Incremental Epic Breakers

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Dec 11, 2020


Break various blocks to pioneer the map!
You get Spirit every time you level up, which is the power source of the red ball. Allocate Spirit to various upgrades to progress this game!

- "Space" to boost
- "Arrow" or "WASD" to boost in that direction
- "Z" for x5, "X" for x10, "Alt" for xMAX
- "R" to rotate the craft
- "C" on a craft to lock it
- "L" to lock the information
- "1" to "8" to switch menus
- "Tab" to switch the menu tier
- "Shift-Tab" to switch the tab menu
- "Right-Click" on a monster to try capture with a trap

1. Routine
- Various operations can be automated.
2. Improvement
- Your stats can be improved by various Improvement upgrades.
- Higher-Tier Improvements that will appear later are stronger upgrades.
3. Craft
- You can create various Crafts, which work by being placed on the pioneered map.
- Craft Quality increases by completing the Progress Bar and consuming the required blocks.
- The maximum Quality is 100, which will be used for higher-tier crafts.
4. Mission (Unlocked when you complete Tier 0 map)
- You get reward for Ascension Upgrades when you complete Missions. Nitro Booster is very helpful to complete them.
5. Challenge (Unlocked when you complete Tier 1 map)
- You get reward for Ascension Upgrades when you complete Challenges.
- While Challenge, it is not available to change crafts or boost by hitting keys.
- Nitro Speed is limited to x2 for Challenge progress.
- Only the red balls, white balls from cannon crafts and bullets from Challenge base can damage monsters. The top left flag is the sign of Challenge Base.
- The pre-set crafts on the challenge map work even during challenge.
- The crafts set in one tier below improve the stats of current Challenge Base.
6. Ascension (Unlocked when you complete Tier 0 Yellow Mission)
- Ascension resets the game and gives you Ascension Gold, which is used for Ascension Upgrades.
7. Statistics
- You can see stat breakdowns.
8. Setting
- You can configure game settings.
Daily Quest
- Gives Epic Coins every day when you complete quests.
- Achievement.
Expedition (Unlocked when you complete a Challenge)
- Captured monsters make an expedition for premium treasure chests.
Artifact (Unlocked when you complete a Challenge)
- Artifacts are made from fragments and elements.
Inventory (Unlocked when you complete a Challenge)
- Holds premium treasure chests and Equipment.
- "M" on an item to select it and "M" on another slot to move it there.
- "Shift-L" to lock Equipment.
- "Shift-Q" to upgrade the Equipment Quality by absorbing other Equipment with the same name except for locked ones.
- "Shift-E" to disassemble the Equipment and gain elements.
Epic Store
- You can purchase various premium items.

December 31, 2020

[ver.] Added : Hotkey “Alt-N” to display all crafts name set in the map Changed : Hotkey "Alt-C" / "Shift-C" to lock / unlock all crafts set in the map Fixed : While performance mode, it disabled some buttons on the screen Fixed : Custom Unlock Routine now works correctly Fixed : Display bugs

December 28, 2020

[ver.] Added : Hotkey "Alt-C" / "Shift-Alt-C" to lock/unlock all crafts set in the map Added : Hotkey "Shift-1", "Shift-2", etc. to trigger Active Skills Balanced : Buffed Gold Cap Improvement (Tier 2 or higher) Balanced : Knockback Chance is now limited to 50% Balanced : Challenge Infinite Bonus (more than 5k kills) Fixed : Display bugs

December 26, 2020

[ver.] Added : Minimum Stock Craft in QoL 2 of Epic Store Added : Yellow "!" on Active Skills when unleashed Fixed : Display bugs of Equipment Fixed : Spirit Save now works correctly Fixed : Sonic Boom removed treasure chest from the map Fixed : Other minor bugs
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