed when the dust floated down to the ground. The rest was slowly revealed. Its head had teeth sharper than any grinder in East. It had ears and a nose as black as the night.
It growled at Rose's face.

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Chapter 108 - Oh No! What Did You Do, Death Rose?

Oh s***. Oh s***. Kogh's dead!

There were no replies. She slapped herself, but there were no replies still.

Death Rose quickly rushed to the scene of the squashed monster of darkness and Kogh, scavenging and tearing through flesh to find him. She gave up after a few minutes, knowing that she would probably tear Kogh's flesh apart by mistake as well

She got up, breathed in and let out a fire breath, burning and melting the gigantic corpse that shortly served the entire cavern as a rug. More like a bear rug.

Even after that, she didn't feel remorse for Kogh, nor did she feel happy. There was still an instinctive part of Rose in her that made Death Rose half-sane. If not, she'd be happy to fly out of here and back to Wonderland to continue destroying it. I 'wonder' if they repaired the mess or not. She giggled and sighed before she made a carpet to sit on. It felt soft, but it didn’t have a surface like a bear rug. It was like a very thin pillow instead. She folded her legs to her chest and rested her head on it. Tears didn’t form, but she was on the verge of doing so. Her heart just felt heavy, as though her heart could sink down her organs and out of her body, dropping still towards the center of Hell. She closed her eyes and let tinnitus take over her ears and mind for a while. Rose would’ve hated it, but Death Rose thought it was a bit relaxing. The sound of silence. She sat there and stared at the blackened sun. Despite it being almost as bright as a fully exposed sun, Death Rose stared at it, and felt her eyes get stung and burned. After a few minutes of her eyes becoming numb, she looked back at her knees and closed her eyes. In her mind, she still saw the recurring image, a glowing ball with colours shifting from black to white to green to blue and to purple, swaying inwards and outwards like a tesseract in two dimensions. She opened her eyes and tried to catch the ball with her hands, but it seemed to flow to the top of her hands every time. Then she was mad, and shot a beam of fire towards it and destroyed the cavern wall, making the ground above it crumble.

Why the hell am I even here?

She stood and flew up to the sky, looking at the man-made or monster-made fissure and the little bloody scene at the stalagmites.

Now, what should I do..? Destroy Wonderland first? Or go back to Klensburg and just **** up their headquarters?

She picked the former and went for Wonderland.

It was probably a few minutes or who knows, an hour before she saw the sign ‘Wonderland’ hung up on some building that she was probably going to destroy. She stopped directly above the city and looked down. Instead of heading straight down like a dumba**, she thought of a way to destroy the entire place. I could do what Rose did to that wretched city. But it’ll be no fun. Too fast, way too fast. Maybe with fire? Too godd*** generic. Manipulation? Then she smiled and descended down towards the city unnoticed or at least I hope so. She landed on a tall building like before. Oh my God, the memories here. How long was it? A month? Two? A year and five months? She sat and felt something missing from there. But she shrugged it off and dropped off from the building and landed just next to a lamp post with a soft thud. She looked at the closest person, a pretty woman wearing a business set of clothes, makeup and an expensive-looking bag, and put an invisible gag on her mouth. Her hands immediately rushed for her mouth, but Death Rose brought them down to her hips. She forced her legs to walk, bending and extending them back and forth, back and forth, back and forth until she stopped in the middle of the street. She then bound the woman’s feet to the street with invisible duct tape that solves everything and was too difficult to remove. And there, Death Rose waited. And waited. And no cars. What the ****? She could tell that the woman was trying to scream. But thank goodness the gag’s working. Eventually, a few people walked past her, though never batting an eye. This gave Death Rose another idea.

She untied the woman’s feet and forced her to go over to a man who was similarly dressed and throw a punch at the man’s face. Now, how do I make her talk? Oh, wait. She doesn’t need to. She just made her face look all angry and furious, like how a girlfriend would look at a cheating a**h***. She virtually mauled the man, and he can’t do s***! Hah! She giggled silently as the woman beat him to a pulp. The man just screamed for help and curled his body into a millipede shape.

Let’s see what’s in the bag..

Death Rose got the woman to throw her bag at her. She caught it and opened it. Phone, coins, bottle, earphones, pepper spray, a small purse-

Wait, a pepper spray!

She threw the bag back at the woman and made her catch it. She took out the pepper spray and sprayed it into the man’s eyes, further aggravating his suffering. Suddenly Death Rose felt hot inside her body. She noticed that she was breathing out of her smiling mouth and her eyes were getting wider and wider as more people gathered around the fight. No one tried to stop.

Okay, let’s see..

She stopped controlling the woman, and started controlling the man instead. He got up quickly and sent a punch at the woman’s face so directly that Death Rose thought her nose went inwards. It didn’t. A pity. The woman fell onto the floor, wailing at her profound pain. On the other hand, the man was being pushed around for punching a woman.

Death Rose couldn’t control her laughter. Let’s make it a bit more interesting. She blasted the crowd away from the man. They went over like spilled salt, and at least half of them were confused. She made the man get up and go over to the woman, strip her of her clothes and strip himself of his clothes as well.

Okay, that’s enough.

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Chapter 109 – I Call Myself Jason Getting Shot In The Head (and Chest and Throat and Eyes and What Not)

D*** it.

Jason was laying on the ground, surrounded by a pool of blue and small holes hidden behind the pool that were made by the energy pellets of a blast gun. No, blast guns. There were currently five men with their weapons aimed directly at him. What? Otherwise it’s indirectly? He wanted to laughed, but his throat had been shot at and he had to pretend that he was dead. I don’t think they’re convinced though. He still had his eyes on the men, but their eyes weren’t on his. He rolled them around and got shot in the eyes. He tensed up his throat from the pain, but couldn’t scream. All he could do to vent his pain was through hard breathing, and even the men stole that from him by shooting his chest. Flowers of pain just bloomed here and there soon after each shot was fired. Flowers of pain. Certainly doesn’t feel like it. Jason resisted the urge to move around and try to look at them again; he just lay still, not breathing because my lungs are ****ed up anyway. Then he heard the men talking about getting a beer and getting a rest. While they were talking, the blackened sun was helping him cope with the pain and injuries. They never noticed. ****ing dumb****s.

When Jason was very sure, oh, I mean it, very, very sure that they were gone, he opened his new and fresh eyes and looked around. His eyes moved around in a vertical infinity shape and blinked rapidly. He thought he was going to get a seizure from that. Then he truly looked around and saw no one aiming their weapon at him. He sighed with relief while testing his fresh lungs and throat. He nodded and smiled.

The walls of East stand tall and proud. They protect against the scum of the Earth, like us monsters, and shelter righteous human beings. All humans are right. Am I right? And all monsters are evil and wrong. Am I wrong? Avus?! Am I wrong?!

The walls of East did stand tall and proudly. On top of them were soldiers patrolling around, but apparently not around here. He checked one more time, saw that no one was there and jumped up towards the wall. He landed with a loud thump and slightly shook the whole place. Never mind, then. Let ‘em come.

There were crates laying around as though they were about to be shipped but never got their transport. Chairs lay around as well, some upright and some kicked down. A few bottles of beer were stuck in the same positions of the chairs. Most of their content was empty. The very few bottles leaked the liquid and stench of alcohol. Why the hell would you drink that s***? The whole place was like a wooden maze with short, disfigured wooden walls that anyone can either push down or jump over with occasional glass prone to cut someone.

Jason looked from left to right and still didn’t see anyone. They really did take a rest. He went over to the edge and looked down. A black tiled roof below was ready to receive Jason, but it was about breaking-leg height. What the hell? I can live through that.

He sat on the edge and pushed off of it. He then crashed through the roof and the second floor, landing on the first floor, cracking it tremendously. Some debris fell on him and cut him, but the wounds were healed soon after. Luckily, there wasn’t anyone here. Then he heard a few men shouting from above. There wasn’t anyone there before! What ****ing gives?!

He jerked up and ran, breaking the door down and turned right towards the nearest tall landmark. Then he heard gunfire, but no flowers of pain. Didn’t you guys have training? He kept running, ignoring the attention he’d gotten and the fear and confusion in everyone’s faces as he passed through them.

The city was filled to the brim with activity. That’s weird. Cars were moving at speeds that could almost kill Jason. The street he was running on was pebbled until a road bordered by sidewalks cut through it. There was a T-junction in front of him. The cars never slowed down when they turned. The ones moving straight went even faster. He streaked by houses, restaurants, cafés, unaware and aware people alike and et cetera. He reached the street and hopped from a sidewalk to the next, landed and cracked the floor again and kept moving. The gunfire started to lessen, and Jason sighed before he heard a louder gunshot and felt something dig into the back of his head. He accidentally tripped on his foot and fell onto the ground. What was that?! As he got up and ran, the wound healed again. Argh! Who gives a s***?! As he sprinted, he looked behind and saw the soldiers standing with blast guns in their hands, waiting for the cars to stop. Jason smirked and went on.

The journey to the landmark was awkward for Jason. People looked at him, but they didn’t bother to scream or call the police. They treated him like a circus act, an oddity to show to the public, minus the potential fruit throwing and booing or wooing acts. Did they even do that? He wondered if people actually threw tomatoes at midgets or extremely and horribly misshaped people.

But for the most part, they didn’t do anything other than glance at him. Maybe because I do look human enough. Soon after, he reached the landmark. The entrance wasn’t absolutely extravagant; occasional lights shone at the gigantic glass door in front. The stairs that protruded from it were black and shiny if Jason looked at it in a certain angle. He slowly walked up them and pushed the glass door open.

Yeah, not so fancy after all. It looked like a mid-classed hotel. A reception desk sat in the middle of the adequately sized lounge; two sets of antique wooden tables and bouncy sofas arranged were mirroring each other. At the back, there were four elevators that weren’t in use. Jason snickered.

He went to the reception desk and found a midget working as the receptionist. Even if he stood up, his head still couldn’t reach the top of the desk. He had to stand on a chair. Jason asked what this building was. The receptionist said it was a hotel. Oh. Well, forgive me for thinking this was a hotel and being sceptical about it. And why the hell would anyone get a room here?

Jason asked if he could get a room. The midget nodded, but he said that payment was needed. Bulls***. His hand dashed towards his head and gripped onto his skull. Jason brought him up and repeated what he said before. His hand slightly moved as the receptionist tried to nod. He released him and saw him fall back onto his chair, then slipping off of it and hitting his head on the desk. The concussion made him unconscious.

Jason leaned over the desk, grabbed a key from a small shelf of keys, and read the label. 12-001 He thanked the unconscious midget before heading for the elevator.

It was a wonder that he could actually press anything in the console, considering his fingers were so big. One of the four elevator doors opened instantly. When he entered, he had to duck.

Wait, am I really five times bigger than myself? Would’ve been impossible to get in. Maybe I’m just two times bigger, or even less.

The elevator could miraculously lift him up to the twelfth floor. When it stopped, he got out and stepped onto a red carpeted floor. It had a pattern of squares dotted yellow at the vertices and black coloured along the sides.

Okay, the first room should be..

He found it, jammed the key into the lock and shoved the door open. He didn’t care to look at the room as he sluggishly walked over to the bed.

Why do I need sleep?

He slept anyway.

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I won’t be able to update for a month because of exams. But the extra chapters I’ve posted would probably be enough. Right?

Chapter 110 - Mother of Death Calls This Chapter a Waste

This chapter’s a waste.

When the mother was halfway through blowing up the city with the rocket launcher and its many rockets, it found a book that the mother itself could read. The book had a hard wooden-like cover and three hundred pages that smelled disgusting yet aromatic. It itself was surprised that it could understand every word, every letter and every line of it. Heh, hadn’t been reading for a century. From the prologue, it knew that the book was about a kind of fictional relic in a pyramid.

It featured the main character as an archaeologist and his partners. It eventually turned from an interesting story about the relic into a sappy romantic novel with a notion of archaeology. The main character eventually fell in love with the hot woman. There was a love triangle among his three other partners, two men and an ugly woman. The two men eventually ended up together. The woman eventually committed suicide. Eventually, the word ‘eventually’ will cease to have meaning. It eventually did to the mother. Even. Event. Tua. Tually. Eventua. What?

It took the mother a few hours to read through two-thirds of the book. Then there was a chapter where the main character and the hot woman just sat outside the pyramid, talking about interests.

A bloody waste.

It shook its head at the book, as if showing it contempt could hurt the book’s feelings. It threw it to the ground after that chapter and stomped on it. The hard cover almost broke. The mother’s foot almost broke as well.

Never mind. Die in the explosion.

Then it continued on its merry destruction. Each time it fired a rocket and it demolished a building, the mother would shout in excitement. The colonel would stand a few metres behind it, either looking at the explosion or the mother blankly or trying to suppress its laughter whenever the mother’s laughter was funny to it. Half of them were, and the mother could see that.

There was one last building; it was at the furthest left corner of the city. As the mother set up a vantage point, using its actual body as a platform with part of its body sticking out of it, it asked the colonel if it wanted to do the honours. It shrugged and took the weapon. The mother looked at its hands and took the colonel how to fire. It took them about twenty minutes for it to finally get it, and his first shot missed by a few metres. The explosion only grazed the surface of the building. The mother covered its eyes with its makeshift hand. The colonel tried the second time and got it right. The rocket cracked one of the walls before exploding and demolishing everything into rubble. Shrapnel flew out and pricked at the mother’s skin, but the pain was too little for it to notice. The mother asked for the rocket, and the colonel dropped it onto the platform. The mother turned back to normal, except with a bigger hand holding the weapon.

The mother stretched itself towards the sky and looked below and around itself. The city looked a lot greyer and darker than before. The debris left by the explosions looked like shards the mother could use to kill. Black rings of carbon riddled the ground, some misshaped, some looking like ovals and some perfect. The mother widened its eyes as one of its children was crushed by the many grey shards of concrete.

The mother didn’t know how to react; it was passionate and sad towards it, but uncaring. Maybe it just didn’t bloody listen to me. It did remember that it evacuated every child out. Yes, except this one. It shrank in height as it walked to its child. It kneeled by its side and tried to tear up, whether for the child or that, somewhere deep down in the mother, someone or something was watching it and its thoughts. The latter didn’t make any sense to the mother, but it was true to a sense. Its own deity was watching it. But it isn’t real, is it? Whether it was real or not, the idea still affected the mother, and it sobbed. The colonel came a few moments later and placed its hand on the mother’s shoulder. The mother turned around and hugged the colonel. I’m not really crying, my child. Don’t worry. The colonel’s face was blank as always. The only time that face drastically changed, and not for the better, was when it was almost killed by the five soldiers and that bugger, Avus.

The colonel was almost always a mystery to the mother. The first time they met was at a small little village the mother had destroyed. That time, there were only it and five other young ones together. The young ones, later on, would either argue with the mother and lead another pack, die, or keep following it. Jason Ugly was the only one who followed it all the way through. The mother saw one die by energy pellets and saw the three others off. It had never seen them since.

The raid was already over; the small wooden houses were completely destroyed except for one that was partially destroyed. The mother went over and searched the place, finding a harmless boy in the rubble. His legs were stuck in the broken wooden planks and his hands uselessly pushed at them. His face was full of horror, a face that the mother would never ever see again until decades later. When he saw the mother, he screamed and begged for mercy. As the mother got closer, the boy would scream faster, making his words a blur to the mother’s ears. It was about to shut him up when Jason convinced it to let him live, saying that it related to him, though not directly. The mother thought about it and nodded. It went over to the boy, who was now breathless from the screaming, and formed a sharp finger and stuck it into the boy’s brain. As the finger got closer, the boy would chronically shout, alternatively in terror and confusion. When the mother was done, it retracted its finger and stepped back. Jason looked slightly disappointed the whole time they waited for the boy to turn into a monster of death. It took about a day in the mother’s memory. Jason said it took about a few hours. The colonel said it was instant.

Did you want it, my child? Did you ever?

When the mother was done crying, it rose up and went back to its other children. Most of them were sleeping. Those not sleeping were still playfully chewing on the bones of the elites like chewing gum, except they were like jawbreakers. What in the bloody hell is a jawbreaker? The mother woke all of them up by shouting. A lot of them were still drunk from sleep when the mother made a speech of going to the next city to destroy. Some fell back to sleep while others got pumped up. It’s a wonder how they manage to sleep with the explosions. The colonel went through the sleeping pack and flipped them upside down. The mother thought it was being a little too harsh. They just saw their brothers die. Come on, now. When every child had woken up, the mother repeated its speech, and thankfully, no one slept.

Then they marched off to Wonderland.

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Chapter 111 – Jason Rears Its Ugly Head (And Hurts Himself In The Process)

Jason eventually woke up from a lucid dream. He remembered running around in a garden full of very brown s***. He also remembered that he stepped on bloody s*** once. Never again. Never again. He got up and saw three soldiers aiming their blast guns at him. One of them, a female, was shouting at him to stay down and put his hands behind his head. It was almost as loud as a helicopter flying a few metres above you. No, too much exaggeration. But still..

The two others, both males, stood there, taking in the loud shouting like plain water.

Jason sighed and complied. But just before the woman moved over to seize him, he splayed his hand and slapped the woman across her body and sent her flying and crashing into a wall. The other men were about to open fire, but Jason’s fingers knocked the guns sideways. The guns fired at the wrong directions, and Jason sent out punches in the right directions. Dunno. Maybe they did want to fire at the wrong directions. Jason went slightly forward and reached out, grabbing both the men’s heads and smashing them against each other. More like fusing them into one. Out came blood when it happened. Oh, the glorious liquids. Oh, so glorious. The woman had already recovered and got her blast gun up. He brought the two dead men up and used them as a meat shield, but a few pellets went past the bodies and gashed him in the chest and right shoulder.

He roared and threw the bodies towards the woman. She tried to dodge them, but her leg was caught and she fell. Jason came up to her and raised his hands, ready to smash her into pieces. Then her face suddenly lit up. A pretty one. Brown hair. Fairly big irises. Her face reminded him of his mother. Her chest rose and fell so quickly, and her mouth opened and closed from her fear. My mom, huh? Jason then said to the woman that she was a psycho b****, and pounded her body into white and red meat patties.

After a few minutes of pounding, Jason kneeled in front of the red portrait and looked for a blast gun. When he found one, he tried to fit his fingers into the trigger space, but they couldn’t fit. Then the pain started to flood into his chest and right shoulder.

Godd***it! What the ****?!

He stood up and walked out of the room and into the elevator. Blue blood made a trail on the patterned carpet floor as he walked down the hallway. He pressed the ‘1’ button and leaned against the wall. This time was one of the very few moments when he actually felt pain. Correction. One of the many times when I felt pain.

When the elevator finally stopped and its door opened, he moved out and realised he should’ve pressed the ‘G’ floor. He sighed and found the nearest big-enough window and jumped out of it, breaking it and receiving more cuts and pain. He landed on the stairs at the front of the building and outbalanced himself. He rolled down the stairs in more pain and knocked his head on the final roll. He laid on the concrete, staring at the dark blanket that was the night. You could’ve just said night, you know. Keep the word count shorter. Jason wouldn’t have thought of that if he wanted to keep the word count shorter.

Funny. I roared just now. Where’s the ****ing sun?

Aah, speak of the devil. Wait..

It wasn’t the sun he wanted to see. It was the normal type of sun for the bloody darks. He sighed the third time and got up, forcing through the pain in the newly-formed bruised, cuts and recent gashes. It’s the sixth time pain is used.

Fourth sigh.

He looked around for a place to hide in. At least give me some ****ing time to heal up. Ah, well. Alleys are always good, right? Jason had the feeling that his last breath would be either in an alleyway or out in the Darkness region. He didn’t let the thought get into his head. Aah. I can predict it! The thought IS going to get into my head until I eventually embrace it! Not working. So he let the thought wrap itself around its head like a snake coiled around a rat. Except my brain loves it. It made him nervous to go into the alleyway. It was like an invisible pool of lava inside that the outside world couldn’t see until someone entered it and realised that he should’ve trusted his guts. And now, the thought of the invisible lava pool wrapped around the snake of personal typical deaths.

Fifth sigh.

He stepped into the alleyway and breathed in the trash and waste of the place. Doesn’t Avus ****ing hire cleaners? Jason wanted to sit down and rest for a while, but now, the thought that he might get a deadly infection wrapped around the second snake of invisible lava pools. Eventually, more thoughts wrapped and wrapped and wrapped. It would’ve looked like a very dense mosquito coil of all colours imagined if someone took out his thoughts.

Though, when he sat, the thoughts burst out from his brain. They tried to glide back but they slowly dissipated into the mental air, ready to come back once the thoughts were condensed.

Sixth sigh.

Let’s keep the word count short, huh?

Jason sighed seven times before going back to sleep again, with another lucid dream where he was in a garden smeared with blue blood.

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Chapter 112 – Does She Meet Her Female Father?! *Gasp*

Death Rose was still laughing when she flew up and rested on a rather short building. She saw the man getting brutally beat up before she got away. She remembered the woman’s face began to pale, and her chest rose and fell so quickly. She was so much in shock that she forgot to gather her clothes and wear them, let alone get away from the scene.

Death Rose lay on an invisible mattress with an invisible pillow. She put her hands behind her head and looked up at the dark night. Eventually, her eyes closed.

She woke up to the blinding light of the sun. And not the sun I want. But she shrugged and got up, stretching herself all the way and back.

Let’s.. Let’s fly around.

And she did. All she saw could be detailed using the same description of East. Except there’s a woman with a really cute red dress. She eventually went over to the woman, but kept her distance vertically.

Why the hell would she take a blast gun around? And a plastic bag full of hotdogs?

The gun was loosely held in her arms. So, just for fun.. Death Rose slowly pulled the gun out. Then the woman woke up with a jerk and tightened her grip on the gun. Aww.. The woman looked up in anger, then in confusion, then in surprise. What are you looking at, b****? She made a blindfold around the woman’s eyes and tied it shut. She descended and looked at her directly at her nose and mouth. Is it some blood ritual or something? Before she did anything, she forced the woman’s hands to her back and tied them. She had no chance against Death Rose’s strength. Then she took the blast gun and tossed it off behind her back. Then the woman asked to release her in a surprisingly polite manner. It made Death Rose jerk up and her eyes wander around aimlessly in search of a response. There wasn’t any in her mouth, but there was one in her hands as she reluctantly cut the invisible ropes around the woman’s hands with force.

She didn’t know why she did that, but now, she was expecting the woman to attack her at any moment. But she went over to hug her. What. What the ****? The woman started to sob. Then, somewhere in the sane part of her mind, it told her not to do anything but to accept the hug. Mind you, that sane part isn’t half of my mind, it’s only like ten percent. But she knew it was growing, but at a slow pace. She just didn’t want to admit that. She always thought that she was the crazy part of someone else. Now that she was herself, she felt so godd*** lonely, even if someone hugged her. Then the insane part prompted her to cry. That’s not crazy.

They both stood there for a while. She could feel the woman’s shivering chest against her whole shivering chest. But why is she crying?

When the woman finally let go, Death Rose asked why, but the woman just sadly smiled and shook her head. She went to the blast gun, picked it up and went back to the plastic bag and picked that up as well. She turned the other way and walked. Am I supposed to follow you? The woman turned around and beckoned. Okay, fine.

But still, why the hell would I follow her?

That question never stood strongly in her mind as she rushed over to accompany the woman side by side. The woman said that Death Rose wouldn’t believe it but she was her father. Death Rose said that she wasn’t in a movie. And you’re not the director of it. Then she mentioned Avus and how he died. How surprising, despite the fact that she was actually shocked. And she said that she was Avus. Haha. Haha. Disbelief was all in her mind and over her face. No, you’re not. She shook her head as slowly as humanly possible. It took the woman, ‘Avus’, a full ten seconds to figure out that she didn’t believe a single word. The woman said it was true, and that Death Rose had to take her word for it.

Oh, wait. I’m not Rose.

She proceeded to tell her that, and now the both of them were in the game of disbelief. C’mon. Let’s see who believes first. She told the woman that Rose was dead, and that she was a new person that just looked like an older version of Rose. The woman never said anything, probably because it’s a long ****ing story, huh? Death Rose continued to blabber on to convince the woman, until they reached the city wall. The woman looked up with a blank face, then turned to Death Rose, asking to lift her up. She obliged and carried her up. When they landed, Death Rose looked at the Darkness region while the woman looked at her left and right.

The woman gasped and pulled Death Rose with her plastic bag hand off the edge of the wall. Both of them were falling now. Both of us are falling now. She frowned and slowed the fall to a stop in the air. The woman got Death Rose to move to the left, because there were men coming their way. Okay.. Two men armed with blast guns looked out the edge of the wall, saw nothing because they’re ****ing blind, and left.

The woman said something. Too close, you say? Death Rose chuckled, and so did the woman, but for totally opposite reasons. Death Rose set the woman down onto the ground and walked away. Man, I thought I wanted to destroy a part of Wonderland. Well, I can now, but I need to let the woman know that I’m coolly walking away from her like a caped wanderer. Then I’ll destroy Wonderland. Instead, what she got was a hug and a plead asking to go with her from the woman.

Oh, well. Why not? She’ll starve soon.

In her mind, the disbelief was slowly fading away.

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Chapter 113 - Does She Meet Her Not-Real Daughter?! *Gasp*

In her mind, the disbelief was still so strong that her daughter could smell it. If she could, she pretended not to notice.

Geez. Don’t ****in’ play with me after all the s*** we both went through. Might have been different, but Jesus Christ.

Death Rose asked where they should go. Back to Clarissa. But do you even know where she is? She said nothing, but Death Rose carried her up and boosted in a straight line away from Wonderland.

I suppose that’s the first step. When Death Rose thought they were far enough, she stopped and let Vussia down. But the second step is not stopping in the middle of this ****ing desolate place. Then Death Rose said something Vussia wanted to hear. Mother of death..? That ***hole? She slowly nodded and Death Rose roared. The sun soon became darker. Vussia never asked a question as Death Rose brought her to an army of monsters of death. Vussia could see the mother’s tall body and its right hand monster. Now she wanted to ask questions. Lots of ‘em.

But she had no time. Vussia was dropped off, while Death Rose made weird gestures with her hand and formed something, I guess. What are you making- As if Vussia was in slow motion, the monsters of death were squashed slowly before the blue blood splattered all over the desolate ground. She could literally see flattened monsters laying still as though they were playing dead. Vussia chuckled at that last bit.

Death Rose moved her hands up and the monsters rose a tiny bit. Is she using a mallet? Blue could be seen all over an invisible surface. Looks as much, she thought, just as Death Rose slammed the mallet down onto the monsters again. And again. And again. Death Rose then shot a gust of wind that separated bits of the monsters away. Out of all the mess, Vussia could see the mother of death and its right hand monster covered in blue blood. To her delight, she saw the pissed off face she wanted.

The mother screamed. It ran, jumped and turned into a spinning saw blade that was going straight for Vussia and was cut in half by Death Rose’s invisible blade. The halves missed Vussia and strayed a few metres away. The right hand monster looked up and looked down again. Vussia frowned and turned around. She saw two mothers now, although one seemed a little tilted and weak while the other wasn’t.

I think Death Rose forgot about the sun.

The weak one eventually fell to the ground, dead, while the other mother rushed in and grabbed hold of Vussia by the neck. Its hand wrapped around her neck a little too strongly for Vussia while the other pointed its fingers to Death Rose, warning her that ‘Avus’ was going to die if she did anything. Death Rose now only looked at the mother with contempt.

The mother looked back at Vussia and said that it sent a child to go and look for her. It said it was a waste of time. How the hell do you know? She didn’t have enough breath to actually say that. The mother raised its hand and reshaped its index finger into a drill. It spun it and slowly reached for its forehead. Death Rose approached them slowly and grunted. The mother shouted, telling her to stay away unless she wanted to see a certain someone’s head get pulled out. Then she stopped, still looking at the mother with the same face.

The mother continued with the surgery and drilled its finger into Vussia’s head. She wanted to scream, so let me geeeerr.. The moment she blinked, her eyes couldn’t see anything but spider webs woven together on a black background. The spider webs were emanating light bright enough for Vussia to tell the difference. What she thought or said (if she could) at this point would be unintelligible. She then saw a black dot that was covering a few spots on the webs. It became bigger, and it looked more and more like a spider racing towards Vussia to get its meal. For no reason whatsoever, she started moving around, letting out ‘Ah’s and ‘Erh’s as the spider got closer. When the inevitable came, the now-gigantic spider loomed over her and bared its fangs and went straight for Vussia’s neck. It tore open her head, munched around and swallowed before it got into her body. It shrank as it did so and replaced her head with its own. Just so it made sure, it twisted its head around and moved her body, though like a marionette.

It’s over?

Vussia felt the mother’s grip on her neck release, and she fell back, coughing for air. Death Rose now rushed towards the mother with a blade and swung at its direction, but the mother moved back and grabbed her by the leg while making a root system with its own legs, gripping the ground. Death Rose was stuck in mid-air. She groaned and cut the mother’s hand off before dashing a few metres away and stopping. The mother held its tongue and uprooted its legs.

Can’t I do anything?

Death Rose made her blade dissipate and shot fire from her hands towards the mother. This time, it didn’t dodge and it caught aflame. Yes! Vussia thought.

But the mother stood there, like it silently said that it don’t hurt me none. Like it’s not even. Not even hurting. No hurts at all. No hurting in my dictionary. Nuh-uh.

Then what about this?!

Vussia grew wings.

Oh, so original.

This time, they were larger than her previous wings, more dragon-like and vertical. Say, this is easier to use. She grew claws three times longer than her hands out of her fingernails and launched herself into the air. Her wings did the rest. They took her as quickly as they could towards the mother as Vussia dug one-and-a-half inches of keratin into the mother. Oh, s***, she thought as she tried to get her claw out of the mother while the fire burned her hand. When she got it out, her hand was seared.

Death Rose floated for a little before making a mallet just big enough for the mother and brought it down like hammer on a flaming nail. It squashed the mother like how it did the monsters.

I feel like this isn’t the end. Like two or even three years.

Vussia retracted her wings and claws and dropped to the ground. She felt too weak to get up, but the sun’s up. What the hell’s going on? She coughed up blue blood, vomited white and coughed up more blue blood. Death Rose summoned a weight to add to the mallet and went for Vussia. She asked what was going on, but all Vussia did was cough. What the hell?! This kept on happening until she passed out.

Then her lives flashed before her eyes; her fathering and grandfathering years, building up a city, maintaining it, experimenting, deaths, Clarissa.

Am I going to die for real? It seemed that she could walk around in the bright light, standing next to the flashing memories. It only felt like two years for Vussia.

Then she woke up next to the mixture of blue and white liquids and solids. Her head was laid to the side. She saw Death Rose lift the mallet and making it dissipate. The mother was flattened, but it was still alive. So.. What the bloody hell was that in the first place?

She frowned, then her eyes broadened.

When the last mother dies, I die?

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Chapter 114 - Mother, Mother, Mother, Mom

God, what have I done to deserve this?

It lay on the ground, its eyes barely working. The eyes pointed towards its colonel.

Why are you not doing anything?

The colonel still didn’t move, as though its thoughts couldn’t command it.

Come on. Please?

It still stood there, not moving and helpful.

Alright, fine. I’ll do things myself.

The mother sprang itself upwards as a blob of meat and enveloped the girl. The mother shifted its weight at the top of the girl’s head but stayed the same at her chest. The mother heard a snap. This is how you do things. It left her body and stood in the shape and form that everyone knew. It cracked its fingers and neck and looked at the new Avus.

Looking more beautiful than ever, child.

Her surprised look gave the mother a smile and the occasional chuckle as it walked towards her. Then, out of nowhere, Avus pulled a blast gun out of her own a** and fired at the mother. The pellets went flying and hit the mother, mostly at the chest.

Thank the sun it’s here. Thank the sun.

It was sent plummeting to the ground, and it stayed there, hoping Avus would come closer so I can wrap my hands around your bloody throat. The mother heard footsteps, but they were receding from the mother. Avus was tending to the girl instead. The mother let out a grunt. What can you do? And besides, she’s not completely dead. The sun’s still here.

The mother stared at its beloved sun, and it stared back at the mother, though with a blank face. Like that bloody good-for-nothing colonel. Speaking of him, where is he? The mother looked from left to right, found nothing, and got up. Behind Avus and the girl, the colonel stood with the same face as the sun’s. Or rather a depressed one.

The mother walked towards the colonel, trying to sidestep the both of them when Avus shot it down again. It fell to the ground and sighed. Its hand went to its forehead and lightly wiped its face. The mother got up again and rushed towards Avus. It brought its hand up towards the blast gun and punched it out of her grip. As it flew up, the mother extended its other hand and grabbed it. Do you want me to break this bloody thing?! The mother brought its right knee up and threatened to break it if Avus shot again.

It threw the blast gun backwards and went over to the colonel with a disappointed look. The mother folded its arms, trying to pull any reaction, any at all, out of the colonel. C’mon. Regret. Depression. Anything. Instead, the colonel leaned its head back and looked at the mother through the slits in its shells. His eyes were the most ghoulish things the mother had seen. And I’ve seen my sisters’ eyes before. The colonel turned around and broke the stare, and started walking away.

Wait, where are you going?

The mother chased after it, but when it almost reached it, the colonel turned around and smacked its hand away. It raised its own hand and made its forearm shell sharper and longer. My child. What.. It tensed its arm until it was shaking so badly, then it lowered its hand, turned around and walked away. This time, the mother didn’t chase it.

I can’t make you like me, after all. But, it’s been years. Why not earlier?

The mother turned to Avus and shaped its hand into a spiked mace. It looked at the both of them. Avus was by the girl’s side the whole time. Let me guess. This is to make me sympathise. Well, I’m not bloody sympathising with you bas*****. It raised its mace, and lowered it back down. Its hand changed back to normal. I am sympathising. What the bloody hell is wrong with me?

It put its hand on its face and turned around. I’M BLOODY SYMPATHISING! It frowned and turned again. Avus was still by her side, waiting for the sun to heal her up.

Wait, maybe I’m sympathising because they’re my children. Yes, that’s it, it thought while nodding its head like a child in kindergarten learning about time. The child’s mouth would be wide open and his eyes would be widened so much for so long that he probably would break the world record for widening his eyes the longest. That was weird.

But they hate me now. What am I going to do..? Or maybe I’ll just leave them and eventually meet them when I’m done destroying a city or something.

But they did kill my children. What to do..? What to do..?

Wait, they can be my first after today. Besides, who needs the bloody colonel anyway? I’ve got a bloody kinesis user here. And some fire thrown in too.

The mother realised that Avus and the girl were staring at it for a while now. Avus was showing a frown while the girl looked too tired to even stare at the mother. Why are you tired? The bloody sun’s up. Avus said to the mother that they were going to leave, and that the mother wasn’t going to come with them. Then Avus whispered something to the girl before Avus grew wings and carried the girl off. Off to doom if you don’t come back. And how the hell did you learn how to fly that fast?

Bloody hell, I’m all alone now.

It really was alone now, apart from the blue mess the girl made. Oh, well. I can rebuild my army. It’s going to be a cakewalk. I’m going to find my sweet colonel and never take him for granted. Then I’m going to find new colonels to follow me. Yes. This time, the army’s going to be the strongest I’ve ever built. The strongest. Strongest. Yes, that’s my plan. But first, my sweet colonel.

The mother stroke its chin, wondering where the colonel would’ve went and headed over where it thought was right.

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Chapter 115 – Where’s Mom?!

**** it. I doubt he’s here. I should get back to Mother.

Jason breathed in and out before stepping out of the alley. He had been wandering around in darkness for God knows how long, but it did look like it was just a few days, and basically loitered. He’d lean against concrete and wooden walls all the same, thinking too much about too few things and blanking out. To others, he would look like a big humanoid beast who folded its arms and looked at the wall opposite it. Depends on perspective, really. He thanked God that he didn’t need to eat, or else either he or East would be in doom. Even now, he was spacing out at the floor while attracting way too much attention from passers-by, even though they didn’t do anything. Jason had sighed too many times, and he was still doing it.

Something sparked up in his brain when he picked up a scent. Mother? Then a loud explosion came from far behind him.

Explosions? Too much?

It was just a hunch to him, but he thought that his mother would be nearby. He broke off into a sprint. Each foot he planted made sounds as if his feet were wrecking balls, except they didn’t leave cracks on the floor. That’ll be bad for the city, won’t it? He was attracting more and more attention from the other people, and they started doing something. Yeah, running away. Children looked at him while being pulled away by their parents. Naïve, naïve, little things, though there were children that were scared s***less. Couples hugged one another and skipped a few steps back and singles skipped more steps back.

Up ahead, there was smoke rising. Explains it. Surprisingly, even with the amount of ruckus he was causing, no guards came, let alone armed guards. I suppose that’s okay.

He started seeing houses, with people’s heads stuck outside their windows. Some had blank faces, and some had surprised looks, but they don’t look like they saw a gigantic monster running like a man towards the exit. Rather, they looked like they saw a circus act that was a gigantic monster that took a s*** on the floor. That kind of surprise. He sighed again, never noticing that he wasn’t running out of breath.

Plenty of guards surrounded the entrance. Jason stopped as soon as he saw them. His eyes swept the area from left to right. Trash bin’s too small. Wall’s too obvious. Poster? They can see my legs. Table’s too small too. Wall, it is. He slid to one of the houses around the area. As if God was playing mind tricks on him, the situation went against his expectations, sort of. Guards did look his way, but no one paid a single mind, except a woman that barged out of her house and looked directly at Jason’s eyes. Her eyes widened, but her mouth was closed. She nodded slowly as she reentered her house. Jason sighed again, for a different reason.

From the looks of it, they’re controlling a fire. But, where is she?

Jason’s eyes were wandering around when he noticed something move slightly below his field of view. He looked up. She was on the wall.

There she is. Just what are you doing here?

She was a tiny ball with short sticks for legs. Oh, hey. They have joints! She walked towards the edge and was about to drop, when a guard wrapped his arms around her.

Hey, s***brain. Get your hand-

The mother then wrapped herself around the guard instead. Her body turned into a sharp, toothless saw blade and shrunk in size, cutting him in half. The lower half stood for a while before it fell onto the ground. The upper half fell and was screaming all the way down to its-

Splat. Won’t that get you attention now? When Jason thought about it, the mother always seemed to like attention, whether it was malicious or not.

It’s not time to move yet. I have to wait and see.

The fire was growing larger. More guards surrounded it and tried to put it out, but it looked like they were adding wood instead of foam. Eventually, a few guards remembered the shout and went to the halved body. Only then did the mother drop off the edge, changing into a big claw with three points specifically for the three guards looking at the body. They stayed still the entire time, even after being impaled from their heads. The mother shook herself, trying to get their heads off of her body or claw. She turned back into the tiny ball, except she had no legs at all. She was going to roll herself out. Huh.. It looks almost like a real ball.

Jason’s eyes followed the ball until she stopped in front of him. Jason stepped back and gave the mother a spot to hide. She turned back into her original self. Almost as tall as me.

The mother said that she knew he would be here, and smiled. Is this permission to hug or something? He did exactly that, but softly. The mother returned the hug and suddenly let loose another plan of hers. Another army? Are all the previous ones dead?

Duh, dips***.

The mother said that Avus would be their first child. Jason asked why, but the mother only said that he was to be their first child. Out of nowhere, she added that she spared his life.

So, is that why you’re here? To tell me that? What did he do this time?

When they released each other, Jason asked where the other colonel was. The mother shrugged.

Why are you saying you don’t know? Wasn’t he with you the whole time? From the beginning? You didn’t ask him, did you? You just watched him run away, no, walk away? He wasn’t crying. Not at all. But deep down, he was hurt.

The mother shook her head and looked up at her child. She took his hands and held them close to her disfigured face. His hands were a lot bigger than her head, but they were calm. I can crush your head any time I want, you know? They never did. She’s my mother now. They looked at each other. For some reason, her face looked like his human mother’s one, except without those crazy eyes, but with eyes of a real mother, however disfigured it was.

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Chapter 116 – What Ever Happened to the Past? No One’s Talking About It (Maybe It’s Boring).

Oh, s***. He got into a fight again.

Henry watched as Myke sent a straight punch at a soldier his rank. Henry swore that he could hear a bone cracking at the soldier’s nose. The soldier went down, and so did Myke. He mounted his body and kept swinging his fists at his face. With each hit, Henry promised himself more and more not to mess with Myke. D***. The crunching sound’s brutal as hell. He was sympathising with the soldier, but it occurred nowhere in his mind that he should stop the fight. Seems like no one’s doing anything. A crowd was gathering around both of them as the poor soldier tried to grab onto anything tangible, whether it be Myke’s hand or a glass bottle. Wait, a glass bottle?! Where’d it come from?! The soldier grabbed onto a green bottle and swung at Myke’s head. It cracked, and so did Myke’s skull. He let out an ‘Ah!’ and fell towards the soldier, almost kissing him. The soldier cursed at him when he pushed the unconscious body out of the way and ran his hand over his bloody face. He looked at Myke and spit blood onto his cheek and awkwardly pushed past the crowd.

Henry pushed past the crowd as well and kneeled beside Myke.

Well, at least I went forward.

Henry put his fingers on his forehead and sighed. He took Myke up and carried him to the infirmary. Weirdly for him, the crowd gave way.

He got the nurse to take care of Myke and went outside. He waited next to the door and saw the mayor walking in the hallway. Henry jerked up to a straightened position and greeted him as he passed him by. Is he going to eat, or did he hear..?

Well, I suppose I’ll have some coffee first.

Instead of having and drinking coffee, he stirred it with the spoon for almost an entire hour before drinking. He was lost in the swirling of the coffee foam. He was stirring it clockwise and stopping the flow like there was a tiny dam in the cup, then stirring it anticlockwise. When he finally drank it, he shivered but still continued to drink it. It was another good hour before he thought Myke would wake up.

He turned around and saw, still, a splatter of blood on the floor.

Is no one cleaning this s*** up?

Yet, he went past it to the infirmary.

Myke was still unconscious, and the side of his head was white with bandage. Henry looked around and got a stool, sitting beside Myke and resting his elbows on the bed. He rested his face on his fist and looked up at the wall and stared at it. Slowly, in his mind, a jazz tune started to form. He was lightly bobbing his head to it when a door clicked open and jerked him up. He looked to the right and saw the nurse with a mess of paperwork in her hands. The both of them shared eye contact before she looked down to her paperwork and walked back to the other room.

What the hell was that about?

Wait, don’t I have something to do?

He frowned for a moment before he snickered and shook his head.

I’m too godd*** lazy for that now.

When Henry was about to return to his jazz tunes, Myke started mumbling something. His head jerked up, but he never bothered to wake him up. He only waited to see what Myke had to say.

An itch? What itch?

Myke’s back faced him as he turned. His hand tried to reach a spot, but it was too far. Disgust contorted his face, but he went along with it anyway though he grabbed a part of the blanket to rub Myke’s back. Myke let out a sigh of relief and turned back, smothering Henry’s hands. This time, he shouted and Myke got up. He laughed at him, calling him a ********** weirdo. Hey, you’re the ********** weirdo here, ********** a**h***. Though he just laughed back and pulled his hands out of Myke’s back. Myke’s godd*** sweaty back.

Henry asked Myke how long the healing would take, and Myke said it would take a few months. Henry’s jaw dropped, but laughed again. He said that Myke deserved it for all the s*** you’ve pulled off these past few years. He slapped Myke on the forearm before asking if Myke wanted anything to eat or drink. Myke nodded and hummed.

Uh, huh. What do you want?

He waited like a donkey before Myke said he wanted some booze. Seriously, alcohol? Now? He said no and wanted to get him coffee instead. Myke rolled his eyes and told Henry to add lots of sugar. Well, define lots for me, dips***. He shrugged and went off.

I wonder, Henry thought. Where did that guy go off to?

Then he saw the same soldier walking past him. Well, speak of the devil. Wait, where is he going?

He looked back and made sure the man wasn’t looking Henry’s way before making his move. Why the hell am I following him? Myke needs the coffee. Of course, Henry still tried to follow the soldier.

In his current position, he would caught immediately if the soldier turned around. Bloody hell, I don’t want that s***. He tried to muffle his footsteps, but the best he could do was to reduce them down to light taps. S***. He knows someone’s following him. S***. Turn back, Henry. ********** turn back!

He never did, though. Is this the clichéd moment where I don’t follow what I think? You know, maybe, I’ll break it for once. I’ll freakin’ break the stereotype’s teeth so hard that they fall inwards in four dimensions. Then grab them once I’m in the fourth dimension and throw them back at its face. Oh, yeah.

In the end, Henry found out that the man was only going back to his room.

So much for that.

He turned back to get the hyper sweet coffee.

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Chapter 116.5 – Is She Back?

I feel as though I’m not that important anymore. Like no one will want to write about me. What’s happening to me?

What is there to do in this world? I don’t really care about this woman father, or the world. Where is Rose when I need her? Why the hell do I have these feelings? Thoughts? Hell, ******* thoughts!

Sometimes I wish Rose hadn’t been caught by that dips*** scientist. She should’ve killed him right there and then. ******* Kogh just took her away like Prince Charming. Sometimes I wish I’d kill Kogh sooner too. But I loved him. I loved him so much. No, Rose loved him, not me. I’m just a crazy part of Rose, right?

When I came to be, I thought it was so godd*** funny to see Rose fantasising about sex with Kogh. She always wondered what it was like, since she’s a virgin. Well, I’m a virgin too, but I don’t really want to waste it all on Kogh. Not that it matters, right? I’m a monster of death, not a ******* weak a** human. I can control myself, right? Right. I can. I just do what I want because, well, I want to.

But what do I want to do now? thought Death Rose.

Maybe, save mankind from the mother?

Who’s that?

It’s Rose. How the hell do you not know my voice?

Rose…? What-

C’mon. You’ve got nothing to do, and nothing to lose. You like fighting and all that bulls***. Use it for good.

Are you sure?

Yes. I’m sure.

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There won’t be vulgarities this chapter, I promise.

Chapter 117 - When Was The Last Time I Saw Him?

Clarissa’s eyes lit as she saw a new city.

Behold, a bigger mess..

She had been travelling with the townspeople for the past few days. Food was depleting quickly, but it hadn’t run out. She was one of the lone person in the entire group. Hundreds travelled with sons and daughters, wives and children, friends and acquaintances. But not Clarissa.

The group was only making noise when a random civilian started talking, but it wasn’t loud enough for Clarissa to care. Occasionally, a man or woman would discuss something with Clarissa, but the only things she said were ‘Yes’, ‘No’ and ‘I don’t know’.

She had noticed a few others that were in the same position as her. Some of them had cautious looks on their faces, some were looking at the barren ground and a few decided to depart from the group, seeing no hope after what happened. Clarissa thought they were smart enough to leave. I’ve seen worse things in groups than in loners. But she thought they weren’t smart enough to know that worms of death lived underground. Maybe they didn’t know. Clarissa pitied them.

Luckily, no one was hurt by any monsters. No worm came sprouting out of the ground, no monsters landed on anyone from far above. But no Avus to come take me.

The very few guards of the city were leading the group. What? Only four of them, I think.

The group still hadn’t moved since their first viewing of the new city. Clarissa was waiting, impatiently waiting. Her eyes wandered from the dazed townspeople to the city, then to the barren land. They moved whenever she thought of what she was looking at. C’mon, when the hell are they moving?! She eventually shouted to move. A few people turned back to look at her, looking even more dazed than usual. Then finally, as if an angel had granted her wish, the guards shouted to move.

It wasn’t long until they reached the gates. The city buildings looked tall, but not that magnificent. Only a few stood out as extravagant. But one thing she noticed from before was that the city had a few major damages. Or at least that’s what I think. A small black dot in a circle.

Guards from both sides were talking and negotiating whether they could enter or not. Let’s hope even one of them has charisma. It took a while more before the gates opened. Nice. The group started moving after that.

A man suddenly moved up beside Clarissa and introduced himself as Noble. Yeah, I’m pretty sure you’re noble. She didn’t say anything, but she stared at his eyes for a while before looking back at the ground. Noble kept going at her, talking about how rich he was and how many women he slept with. I didn’t need to know that. She didn’t want to cause any trouble, so she slowly drifted away from him. Her face looked the other way and her arms folded together. Noble then talked about how he would conquer this particular city, as if he hadn’t noticed her body language. Either that, or that he doesn’t care. Noble called her out, asking if she got whatever he said. She nodded and tried to move slower. With every step slower, Noble got slower too. Ugh.. Clarissa finally gathered up enough courage to talk back, saying that Noble should bother some other women. As she said this, she looked at him, his face full of distortion. Noble asked to repeat what she said. What are you going to do? Rape me? Clarissa’s eyes widened.

She shook her head and apologised. During the time when the whole group was walking to somewhere, I guess, Noble was talking to her the whole time, without stopping. It was as though he didn’t need to take a breath. Nonsense was spilling out of his mouth like a sewage pipe full of porn magazines and torn banknotes. She was getting sick of it. It’s either this nonsense or rape. And it’s not like there’s anywhere to go to. On the way to somewhere, she saw a half-recovered site that was broken down. She didn’t know whether it was an accident or not. Then somewhere in the distance, she read a glowing sign that said ‘Wonderland’. Doesn’t look so wonderful to me.

By the time they stopped, her ears were numb to Noble’s words, except when he asked if she had heard everything. Those few words would catch her by surprise and her instant reaction was to nod. Anyone could’ve known that she wasn’t really listening, but not Noble.

The guards then turned around and said that everyone would disperse and live in this city. Wait, what?! No! She wanted to stay with someone, just not Noble! There was a bit of complaining before everyone agreed and left the group. Clarissa was getting more desperate the more people left. Her breathing was suddenly heavy and her eyes were avid scavengers, trying to look for a solution. She ran to one of the guards and begged them to go together as a group. He had a face that said, ‘I want to help you but I can’t’. She went to the other guards but they still gave the same look. One even looked like he meant to live out his life here.

Oh no. What am I going to do..? What am I going to do?

She had an idea. She looked at the guards’ weapons. Blast guns. Okay. Then she snatched the gun from the man she was talking to, and turned around, aiming at Noble and firing a shot. The energy pellets went through Noble square in the face. The faceless body fell to the floor, face first. She would have laughed back there, but she felt sick after seeing the hole in Noble’s face. She gave the blast gun back to the guard and ran to the left. She wasn’t aware that the four guards were petrified, semi-literally.

When she was done running, she sat on the sidewalk and cried.

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If you’re reading this, I wanna tell you something. I don’t know. I don’t know what to do. I have the ending (which I think is good). I guess that’s all. Just some info on why I haven’t been updating for a month. I’ll try as hard as I can.

Chapter 118 – Both of Them Have No Idea

Did I actually agree with Rose?

Death Rose was standing outside East, unsure of why she wanted to come here. Her father was next to her, probably wondering why he was back here as well.

Probably wondering why he came back to his own city.

Rose, are you there?

There wasn’t an answer, apart from her own voice. She looked at the ground and sighed.

Where did I come from, anyway? Looked like the Darkness region a second ago, but now..

The gate outside East presented a layer of dead soldiers, some on top of them. One soldier looked as though he was alive and well, but his head was sideways and his tongue had slipped out. One last drop of saliva fell from his tongue to another soldier’s right cheek, and that soldier didn’t flinch at all. Duh, he’s dead. It almost looked like the layer of bodies there were a carpet just for Avus. A welcoming party fit for its prime guest. That didn’t sound nice.

He is Avus, right? It doesn’t look that way.

Avus went towards the gate and actually walked over the bodies, except that he or she, let’s stick with she, she was careful not to touch anything, especially the soldier with the tongue out. She looked back at Death Rose and beckoned her. She nodded and went in together.

There was a burning smell somewhere under the entrance and a big black spot spread out along the floor and the walls of the entrance. Wish I was here earlier. It looked chaotic. There was a little smoke left that Death Rose could see and smell. Did the narrator actually repeat that? I know there’s smoke.

So, Rose, is the mother of death here?

There seemed to be no answer. It was still Death Rose’s own thoughts.

C’mon. Say something.

She shook her head and followed Avus until she saw the mother of death and a big hulky monster of death standing there, staring deeply into each other. What-

She frowned a second later and sent an invisible blade at the mother. The big monster, called Biggy, grabbed the mother and jumped sideways. Apparently, Biggy saw my blade. How..?


She pushed Avus aside by force and boosted towards the mother and son. They are mother and son, right? Avus went tumbling towards a wall and almost saved herself with her hands. Her head knocked on the wall instead. She let out a shout of pain, then a frown of confusion before she blacked out. Sorry, dad. I’ll pick you up later. Death Rose didn’t realise that she was becoming more of Rose than her crazy self.

She made two more blades and threw them at the mother. Apparently, Biggy could still dodge the two of them by jumping. Hohoho! Wanna play that ******* game, huh?! When Biggy landed, Death Rose summoned a blade to wield and boosted towards Biggy with her blade pointing at it. She stabbed it in the head, but it only let out a groan before it slapped Death Rose away.

Her body destroyed a wall and went into the building, and broke many of her bones. When was I this weak? Pain wasn’t a subject worth discussing at this point. She was shunning the pain like pushing an annoying kid with ADHD who wanted attention out the window of a twenty-story building. She slowly breathed out and carried herself with force to the streets. Then she roared.

Ahahah! AHAHAHAHAH! B****!

Oh, wait. This is the mother of death.

She whimpered. She wanted a pillow to whine on before she went to chase Biggy. Never mind that. Sun, BESTOW UPON ME YOUR POWER OF THE HEALINGS! That made no ******* sense.

Her bones formed back and she was ready to go. So is Biggy. She flew up and tried to see where they were. Argh. Too small. She sent light waves of force around her. The waves eventually spread across the entire city. C’mon. The biggest guy in the city with a thin-a** b**** on his hands. C’mon.. There they are.

She dashed towards their direction. When she was directly above them, she pushed herself down towards Biggy and missed. By a few ten or twenty metres. Her legs plunged into the road and broke the tarmac.Ow. She got up and her legs healed.

She flew towards the two and formed a wall of force in front of them. Biggy knocked into the wall and bounced back, throwing up the mother into the air. OKAY. NOW! She took the wall and rolled the mother up. There was a shout from Biggy as it ran towards Death Rose. As she was about to squeeze the mother or spaghettify, heheh, Biggy rammed his fist at Death Rose’s face, breaking her skull and moving pieces of the skull around her face. OEWRRT. Even her brain was distorted.


She then shook her recovered head and formed another wall in front of Biggy. It bounced off the wall and fell to the ground. As it was about to get up, Death Rose wrapped the wall around Biggy and squeezed it. Its blood oozed out from the sphere of force as if there were pores on it. There was a scream from Biggy, but it was cut off. There was a smile on Death Rose’s face, and a scream of agony and distraught ringing in her head that came from the mother of death.

Her smile fell. Oh, crap.

She was about to form a shield in front of her when the mother turned into a spiky flail without a chain, basically a spiky ball, and slammed into Death Rose. Now, pain came back. Hah, the ******* ghost of the ADHD kid came back. She fell along with the mother onto the ground. Death Rose tried to force the mother out with force, but it wouldn’t budge. One of the spikes of the ball became longer and longer, and it eventually formed a dome around Death Rose. What was left was a slightly smaller spiky ball lodged into her chest.

Death Rose’s vision blurred. No! Why the **** is it blurring?! Am I dying?! **** NO! I CAN’T DIE! THE SUN IS HERE. Wait. It’s ******* blocking the sun..

Then she heard Avus’s womanly voice. No.. Please. Don’t be stupid..

I failed Rose.

Tears welled up in her eyes as she died.

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Chapter 119 - YOU. ARE. A. ****. ING. B****.


The mother slammed her flail at the girl.


The mother slammed her flail at the girl.


The mother slammed her flail at the girl.


The mother slammed her flail at the girl.


The mother slammed her flail at the girl.


The mother slammed her flail at the girl. It didn’t care about Avus pleading for it to stop. It went on pounding at the girl for killing her most beloved son.

When it was done, it finally returned to its normal thin form, the spiky ball dislodging off of the dead girl’s body. It roared and reversed the sun back. It didn’t bother wondering exactly how it did that. It was more focused on Avus.

The mother asked Avus what she wanted in a voice slightly tipping over madness. Avus was crying, and so was the mother.

Don’t you dare put us both together!

Avus just asked the mother to stop. That’s it? I’ve already stopped. But I know what I won’t stop.

The mother formed a flail, one that was smaller than the previous one, and smashed Avus in the head. Her head caved in and her body went limp and lifeless. The mother retracted the flail and smashed her again, and again. It was a bloody pulp, like an orange squashed by a slightly slow and malfunctioning jackhammer. The mother stared at the pulp before it went over there and scooped pounded flesh and bone, then enlarging its throat before gulping the whole thing.

I wonder whose body you’ll take over next..

Surprise, surprise. No one saw me, even with the bloody mess here.

The mother knew it was trying to get over Jason’s death, so it walked around East. People saw it, but they only reacted in shock and horror before moving on with their lives. It’s as if I’m a circus act. Only a few were so scared that they ran back to their homes or away from it, though not one reported anything to the guards. Where they’re burning alive.

The mother was wondering what to do, since its son died.

Stop it.

It thought of building another army. But what’s the point then? Destroying anything won’t be fun anymore because..

Stop it!

The mother stopped in front of a coffee shop. The customers inside weren’t paying attention. Not even the workers were looking its way. Then the mother’s eyes lit up.

What if I lived a human’s life? Would it be just as great then?

It had no idea how it would change its own shape. It had nothing in mind but-

Avus? But which Avus? Which one?

After a few minutes of thinking, it decided to take on the woman’s version. Its body began taking shape how it remembered it to be. Its face was precise, but other features like its chest and legs weren’t up to par. Because of her clothes. They were blocking her body. Its hair was somewhat spot on. Its hair wasn’t like normal human hair. It looked more like a few hundred strands were stuck together to form a single strand. I’ll have to fix that later. Forming its hands were easy. Because I remember my human-

The mother slapped its forehead with its newly formed hand.

Why not myself?!

It shaped into its teenage human form and got really close to how she looked back before its mothering days. I thought I couldn’t remember much of myself. The mother was right. Its face wasn’t accurate. It was very muddy, like its memory of its origin. The mother sighed.

I guess it’s back to Avus.

It went back to Avus’s body. The clothes it wore weren’t clothes; they were its skin but coloured like Avus’s clothes before the mother crushed her into a pulp. The mother nodded and continued into the coffee shop.

I wonder how no one saw me.

It came across a chair and sat on it.

Okay, how does this work? Does someone come over..

Not one of the workers came to it. It sat there, waiting for a few minutes before it got up in irritation. It walked over to the counter and looked at the menu just behind the cashier.

Hmm.. What should I have? What’s a mocha? Why are there hot and cold ones?

The mother ordered a hot mocha. The cashier asked for its name.

Huh? What’s my name..?

The mother said its name was ‘Mother’. The cashier frowned and asked if that was really its name.

Quick, think of something. Anything that’s not Avus.

Then tiny memories of its teenage life flooded its mind. It remembered that its name was Catherine.

So the mother said just that. Catherine.

Catherine.. What a pretty name.

The cashier nodded and asked for seven bucks.


The mother frowned and asked what that was. The cashier laughed, then stopped. She asked if that was serious or not. The mother nodded. Then the cashier asked it to get out. She said that if you’re not going to pay, then please leave.

Why would I want to leave? Just bloody tell me what a ‘buck’ is and I ‘pay’ you.

The cashier asked it to leave.


The mother’s hand turned to a blade and held it in front of her neck. The mother shouted to give her a hot mocha. It said it just wanted to try it out. The cashier didn’t say anything, probably because she was scared to death. That’s how you’ll end up if you don’t give me my mocha.

She put her hands up and frantically nodded. She got to it.


Catherine turned around and looked. No one bothered.

Funny stuff.

It went back to where it sat and waited. A few moments later, the mocha came in with steam rising above the black cup. The cashier left and was never found. She wasn’t even at the counter.

Probably crying herself to sleep right now.

It grabbed the cup and raised it to its mouth. When it was about to drink, the cup was pushed over. It wet the floor, the cup falling and breaking into pieces. Catherine looked up and saw a man who looked like a worker, aiming his blast gun at it.

Oh, another weapon.

The man shouted at it, but Catherine never paid attention to his words. My mocha’s spilled.

Then the energy pellets came. The man fired and the pellets pierced through its head. It fell sideways with the chair and crashed onto the floor. Its head knocked the floor and wet itself with the mocha. Catherine was alright, and she got to taste the mocha.

Pretty good.

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Chapter 120 – It’s Weird Living Inside Your Own Daughter’s Body

Avus coughed before getting up from the floor. When she did, there was a pain in her chest. She grunted and fell back to the floor.

Whose body am I in now..?

Then somewhere in her mind, she saw herself playing with her axe-and-glove.

Is that my axe..?

She realised and tried to get up, but the pain came back. She fell back again and breathed as slowly as she could. She lay there, trying to confirm whether she was who she thought she was.

There was a memory of her in class. She thought it was boring. Typical. Then she wore a mask that only had a hole for one of her eyes. C’mon, give me another memory. She stayed in her room, studying for a test. She was wondering what the Darkness region was. She saw a boy that was special to her. She lost a diary and cried. She had force powers. There was an alter ego that helped her in fights.

Avus already knew, but she wanted to confirm it. Finally, there was a memory where she was at her mother’s grave. Henry was there, comforting her. Her father was standing there, looking at the gravestone.

Avus’s eyes pooled tears. She tried suppressing them but they kept coming. Now that Avus uncovered most of her memories, she had so many reasons to cry. But there was one main reason. Rose’s death. During the time when Rose and Avus were travelling together, the thought process that went through Death Rose’s mind hit Avus too, that that was Rose’s actual last words.

She just wanted to stay here forever.

I have to move.

Then an invisible light bulb popped up above her head. She roared and the sun came back.

Let’s just hope the mother doesn’t pull it back down.

Her chest wound started to heal quickly. A few seconds later, she got up, healthy and infected with viruses. She breathed a few times before deciding what to do.

The mother. Where is she?

Thanks to the newly-found memories (or old memories), she already knew how to fly and do whatever she could do. Then she recalled burning herself when she was learning how to make fire. Or was it Kogh I burned? The memory became hazy after that.

She flew up and released a pulse of force, trying to sense where the mother was.

Hmm.. Is it there?

She flew towards where she thought the mother was. But it wasn’t there. Well, I thought anyway. She then went to the roof of a house and sat there, wondering how she could track it down. Her thoughts were in a jumble of words. Hmm.. How.. Find.. Uh.. S***.. Oh.. Uh.. There were a lot of ‘uh’s in her mind until she heard a gunshot.

There it is.

She went there, but only saw a teenage girl on the floor, probably dead. The worker of the coffee shop was angry as **** and another girl a few years older than the dead girl was standing behind the man, shrivelled up in her own arms in fear. What are you scared for? She’s dead-

The teenage girl suddenly got up and stabbed the man’s stomach with her own hand. Wait, not her hand. A ****ing blade.

Avus looked at the floor. There was a pool of blue blood, mocha and a partial mixture of both. Avus frowned and sent a force wave towards the girl. It surrounded her neck and squeezed it until her head popped open and rolled towards the ground. It’s not really popped open, isn’t it?

No way. This shouldn’t be easy. Plus, I don’t feel death yet.

The head suddenly moved back to her body and rejoined. Yeah, it’s not easy-

The girl got up so quickly, rushed towards Avus and hugged her with a hand and blade. Her left side got cut before Avus could send a fistful of force at the girl’s face that sent her flying backwards. Her back hit the side of the wall. Avus could’ve sworn that she didn’t hear any breaking sound when the girl got hit. Confirmed.

Avus sent more force and wrapped it around the girl, trying to squeeze her whole body.

Why are we so obsessed with squeezing?

The girl tried to move, but she clearly couldn’t. I mean, look at her. Or it. Why take on a human form? To secretly bomb the whole city?

Oh no.

The girl turned into liquid.

What the hell?

Avus’ shock released the force slightly and it flowed down before it turned into its familiar mother form.

The mother shouted. It thought it killed her. You ****ing did. And I’m going to get my bloody revenge.

Avus made five curved blades and sent them towards the mother. They were about to slice it into five pieces or six when the mother moved out of the way. Avus sent a wall of force only to have herself get rammed in the face with a spiky ball because she didn’t have enough time.

No. Not again.

She dislodged the mother with force and slammed it onto the ground, making a small crater two times the size of the mother. She grabbed hold of the mother again and slammed it down again.

Save me the repetition.

After a few more slams, Avus stopped. Her chest heaved like crazy and her face was ****ed up like crazy before the sun helped heal her face. Oh s***. The sun!

The mother was healing as well. Then, for some reason, Avus’s eyes averted to the stabbed man. He was laying on the ground, probably dead, and the girl was screaming. She’s still screaming? There were only a few customers left, and all of them were running away. Good. Please do that.

Then the mother came back as itself but with a chain. The chain wrapped around Avus’s legs and she was pulled towards it. Oh no, you ****ing don’t!

She made a crude blade and severed the chain, leaving the mother to one of its cries. Shut up! She slammed its head with two force plates the size of its head.

And the crying stops.

It’s not over yet.

She made two more force plates, this time making sure that they were bigger than the mother, and slammed them together. When it happened, Avus felt dizzy.

Ah, ****. Not again.

No. I need to finish this.

She tried to push the plates together, but she got too dizzy. Her head was surrounded by aches and her whole body was slowly becoming limp.

So I can’t kill it. Someone else has to..

She pulled the plates away, though weakly, giving herself a room to breathe.

S***. D***it..

Avus looked at the mother one more time before walking away.

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Chapter 121 - Clarissa Still Had That Blast Gun

Clarissa still had that blast gun. She was hugging it the whole time as she slept through the day. Luckily, no one was there to take it (and possibly shoot her). That’ll be devastating.

She got up from the hard ground, still hugging her blast gun, and looked around. The alley looked too long for her liking when it was only half a block long. She shook her head and went the opposite direction of the alley to the street. Funny how cars come by when you think about them. When you don’t, it’s like they don’t exist, or that car drivers don’t exist.

Now that she thought of them, there were a traffic of cars moving from right to left. When the cars finally stopped, the dirty Clarissa crossed the street with a few looks on her. She saw a man with two hands on his wheels, his eyes and eyebrows widened, giving off a creepy look. You almost look like Noble. Right, I killed him. Be thankful you don’t look like him.

After crossing the road, she stopped. She had no idea where to go. Oh, no.

I know. Food.

But then again, when have I eaten? A day ago? I only think of food only when I have no idea what to do.

She shrugged and went on the search for food, since it was the only thing on her mind right now.

Do I steal or not.. If I don’t steal, how am I going to get..

There was a hotdog on the ground. Probably fell when the hotdog seller..

Blood leaked out of the hotdog. Clarissa shrieked and jumped back. Then she looked closely and saw. The blood didn’t leak out of the hotdog. It was leaking from the dead body a distance away. There was a hotdog stand beside the corpse. Clarissa frowned as she moved in, checking the man. A blast gun shot to the face. Who did this? She let out a disgusted moan. She also checked the contents of the stand and found only a few more hotdogs and some bread. A robbery. She crouched to scavenge what she could when she turned to look at the faceless man. I’m so sorry, thought Clarissa. She took a few hotdogs and stuffed one of them into her mouth.

Right off the bat, she didn’t like the taste. Too raw. Too much taste. She kept chewing anyway, and held three more hotdogs and two pieces of buns in her left hand while she hugged her blast gun with her right arm.

Now I look even more horrible than just now.

She went along the sidewalk and eventually strayed to another alley where she sat and ate. As she ate, Avus came into her mind. She wondered whether Avus was dead or not. She couldn’t bare that thought, but it still lingered like a stubborn three-year-old yanking at your leg, asking for a hotdog. Wait, run that by me again.

There was a kid asking for a hotdog. But he wasn’t yanking at her leg and he wasn’t three years old. He looked more like an eleven-year-old. He asked one more time with a softer tone this time. Aww. And she gave him one piece. She apologised and explained that she needed to eat as well. The boy frowned and kicked her in the shin and cursed at her before running away. She shrieked and her hand instantly went to where he kicked her, dropping her blast gun. Jeez. She rubbed and rubbed while eating. The pain lessened by the time she was done, but she was still struggling to walk when she got up. She used the blast gun as a temporary walking stick.

She sighed and..

And what? What else do I want to do other than see Avus?

She wanted to cry again, but I don’t need to. C’mon.

When she kept walking, even though she wasn’t really going anywhere, she felt a push from her left. Her shoulder slammed against a wall and she slumped to the ground. What the..? Who? She turned her head and saw Noble. No. I killed you. Before Noble could grab at her, she already had her blast gun out. She shot Noble exactly where she shot him before, right at the face. Noble slumped to the ground how Clarissa did and laid himself on top of her.

Ugh. Get off!

She heaved and the body rolled sideways. Blood soaked her clothes and face. Ew.. She touched her face and looked at the blood. It was dripping down her forearm. She didn’t let any more touch the rest of her body. She flicked the blood off and tried her best to wipe it off of her face. She couldn’t do anything about her clothes. Noble’s clothes are probably too big for me. And I don’t want to wear his clothes anyway.

She got up and shook her head, rubbing her temple with the driest hand and moving on, I guess.

She took a few ten steps forward before looking back. Noble’s body was still there, dead and unmoving. That’s good. That’s great! She stared at him for a few more seconds before walking.

The pain in her shin was gone. Finally.

There was a touch on her shoulder. Huh?

She turned around and saw a woman. Her face was messed up with terror. She was crying and wetting her chin when she asked whether she killed the man behind her. What? Why are you crying for? Clarissa slightly stepped back and explained that the man was about to kill her. The woman shook her head violently. Then she got really angry, calling her a murderer. Why-

(Screw the rules)

“That was my husband!” the woman shouted.

(End screwing of rules)

Clarissa frowned, then shook her head almost half as violently as the woman did. The woman grunted and grabbed at Clarissa’s hand and pulled her towards the dead man.

Oh, no.

It wasn’t Noble. It was another man.

The woman said that the man crossed the street just to help Clarissa up. Apparently, she fell out of her own will. Then Clarissa brought the man’s head down to the floor and slammed his head multiple times.

Wait, no. I used the blast gun-

Then she remembered.

I gave the gun back.

She turned to look at the woman. She looked mad enough to be locked up in an asylum. And out of her pocket came a knife.

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