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Dec 4, 2020


*The game is still evolving and there still might be some bugs, so please don't be too harsh on us, we are doing our best to improve the game further.
Simpocalypse is a post-apocalyptic civilization simulator game, where you manage & lead your settlement to become a global empire!

-> Survive the post-apocalyptic times
-> Rebuild the pillars of modern civilization
-> Manage your citizens to create a powerful establishment
-> Choose your own path with a massive research tree and Advance your civilization into the new heights
-> Trade the Global Market to your advantage
-> Post-apocalyptic world conquering - Dominate & Control the World
-> Speed up and automate gameplay actions

Simpocalypse Discord server:


You only need a mouse, and the rest is explained in game.

* You can play the game in fullscreen mode for a better experience

F : toggle fullscreen mode
Space : pause/unpause
Esc : Close current popup/open in-game menu if none open
+/- : increase/reduce game speed
Hold Ctrl + 1-5 : While holding, change build/produce amount from 1->OCD
Hold Shift + 1-7 : WHile holding, change assign amount from 1->OCD

Some other tips for playing:
- Options to assign/build more than 1 at a time are unlocked after 5th Mission
- Many things have tooltips, use them for more info :)
- You can click on the "build queue" at the top right to be able to remove/Change build assignments

January 6, 2021

Hello everyone! First, we wanted to let you know that we published our updated development Roadmap publicly here: It will give you a better idea of the main updates we have planned for the game up till end of March. We will keep it updated regularly, so you can keep track of our progress While we will still be doing separate minor updates to address any issues quickly, we will mostly be batching updates to optimize our development time. The first bigger batch "Progression Part 1" is planned to be released by end of next week, and it will deliver bigger late game balancing/progression and gameplay improvements. AG version has been updated to v0.5.0.10 just now: v0.5.0.8 BUGFIX: Auto exploring to new Regions will now work properly, HOWEVER only for conquered regions after this update. There was an issue where colonization did not initialize some things properly, so this will unfortunately not work for past conquered colonies that had this issue. BUGFIX: Colonized regions will now properly initalize all territory boosts CHANGE: Reduced flicker bug of exploring progress bar CHANGE: Some other minor display fixes done like adding number formatting where it was missing v0.5.0.9 BUGFIX: Continent to conquer text always showing 0/7 BUGFIX: Fixed an issue with some players getting "black screen" when speeding through battles. There's a chance it might still happen, but should at least allow you to play without reloading the game. A full fix to this will be resolved with upcoming performance improvements. BUGFIX: Toxicity sometimes showed as NaN BUGFIX: Fixed an issue, where last cycle of build queue would not properly refresh the building data BUGFIX: Fixed an issue with Auto Rations setting, where it would uncontrolably flicker indefinitely v0.5.0.10 BUGFIX: Fixed an issue where market was easily exploited to gain guaranteed profits by buying/selling immediately. BUGFIX: Fixed an issue where button to start the game was not visible on some devices with bigger display text. BUGFIX: Connectivity bonus from cars will now be properly recalculated if you sell them/your population changes. BUGFIX: Colonies will now properly detect if a region is conquered already, or another colony was setup there already, and prevent it from expanding there. CHANGE: Added info on territories conquered and explored while hovering over regions on world view. CHANGE: OCD will now allow assigning citizens when you have enough to assign up to max, even though not enough for the next OCD point BUGFIX: Fixed an issue where "territories to conquer" would not refresh properly when first visiting a region. DISPLAY: In corpus upgrade, changed text for aura amount to be clearer. DISPLAY: Removed Average price from market, as it is mostly meaningless, and could lead to confusion about what it meant exactly. DISPLAY: Changed item prices in market to 3 decimals to work in all cases properly Let this be a first small taste of updates to come in early 2021 :slight_smile:

December 23, 2020

Hey all! Today's update updates AG version with a ton of recent patches! v0.5.0.4 NEW: Setting to prevent minor patch notes from showing up (any major updates will still show) NEW: Setting to auto-deny events added - i.e. declining paying a bribe (unlocked in research) - *It requires auto accept/ignore setting to be on as well NEW: Added info of what ammo type a turret/corpus has as it was now impossible to know BUGFIX: Fixed an issue where on Steam wrong text would show up on Steam version on Mission 12 completion CHANGE: Increased max tiles gained from each territory by 25%, as it was too easy to mess up early game CHANGE: Doubled effect of coverage increase upgrades for doctors, policeman, fireman + fixed their descriptions CHANGE: Increased researcher knowledge gain bonus upgrades from 20%-30% per upgrade CHANGE: Some other minor display fixes done on smaller screens v0.5.0.5 NEW: Detailed stats of buildings will now also show starting/prestige bonus CHANGE/BUGFIX: Current gains of buildings now show actual output with all types of boosts included CHANGE: Added a security override to try to re-save the game after a certain period, if it was marked as "still saving". This will hopefully solve an issue some of you had where the game would on occassion not save properly. CHANGE: Several other smaller display/text improvements were done CHANGE: Increased minimum intensity of earthquakes, as it was weird feeling earthquakes with 0.1 by Richter scale :) BUGFIX: Mining rate display now properly includes starting/prestige boosts BUGFIX: When clicking on setup colony, while zoomed in on World map it would sometimes click over the UI into the territory BUGFIX: Fixed an issue where attacking the last region in the continent would already consider it fully conquered. BUGFIX: Slightly improved layout of market chart, as sometimes the chart would dance frantically v0.5.0.6 NEW: Editable hotkeys! You can now customize your hotkeys in Settings! NEW: Added "assign/build options x100" setting, which changes 1/10/100 options to 100/1k/10k CHANGE: OCD option will now scale to the nearest multiple of 10. I.e. 10,20,30,...100,200...1k,2k... Making it probably the option you'd want to use in most cases :) BUGFIX: Fixed an issue where Starting screen for choosing perks would not be fully visible on smaller screens v0.5.0.7 CHANGE: Exploring will now always ensure correct average of all resource types given per territory no matter how many explorers you explore with - even if it's done in a single trip! CHANGE: Vastly reduced scaling of enemy military and economic power if you are not actively expanding. Reduced from 1% to 0.1% increase per week. Note: Scaling based on infamy and notoriety remains unchanged, as the main problems was players idling the game for (game) years without expanding. Also remember you can reduce effects of scaling by up to 50% with diplomacy!

December 15, 2020

Hey all, Full version of Simpocalypse is now available for purchase on Steam!
You can get it here:
The price for the game is $3.99, and we're adding an extra 15% discount during first release week on top of that. No in-game purchases or ads, now or ever.
We wanted to give a fair deal to early supporters, as this is Early Access, and there's so many things we will still be improving. So this will be the lowest price for the game for a long time, as we will be gradually increasing the price as we add more content and polish the game further.
Don't worry about losing progress - you can simply export your save file from the demo, and import it back in the full version :)
Key differences from the demo: - unlimited save files - up to x10 speeds on timelapse - more buildings and research upgrades - Access to conquer the full world - prestige & way more achievements - access to all future content (there will be a TON added in the following months!)
We also wanted to say thank you to all of you who helped us playtest and make the game better <3 You are amazing!
If you encounter any bugs, issues, have suggestions, or just want to join our friendly community and chat with us, make sure to join our Discord as well:
Other recent updates (on AG demo as well): - We added Turkish as a game language - several bugfixes and improvements were made
Thank you for all the support so far <3 Simpocalypse team
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