Untamia's Fantasy

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Jul 8, 2020



Need More help? Look through the Untamia Item and Monster Compendium if you need more details regarding items and monsters! (There's even some hints too! :D)

Check it out here!


Untamia's Fantasy is a bite-sized open world adventure game! You take control of Canvas, a boy born from a patch of flowers, who is tasked in defeating an ancient evil that unleashed havoc upon the land many years ago. Explore the unforgiving land in search of hints and treasure in order to defeat the mysterious evil... Maltojo.

/Dev Notes + History/

Untamia's Fantasy has been a labor of love for the past year. I wanted to make a game that was heavily inspired by the cryptic and free nature of the first Zelda game mixed in with my childhood memories of exploring the woods in small-town Ohio, along with using Hispanic culture as the basis of a lot of items, monsters, and lore.

Levi Ramirez - Game Design, Art, Programming, Sounds
Lewmoth - Music

/Extra Links/
If you prefer to play Untamia's Fantasy offline, go download it for free over at Itch.io! (Link Below)


WASD/Arrow Keys - Movement

K/Z - Select/Sword Attack (When Sword is Equipped)

L/X- Back/Use Equipped Side Item

Enter - Swap through Side items

Shift - Save and Quit

F - Fullscreen Mode

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